RCA TVthe warranty service and time it takes

V Sep 10, 2018

We bought a rca tv from the brick in our town in march august 2018 we shut it off before going to bed and tv would not turn back on the next day, so I called rca tech service, I went thru the process he told me to do but it would not work. I tried several times and yes I did replace batteries in remote, and we tried turning it on with on/off button on side of tv. The dealer in town told us to call rca number and we did, they in turn told us to take photos of the tv from all directions and send our copy of our receipt which we did.
They assured us they were checking the problem with several emails after I checked with them, well that was august 21, 2018 and each time I emailed them it was the same answer. Well in my opinion that is not performance when a product is under warranty. It should have been replaced if they stand behind their product. Also the tech person told us according to the serial number this tv we that we purchased was a 2014 tv and should not have been sold by any dealer. So now we are waiting sept 11, 2018 and no answer and no tv in our home. Please check into this problem. We have purchased many products from the brick and do not want their reputation to be spoiled because of products they sell.

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