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J Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

Below are the beginning emails from this company. The flash drive I received does not work and is a piece of junk. I have requested refund information but have not received anything but requests to send them more information, which I have done. I have also sent an email to my state's attorney general's office to see if they can help me get a refund.

1st request for refund.
Hi, I want to return this for a refund. Please tell me the proper procedure to return this. Sincerely, Janet B

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: IOS Flash Drive
Date: Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 9:34 AM
Subject: Order #ios-229119 confirmed

Thanks for your purchase!

This email is to confirm your order on 08/01/2018. Your order number is 229119. Due to large volume of orders average shipping time is between 2-4 weeks. We appreciate your patience and if you have any questions or concerns please email us at [protected]

Order Details:

iOS Flash USB Drive for iPhone & iPad + Free Cable - 32GB / Gold
Quantity: 1
Total: $49.99

Discount (code: WELCOME15): $-7.49
Subtotal: $42.50
Shipping: $7.95
Total: $50.45


  • Fr
    Fran Brodsky Finkelstein Aug 16, 2018

    I am livid. Waited over a month to receive it. Now I have it and USB drive doesn't fit into device. It's useless. No instructions. They need to call me immediately

    I lost my husband of 50 years and couldn't wait to receive this flash drive to Dave all his pictures. I waited so long for it and they kept telling me it's coming. It was over a month. It's so sad that it seems this is a scam. They advertised on Facebook and it seemed so legitimate. I was a Principal in a school for over 25 years. I thought I was pretty smart and believed this was a gadget that was going to truly help me. I am so upset.

    Want my money back from Rama Deals advertised on Facebook.

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  • Bo
    bogeyguy Jan 05, 2019

    I ordered 2 of the units. As soon as I saw 2-4 weeks for shipping I knew something was wrong. I canceled the order within an hour or 2. I also called my credit card company and explained what was going on. They looked up the company and tried calling the phone number associated with the companies credit card business account. The phone number was no longer answering. My credit card co. credited my account for the price of the 2 units. I've tried several times to ask for return instructions but I just get replies asking for more info. The last contact was sent a few minutes ago. I told them I'll throw them in the trash if they don't send me return info.

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