Raintree Vacation Clubfalse statements

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we bought a vacation club memership on feb 16/09, we were told we could cancel this membership, if we changed our minds in 5 buisiness days. we tried to do this but have gotten nothing but a run around.
call this person email us no it has to be written etc...
i can not tell you how stress ful this has been what should have been a vaction has become a nightmare. do not buy anything from this company


  • K
      Jun 07, 2009

    We bought in 2004 and quickly discovered the salespersoN lied to us. Now they want a "special assessment" of nearly $800 for maintenance/repairs on their units and we still have an $800 maintenance fee upcomign in December!

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  • C
      Jun 25, 2009

    Hi - When you signed with Raintree and sales assoc was referring to Regulation Z of the FDIC Consumer protection section (go to FDIC and type in Regulation Z and look for consumer protection headings) Under Reg Z
    you are to be given 3 business days to rescind certain transactions. You have until midnight of the 3rd business day to cancel your transaction. I have also heard sales staff talk to people telling them they have a week or 5 days but it is 3 business days which can be tricky. They should have given you a true and written explanation of Reg Z if you took out a loan of some sort with a company regulated by FDIC. Perhaps a complaint should be made in this direction especially if you borrowed money from a US Bank or Banks or Loan Companies regulated by the FDIC. You can go to the FDIC and get info from them directly on your transaction & banking institution. I was an expert witness on a Truth In Lending lawsuit in the US Federal Court in the 70's. This suit was against 3 payday type loan companies that were doing rather dubious things to consumers. I believe these practices are once again being perpetrated by US banks like Bank of American through their Payday loan offices all over most cities. They have somehow gotten around protections afforded consumers and probably these protections have been watered down since Regan's first administration and the loosening of usury laws which used to stop interest at 10%. In the mid 1980's these protections were removed and this is where we have gotten our 28% interest rates of today.

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  • B
      Mar 07, 2010

    I agree, DO NOT buy from this company or any time share, they are all con artists and are just full blown up sales people. The lie to win your sale, they are on a good commission basis for each time share they sell and lie!!!

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  • L
      Apr 26, 2010

    We too made the sad mistake of purchasing a membership and were told and shown in writing on the contract that we could cancel within 5 business days and we cancelled our membership before we left the resort, that was on 3/05/10 and we have yet to see anything in writing, we are receiving bills for the balance due after our down payment and we have not received a refund (of course). We notified them, face to face, and also by email. We have been told that they are processing the cancellation paperwork but amazingly have seen nothing so far in over 50 days. I am so angry, I plan on writing everyone I can think of related to this organization.

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  • M
      Feb 16, 2011

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