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Radisson Hotels review: Disappointment of allegation and misbehavior

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With this letter I would like to express my disappointment of 1 of your evening shift staff member (receptionist) on June 24th who accused me of keeping extra guest in our rooms :

Rooms : 531, 537, 539

Check in : June 23rd, 2023

Check out : June 25th, 2023

On the day we checked in we had explained our rooms composition as :

531 : 1 adult

537 : 2 adults

539 : 1 adult , 2 children.

The check in receptionist suggested us for a bigger room for the extra bed but we feel convenient to keep our booked rooms as they are next to each other.

Unfortunately On the first night, my wife left back to London due to an emergency meeting upon our arrival. So one of the child stayed with me in room 537 until My wife joined back our trip in the morning on the 24th.

That is why we asked for an extra bed for the second day of our stay.

However the way the night shift receptionist addressed me was very inappropriate and rude. Besides the allegation , he even threatened to remove us from the hotel.

It’s a pity that kind of behavior is accepted in this reputable hotel.

Allegation in legal manner may leads to serious offense.

Moreover we are traveling with 2 kids (10 & 8 years old) and a senior woman, we were just back from touring the city and it was 10 pm (June 24th) when I went to the receptionist desk to confirm that the extra bed had already placed in 1 of our room (539).

I wonder if your customers comfort is less important than an unfounded allegation.

We are more than happy to provide you the details of all of our itineraries and we believe the hotel’s CCTVs are our evidence to prove the number of guests staying.

Therefore I purposely write this letter as a plea of fixing your human resource hospitality standard.

I sincerely wish this incident will not occur in the future.