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vhs to digital converter kit

Ordered this via a Facebook ad at the beginning of December. Got one "update" linking to DHL tracking page showing the order had shipped from Canada on December 3, 2018. No further progress showing on the DHL tracking page since, until yesterday, when it showed as "tracking information lost or missing".

Rama Deals responds with noncommittal e-mails to all inquiries, insisting the package is "in transit" and "on its way to you", but cannot provide accurate tracking info.

A scam if ever I saw one.

magic toy trucks

I ordered four Magic Toy Trucks on 10/20/18... it is now 12/23/18, and I STILL have not received this order. I am so disappointed. I bought this WAY in advanced for Christmas, and now cannot even give them as gifts. I have contacted the company SEVERAL times asking for a shipment update or even a refund, and they keep telling me that they are back ordered and will ship as soon as it becomes in stock. At this point, I just want my money back. SO ANNOYING.

  • Lk
    LKDHoff Dec 28, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the other user! I ordered a pack of 4 trucks before Thanksgiving. I ordered 4 because it was cheaper per truck to order 4 at a time. ($15/truck v. $20/truck.) 3 friends and I were going to each give one to our sons for Christmas. I received 1 truck in the mail, and when I contacted customer service, I was told that a new shipment would be coming as soon as possible.

    As of 12/28, I have not received the additional 3 trucks. When I contact customer service, I'm told that the order is being processed and that my order cannot be cancelled. I have been told this several times, but yet nothing has shipped. I'm told that my only recourse is to refuse service when the package is delivered, but since I am often not home when packages are delivered, that is more trouble than it is worth.

    I would never use this website again.

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magic toy truck

This product is terrible. It falls apart after 10-20 seconds of use. In addition it took 2 months to arrive. Terrible customer service. RamaDeals lies to customers and despite a 100% satisfaction guarantee - they don't deliver. The item is defective, yet they don't offer a refund and you want me to ship a defective product back to you (costing me $17 for a $20 item). Rama Deals does not want to refund (which gathering from other complaints - they don't do refunds, despite what they say in their guarantee.

car hd dvr dash, I ordered 2 - car seat crevice storage

Order Number: F4222688504015 Reference Number: [protected] I RETURNED A PRODUCT ON FEB 15/18 but still...

magic toy truck

Ordered a package of their magic toy trucks directly from the same named website. Apparently Rama Deals is behind the scenes and is terrible!! After waiting for weeks beyond their shipping timeline they finally sent it when I asked for it to just be cancelled. Weeks of emailing and same nonsense, fake polite emails results in nothing. I hesitate to even try to send back (if I could even only find the address to do so!) as I probably wouldn't get my money back. Credit card dispute seems the only possible resolution. Don't buy anything from them!

  • Ro
    Robert Piermarini Dec 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    do not buy from them !! magic truck came with no batteries contacted them they never got back to me !!! bought my own batteries for toy ! truck is a piece of junk do not buy !do not buy! order number 217115


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magic toy truck order #213273

Order #213273
Order Date - Sunday Nov. 18th 2018
Website- https://www.magictoytruck.com/

I ordered a magic to truck on 11/18. After realizing it would not ship for 3-4 weeks I decided I wanted to cancel my order. I emailed into the company requesting my order be cancelled and money refunded. They continue to ignore my requests to cancel this order. They tried to offer a discount first and when I still wanted to cancel my order they ignored it. There is no phone number to contact this company only one email address.

I want this order cancelled and I would like my money refunded in full. Also this company should be shut down and not allowed to do business any further. It is a complete scam.

magic toy truck order #213273
magic toy truck order #213273
magic toy truck order #213273
magic toy truck order #213273
magic toy truck order #213273

unethical behaviour

Merchandise returned and I am still waiting for refund months later. I have had repeated contact via email to try and resolve the problem. I have even filed a complaint with Paypal the company I ordered the merchandise with. I am still trying to get my money back. I have saved over 30 email requests to and from this company. I also believe the are using unfair business practices. At one point they said they can not refund until I close the file with PayPal, which I did but still no refund. I got frustrated and went back to PayPal to resolve this issue and still no customer satisfaction. They have the merchandise. I have receipt from the postal service that the merchandise was returned. I have even suggested that the PayPal people remove them from their list of merchants . This is so frustrating and unfair. Please help!!! Jackie Strama

unethical behaviour


STAY AWAY !!! you'll be VERY lucky if you ever get your order or your $ back. They can not deliver what they sell. I have waited over 3 months for two LED FLAME lights. They say Oh, back ordered, still back ordered, lost in the mail B.S.
Now I have to go to the company that makes them and order two more. I will try through my credit card company to get my $ back from Rama. I requested my $ back from Rama, they just blew me off with another excuse. DON'T BUY ANYTHING THROUGH THEM

phantom wireless charger - rama deals

I ordered in October 2 of the Phantom wireless chargers off the inter net - It said Rama Deals-customer cancellation @ ioscharger.com. I cancelled this order within 30 minutes of ordering it because I realized it would not work with the age of my phone. I tried cancelling and they said it had already been processed. What they meant they had already charged my account!

I read their policy on returns and it said I could write refused on the unopened package and send it back. I went into my P.O. to see if I could get tracking from here and they said no, the tracking on the package is the only way to track it. I did that however, Michigan does not have DHL delivery so they had no way of following up with my refusal.

I have emailed with at least 5 people in Rama support and they all said the same thing...which was they couldn't deliver it due to an incorrect mailing address and once I let them know my mailing they would send me another charger(2). I kept saying I did not want them to send me anything, that is the reason I refused it. dah! I never got a confirmation from them that they have received the package back.

I got a follow up message yesterday ( after another email to them) that the address to me was incorrect so now we know they did get it back.
They are saying they can't refund my money ( 66.93) because they have a 30 day return policy...I did not have the package in my possession for more than 30 minutes so if they didn't get it in a timely fashion that was not my problem.

The order # was 60096 and the only tracking numbers I have ( they kept sending me these same #'s in our communications)
off their envelope it came in was - DHL eCommerce - GM28511732285887629 and on the back of package - Ul 12 508 052 9 DE.

I have reported this to my Visa fraud department.


The item i ordered was totally misrepresented on their sales material online. The item i received has no resemblance to what was marketed. It is nothing short of a childs toy.
I have complained, but have been told this is what i ordered.
I have responded by asking them to collect it and give a full refund.
Disgraceful customer service: ie: nothing more than a robot. Photographs attached.


slim vest

STAY AWAY!!! This is a terrible company to do business with! Not only they will never deliver your purchase, but they will keep giving you excuses of lost shipments and apologetic mails. NOTHING will get to you! I waited 70 days for a vest, then I was told that they were going to re-ship the order and 40 days later... nothing yet. Save your money, time, and patience... go somewhere else!

¡¡¡MANTENTE ALEJADO!!! Esta es una empresa terrible para hacer negocios con! No solo no entregarán su compra, sino que seguirán dándole excusas de envíos perdidos y correos de disculpas. ¡NADA te llegará! Esperé un chaleco durante 70 días, luego me dijeron que iban a reenviar el pedido y 40 días después ... nada todavía. Ahorra dinero, tiempo y paciencia ... ¡ve a otro lugar!

astronomical telescope

Please see below the last of a long list of e-mail correspondence with Rama Deals this company is a discrace and i need to be able to get some satisfaction, can you tell me how to directly phone the company so that i can get the money they have embezzled from me.

Olivia A. (Rama Deals)

Nov 8, 20:33 EST

Hello Peter,

Thank you for contacting us. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

With your provided photo on the return tracking, it shows that it was not successfully delivered back to us.

Please see the tracking details below for your reference:


Package status: Undelivered
Destination: China
Origin: Ireland
[protected]:00 CHINA, DELIVERED
[protected]:39 CHINA, ITEM IS IN TRANSIT
[protected]:09 CHINA, ITEM RECEIVED IN
Powered by www.17track.net

Please, kindly double check the return address you have written in your returned item. Please see the correct address below:

Kelly Lee
3rd Floor, Building E, No. 2, West 1st Alley,
Dabao Road, Xinan Street, Bao'an District,
Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
Phone: 0755 [protected]

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,
Olivia A.
Customer Service Agent

Peter Breen

Nov 8, 13:28 EST

This is a follow-up to your previous request #1198180 "Re: [Rama Deals] Re: Unhappy"

Please see attached the addressed package and shipping bill, you will notice that the address is correct as specified by you, I believe that this is a stalling technique employed by your company, in an effort not to return my money, I consider this theft and I demand that I be reimbursed, or I will have to seek legal council.
Peter Breen

peek a boo bear

Received the bear and within a very quick space of time it stopped working. Contacted rama deals who asked...

smart solar fountain

Package mailed to me did not contain parts that could be connected to each other...so not possible to set up fountain. My complaints got a reply to go to Info.solarfauntai.com...which flashes immediately to a spin wheel before one can read how to get an exchange. Is this just a scam?

Why not include information on returning item for an exchange or a refund. How can one take a photo of a device that cannot be connected because the parts included do not fit each other. I believe that one or more parts are missing. I should not have to pay the return postage. A label should be sent to me to return this defective item for exchange or refund. M. Clark, 84 Woodrow Ave. Piscataway, NJ 08854

goods supplied were not what was advertised

This Company advertised a 'Professional Astronomical Telescope' showing a video of a fully grown man using it and the telescope was as high as the man, It was advertised as being US$299 reduced to US$99. I ordered and paid for this but they sent me what I cab only describe as a kids toy which, when I Googled it, was described as being suitable for a child between 8 and 15 years old. Further investigation showed that this product can be bought on Amazon for US$29.
I contacted the Company and they advised me that they supplied what I ordered and offered me 10% discount on my next purchase for the 'inconvenience'. I then carefully studied their advertisement the next time I saw it, and when you read the actual specs, it is for a very inferior product much like the one they supplied.

This sort of dishonest practice is just not right! Rama Deals clearly show a product that misleads the potential buyer and then basically robs them of their money. I believe that this Company should be stopped from operating this was way and should in fact be prosecuted for false advertising, fined, and instructed to refund all the Customers that they have stolen from.

goods supplied were not what was advertised
goods supplied were not what was advertised


Thank you..your fake business i got nothing.
Thank you very much your well dealing regarding iscanpro, as the beging of the deal i realize your company thieves, you know for ur country 68 usd is nothing but my country that is huge money for us, ,



purchased a product, a celestial telescope, what I received bore no resemblance to what I purchased

I purchased a Celestial Telescope,
See below, what I received was a cheap childs telescope, it bore no relation to what I purchased from Rama Deals. I got hold of them, they agreed to refund me if I sent the telescope, using NZ postal tracking. I did this, it was sent on 9th September, according to the tracking, it has been delivered to the city in China they requested. I am still awaiting getting a refund, 6 weeks after I posted the dud telescope back.
This is the site


Your Cart
Astronomical Telescope
Astronomical Refractor Telescope
Astronomical Refractor Telescope
$99.99 $299.99
100 reviews
Secure to Pay

Hurry, before it is gone! Limited time Offer!
Ships in 24 Hours. Delivered in 3 to 7 days
99% reviewers recommend this product
100% Money Back Guarantee

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Explore and observe the space in crystal clear view with Astronomical Refractoelescope. The device is equipped with fully multi-coated optic glass lens and with low, medium, high magnification eyepieces. This device is not only great for deep space observation but also ideal for detecting details in faint distant galaxies.

Technical Specifications:

Opening: 50mm
Focal length: 400mm
Maximum magnification: 90X
Eyepiece: H6mm, H20mm
Tripod height: up to 38cm

Package Includes:
1 x Telescope Main Tube
2 x Eyepiece
1 x 90-degree Zenith Mirror
1 x Tripod
1 x Erect Eyepiece

  • Ro
    Robert Castor Nov 01, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the same thing and had the same results. Still waiting for them to respond to let me know what they’re gonna do about it. Probably nothing

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purchased solar fountain

I purchased a solar fountain from Rama deals. It stopped working after 10 days. I contacted them and they asked for a video showing it did not work. I sent them the video showing it sitting in water in the sun and now working. They advised me that the video did not show any defect and they gave me a voucher to get a discount on further purchases. You can see from the attached video it does no work, sound is on, no pump working and no water coming out. My Order nuber is #46914 - request #1177669 is the latest request. It was purchased in 12th September 2018 and I first wrote on the 22 September - correspondence is below:-

Jessica H. (Rama Deals)
Oct 10, 12:14 EDT
Hello Jacquie,

Thank you for contacting us.

We require video verification for all defective/incorrect product claims. Unfortunately, without a video to verify the claim, we will be unable to send a replacement. If you are experiencing any difficulty in providing us with this video, we suggest asking family, friends or neighbors to assist you. Please provide this video at your earliest convenience so that we may assist you further.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Kind Regards,
Jessica H.
Customer Service Agent

Attached are two videos of the non working fountain. Now can you reimburse me?

Hi Sarah,

1. The video I sent shows the pump/fountain does not work. It is in the water and in the sun and is not working. I do not know what else you want from the video - the pump is not sucking water in, the sound is on so you can hear the pump not working. The water is not coming out of the fountain, this can be seen in the video. Please be more informative about what you consider suitable to "verify the defect".
2. I am willing to post the fountain back to you at your cost so you can see it does not work.
3. I do not ever want to purchase anything from you again as your customer service and return policy is the worst I have ever come across. I therefore am completely dissatisfied that you offer me a 20% discount on further goods to be purchased. Why would I want to use a company that sells goods and then does not honour the code of practice by replacing goods that do not work.
4. I am a pensioner who spent this money in good faith presuming the quality of the goods were as you promised.
5. I shall be reviewing this appalling service.

solar flame lamps

I wish I had read these reviews before I sent any money to this company.
In July I ordered four solar flame lamps. Since then between not getting all four and two shipments I am still waiting for the last lamp.
I have sent multiple emails and requests to return the three I have and only get reply's that are all the same. Like a bot
Worst shopping experience I have ever had.
Never buy from this company

solar powered water fountain

I bought this fountain back in May of '18, It never arrived. I've called and emailed over and over. I'm thinking up around 30 or 40 times that I've attempted to contact them. The only reply I have is an auto response. I've never gotten the product and never got a refund. This is a horrible company and in my opinion a SCAM. I still see them advertising the solar powered water fountain for sale, but they never send them. If you look at review sites, there are tons of reviews and all of them are bad. Don't buy from this company!