Radio Shackwrongful firing!


Radio Shack is an unethical company to work for. They recently fired my husband for an absurd cause. They said that he was "caught stealing, " yet there is no proof of this at all! Because a man paid with a fake ID and my husband shook his hand after the transaction, they are saying that he helped the guy steal products for his own personal benefit! Since when does a handshake prove that you are in cahoots with a scam?? Typically, he shakes about 50% of the customers' hands because he is great at customer service and is very courteous.

In addition, they proceeded to interrogate him, scare him out of his mind and pressure him into "confessing" even though he didn't do a damn thing. So, they "released" him as one of the corporate higher-ups of the company just so calmly said because they "believe" that he helped this guy steal. If he did "steal" why wouldn't they go to the police? That is what you do when someone steals, correct?

So, after that day, he comes home crying because he lost his job and was nothing but a good worker for Radio Shack. He was an assistant manager and was next in line to be promoted to a manager position. Two days later, we find out from one of the other store managers that they are dropping managers like flies and aren't giving any good reason for doing so. And, on top of that, the manager told him in confidence that Radio Shack is soon to let go of every single full-time employee they have or demote them to part-time in order to cut costs.

Hmm... fishy? Don't you' think? We certainly do. The manager said himself that he believes they fired my husband in the way that they did because they saw that pinning this on him was a good way for them to avoid paying him for unemployment. He filed, and of course, was denied.

He worked with them for the greater part of his professional life and was bending backwards just to get a manger position. Radio Shack doesn't even pay their employees enough money to live comfortably. And, don't be fooled by the "commission" that they say you'll make bundles off of, because you won't. Unless you are in a high traffic area, of course. But he worked in a small town. Therefore, the pay was pathetic.

We aren't sure if we will fight this because we just don't know how to go about doing so. If anyone has ever dealt with a similar situation, please shed light on the situation.

And trust me, I would have known if my husband stole something because I am in charge of handling our finances and balancing our checkbooks.

If you're looking to work with Radio Shack, I recommend you only do so if you're only interested in a temporary position. They are an unethical company and will do whatever they can to save a few bucks. Thankfully, my husband is in the running for a few good paying jobs. Jobs that pay over $10, 000 more in salary than he was making at the crap shack. However, it doesn't take away the hurt of the way he was wronged by radio shack.

They promise a stable career for their employees and only deliver a pile of steaming [censored]. He isn't the only employee that they've treated wrongfully. We've both witnessed many of the part-time employees only being given 3-hrs per week on their schedule and then being fired for lack of performance. How in the world can you meet your sales goals with Radio Shack if you are only working 3-hrs per week and most of that time you have to spend building displays??

They promise health plans after a few months, yet my husband was given the run around for over a year.

And to top it all off, they are unethical in the way they treat their customers. There were a few employees in the store where my husband worked which were allowed to deliberately lie to customers about the specs of a product or what you can use it for only to make a sale. And, when my husband reported these unethical practices, they were dismissed without the other employees even being reprimanded.

We are bitter that they fired him wrongfully, we will admit that. But, who wouldn't be? However, we would never lie about anything this important, so rest assured that all of the information you are reading is indeed factual.

This is not to say that all districts of Radio Shacks treat their employees in this manner; there may be a few gems out there (maybe privately owned franchises). But, for the most part, you will work your ### off for minimum wage, they'll promise you advancement and then drop you like a fly if they feel like doing so. They did it to my husband, and they can do it to you too!


  • Jm
    J M Apr 13, 2008

    I attempted to purchase a prepaid cell phone from Radio Shack. I was told I had to show the clerk my ID to enter my information for the cell phone. I reminded the clerk it was pre paid and I didn't want my information placed into his computer, which he said was for the phone. I told him no and he said I could not purchase the phone (even though I was paying with a credit card) the clerk then went on to tell me it was California law to show ID for all pre paid cell phone purchases. I found this is a lie and he was only attempting to add another person to Radio Shacks list. I was denied the purchase of the phone and told he would require a copy of my license if I changed my mind. I was shocked and I have to let people know what practices Radio Shack is using, I will NEVER shop there again. Also the clerk took down the advertisement which included free minutes on the phone when he could not figure out how to ring it up, all round horrible experience that day.

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  • Ki
    Kim Douglass May 21, 2008

    I brought a cell phone charger and adapter. The sales clerk tried on the adapter to my phone, said it worked and I brought it. When I got back to work the adapter was not in the plastic box nor the end of the charger. I immediately called back to the store. The clerk said okay bring it back. I work and live on the other side of town and was not back that way for a week. When I took it end they said they could not give me a refund because the adapter was missing. The clerk was there, he remembered the call but they still refused the refund.

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  • St
    Steve May 28, 2008

    The "tip" that was misplaced is inclusive in the bundled price. Therefore, the bundled price cannot be refunded without having every piece of merchandise consitituent of the promotion. They are not in the business of giving away free merchandise, your mistake for misplacing the item.

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  • Ma
    Maiddaraya Dec 07, 2008

    Well, I ordered four digital key chains and one pair of earbuds on Thanksgiving day for the Black Friday price. A week and a half later I get an e-mail telling me they are unable to fulfill my order. I go to the website and they are advertising that the item usually ships in two days and there is no indication that they are out of stock. While this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, after looking at the reviews for the key chains, I think I may have saved myself getting a bad product.

    The tv that I bought in 1990 to goto college was bought at Radio Shack (and might I mention it was the radio shack brand and was still working when I got rid of it this year) and I shop there on a regular basis. I love to do my Christmas shopping there, but after this experience I think I will go duke it out at Wally World instead. Way to drive your customer base away.

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  • Um
    umpissed Dec 14, 2008

    I had same issue on Thanksgiving for a laptop. Told 10 days later sorry unable to fulfill. I heard from a salesman at local radio shack it happened to thousands of people. Wow horrible. I could have had 100 laptops on black friday at the same if not better prices since i was out all night shopping anyway, but didnt because i was under the impression my order was processed as shown, nothing indicated as to out of stock or unable to fulfull, even showed me my total which was the cost of the laptop included. Disgusting Radio Shack..Shame on You.

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  • Fl
    Fletcher Hunter Feb 04, 2009

    Since the new DTV is coming into to affect I have decided to purchase a new TV from RadioShack! I was planning on having a super bowl party in Sunday, so when I received my TV the Thursday before from FedEx, guess what! When they took the TV down there was a big hole in the box and a big scratch on my TV. (It was a 73" inch), well I called to try to get another TV sent out and no dice! They did not have any in stock and did not know when they would receive more. Then I had to wait for the money to get credited back to my account and that took about 5 business days! N-E-Ways, I missed the super bowl party, they didn't work with me, and FedEx should have taken care of my TV, you know I paid shipping charges.

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  • Sh
    ShackPloy Mar 31, 2009

    fedex has always been garbage, sucks they couldnt do anything for you. UPS always handles my belongings very well, and i get everything intact. have you tried bestbuy?

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  • Ke
    kendal32884 Sep 09, 2009

    i bought a garmin 265wt from radioshack on Sept. 8th and the next day the speaker while i was using the bluetooth on it started making a crackling blown sound so my pregnant girlfriend went to return in on Sept 9th the next day and she sat in the store for 45minutes to an hour while they sat there and tested it and the radioshack people heard the sound that it was indeed defective and then on top of that they didnt know how to run the computer to put it in for the return and then after all that waiting and monkey business they have to send me a check that will come within 14 days and i paid cash and to make it better they gave her a little notepad for all the trouble what an insult Radioshack should not be in business

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  • An
    antoneta Sep 10, 2009


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  • 11
    11111111111 Sep 20, 2009

    Sounds like your complaint should be under FEDEX.

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  • 11
    11111111111 Sep 20, 2009

    Radioshack has to test the unit if it is said to be defective. Also, since you paid a large amount in cash you have to get a check back because the all corporate stores carry a very small amount of cash in the drawer as policy. If they had the money they could have given it to you. Since they didn't, how else do you suppose they would give you money back. GPS units can cost $150-$1000 depending on the model and capability of the unit. Yeesh...

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  • Bl
    Blackberry User Dec 05, 2009

    I purchased a Blackberry Curve 8330 Inferno at a Radio Shack in Mobile On 11/30/09. I was told since there were none in the store that I would receive it the following day beacuse of a next day free promo 12/1 . On the night of the 30th I received an e-mail that said I needed to respond to correct an issue the store had entered wrong. I called and found that the store had entered my billing address the same as the store - so that was the reason for the follow up. Corrected now the phone was to issued. The following day I called the store to check on my phone and it was not there. When I arrived at my home I found another email asking me to call back due to another store created issue. This time it was an issue with the monthly plan that the clerk did not change...Now corrected my phone should ship out... When I called to verify the shipping the following day, I was told that it was being activated and would ship the following day again... So much for next day delivery! On the following day (Friday 12/4/09) I called to verify the shipping and the phone still had not been sent... I visited a local Sprint store and was told that I could get my phone then and there for the same price, so I went down to the Radio shack store I purchased from to cancel the order and guess what? It had been shipped !!! I explained that it was too late to receive the phone from them due to the fact that I had called Radio Shack VIP every day due to their poor customer service and I wanted a refund - they can send the one I ordered back... I was told I would have to wait for the phone to be delivered, send it back and wait for the Radio Shack VIP to receive it before I could get my refund. At this point the phone wont even deliver until Monday a full week after I ordered and was to have in hand... I have called Radio Shack Headquarters to express how unhappy I have been with the whole process and was transferred three times supposedly to get to the right person that could handle the complaint and finally back to VIP - the same people that have created this customer unfriendly issue... This is not a way to keep a customer. This is a very condensed version of the events as I have spent literally over 5 hours of my time trying to get the mistakes THEY made straightened out. I will NEVER step foot in another Radio Shack and its little wonder why their company is declining in every aspect of the business- even Wal-mart would have done something to help a customer that has been inconvienced and wronged...

    I picked up my Blackberry at a local sprint store with exceptional customer service as they met and exceeded the expectations and they even matched the deal from Radio Shack...

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  • Ga
    GarryS Apr 11, 2010

    On 10 Apr 2001 I was at the Radio Shack on Cache rd in Lawton, Ok. I asked for some assistance in buying a replacement cable for my laptop. I found what I was pretty sure what I needed. I took the box to the counter and asked if someone could open a small cellophane bag with tape on it ... to check if the conversion tip was the right size. A older 65 ish man took the bag from my hand put it back in the box and tried to sell me and more expensive conversion kit --- without even giving me a chance to see if it the tip was in the bag. Got to be the most rude associate I've ever met.

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  • Up
    uperrsc Apr 13, 2010

    Radio Shack employs some weird dudes. Almost senile...

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  • Lo
    Loyalist May 10, 2010

    I was recently fired from RS in California for lack of performance. I was a store manager for over 13 years with the company. California is an At-Will state also. However, if it is common practice or within the company guidelines to give an employee several verbal and/or written warnings (3) to correct the behavior before termination then you may have a case of wrongful termination if you were never written up and/or given a reasonable amount of time to correct the offense/behavior. In my case, I was written up 2 weeks prior to being let go which is not nearly reasonable time given the payroll budget and staffing that I was given and the amount of work (RESET of the store) in a given time frame that was charged to us in the middle of a busy Christmas season!

    They recently hired an "outsider" former assistant manager from BlockBusters having no prior experience with RS or haven't even gone through the year long Manager-In-Training program to be nominated as a leading candidate for a manager position to take my place paying her only a fraction of my yearly salary. She didn't know how to ring a sale or how to use the POS Systems and any of it's tools, conduct inventory, scheduling, ship, receive, repairs, generate any reports (ICST's, ISCT's, performance reports etc...), merchandise, create and print prices, no product knowledge, no proven leadership skills and with no prior RS management training doesn't even know how to read an Expense Summary or a Profit/Loss Statement. It's been 5 months since I was let go and they have yet to run a sales gain or even come close. The store had an inventory loss of over $5000 and recently was robbed for a loss of another $2000 in merchandise. This has never happened to me since my tenure with RS.

    I am actively pursuing an attorney that will take my case on a contingency basis. It is my hope that any RS employee that was wrongfully terminated under similar circumstances come together to create a class-action lawsuit against RS for violating State and Federal Law.

    San Diego, Cali 92104

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  • Gi
    gigi432 May 21, 2010

    Both my husband and i were employed at radioshack, him as a store manager and myself as a "waiting store manager". The company decided to cut all the assistant managers and drop them down to sales associates, i on the other hand took the severence plan and ended my employment about a week ago. A few days ago my husband(along with two other store managers) was fired for "theft", apparently he gave a discount to a customer using a gift card. Ridiculous. Of course loss prevention was there trying to scare and accuse him so that he would commit to it. I do agree that this company is unethical. I could probably write a whole book with all i have to say about this company but i wont bore you all with my negativity.

    Los Angeles, CA

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  • Jw
    JWINRENONV May 24, 2010

    I am in total agreement with you as to how RS treats their employees. As a Store Manager, we have been told we will now work 52 hours a week (minimum), that includes a mid or closing shift on both Friday and Saturday, and now we will also work on Sundays. The district is in the bottom of all rankings within the region and yet the DM has yet to be fired or replaced. The current DM is extremely unorganized, shows favoritism to certain managers, and blows off conversations with other store managers on how to improve certain situations. I have always believed that good leadership is taking care of your people, first and foremost. Create a good working climate that people enjoy going to work. With this, the attitude's will transfer over to outstanding customer support.

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  • Jo
    johannacowan49 Jul 16, 2010


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  • Cr
    crasybusy Jul 21, 2010

    It amazes me they have any employees at all. Upper management's philosophy is to manage by fear. Constantly threatening your job if you don't perform. This form of management by fear starts at the top and rolls straight down hill. I know someone that works for them and it is absolutely the most miserable company to work for. They berate, humiliate, and treat their employees like gum on a shoe. When a call was made to complain about about a Regional Manager, the Human Resource people said "That's the way it is around here. I'd keep your resume updated". DM's have their jobs constantly threatened and are told to make the managers sell the crappy insurance scam or be fired. This company has a severe lack of leadership and ethics.

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  • Rs
    RSLA Jul 29, 2010

    i also got let go by Radioshack Los Angeles, i was an employee for 3 years was top in sales in district every month got promoted from seasonal to assistant manager within my first 3 months worked with the best managers in the west coast and also worked closely with the reginal manager before he got promoted, in fact the reginal manager promoted me to manager at age 20 i took the worst store in district and was able to compete with biggest stores in area usc, balwin hills ect.. i was the type of manager that worked day and nite gave 200% did leave until we hit goal sales the type of manager that work 65 but only clocked in 45 hour and my upper management new it everything was great until Brian bevis from blockbuster came started changing everything included payroll after that radioshack had a turn overrate of about 50% that means half the managers that started the year didnt make it . in the last year all veteran managers that i was familiar with have been fired we are talking about people with 20+ years in management at radioshack . i wish the best of luck to all employee at radioshack but the golden era is over Radioshack is a sinking ship until one of to things happen before it goes out of business either best buys radioshack and makes local bestbuy store with more name brand products or corporate management change bring back David Edmondson he made radioshack golden...

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  • Pt
    ptyclubine Sep 14, 2010

    Radioshack only cares about numbers not there people not enough hours for all there projects forcing sales on people making there empolyees work for nothing and treating there managers awful. I worked for them for 8yrs. The golden era is over. They let me go for breaking a reasonable employer rule. See I close at times I have no car I let two empolyees take the deposit so I didn't have to walk at night to the bank with the deposit. I think the new district manager just wanted me gone because of my stores performace, see he was bringing in people from game crazy see he was from game crazy. I gave this company 200% working 55 hours and clocking in 45. See I started from the bottom and moved up to manager. And not even given a write up for this is so wrong. I worked through my lunch and not getting paid for it because I worked by myself because of hours. I do miss David Edmondson too. Get this I appilied for unemployement they denied my claim. San Diego was a super distict not any more they use to win the tandy trophey that is gone.

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  • Pa
    patcy75 Sep 14, 2010

    my husband never worked for radioshack I was let go on 8/13/10

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  • Me
    mexboy52 Nov 18, 2010

    I bought a GPS in your store on paramount #01-3003 & I bought the extended service contract.
    The unit works fine for about 6 moths then start resetting itself over & over for hours or for entire day not even able to turn it off, I took it to the store where I purchase it & set it for service, (I bought the map for Mexico because I was planning to take it with me on my vacations) it took more than 3 weeks to get it back at that time I was already in Mexico then I call my wife to pick it up from the store & save it for me because I use it to work, when I return I try to use it & now it didn’t even work for more than one hour & then start to resetting itself over & over all day long these time I took it to the store where they witness the problem & leave it for service, well, it has been more than two weeks & I stop to find out the status... they said it was all ready in service but when I dig in I found that they took over 10 days just to ship it out, I get the number on one of the advertisement indicating "If you have a problem contact our district manager" the phone is not in operation... I whet back to the store because they gave me a phone to call to find out the status & the gay in the other end of the phone didn't even recognize what it suppose to be my order# I complain against these lack of professionalism & the guy in the store gave me another number saying these phone will be answer these time I call the phone I get to complain & the only answer I get was a machine establishing it was an answering service & that if I want to contact the operator press cero all I get was another message saying to leave a message they will contact me later 2 day later with no answer I call again & the same situation, I pest of & frustrating for the kind of services you are providing I fell compelling to contact the consumer afire department to place a complain as long as nobody seems to care about the customer once you buy the stuff & pay for a what at these time seems to be a useless warranty.

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  • Co
    Complains1984 Dec 29, 2010

    I was an Assistance manager for a store in NJ after 3 yrs with the company I got let go because I was not keeping my goal its funny the day before I ask to be step down due to I was going school full time. Then I found out from the Manager that DM didn't like me so he had to let me go. Even tho he was going hire me as part-time but I understand him he didn't want to loose he job neither.But oh well I got better job with more money I been around the store and I have heard that they are not promoting any one withing the company like what Loyalist said. They Digging out of the company and just giving jobs to people who don't even have an idea of what they are doing. Good way go RS screwing employees what kind of company is these.

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  • Ol
    oldasstmanager21 Jan 08, 2011

    I was not wrongfully terminated, as of yet, but it seems as if that's where it is heading. I was however, wrongfully dropped from my Away. position. Another employee stole so.e very expensive merchandise and when he was told they were aware of it.he bailed. Over the next two weeks the SM came in to talk to me and I was told I was being demoted due to an error they had found on the cage count witch had been manually entered. bE. I take my job very seriously and was very hurt by this. I had been a SM before but was promoted without the proper training. So I saw our move as the perfect opportunity to step down and get some more training. Yeah right. My manager has yet to do anything to train me. Now, because he is afraid he will have to start actually doing his job again, he's saying he fought for me to become an Away again. More be. At first I was excited because we really need the money but when they dropped me I finally decided it was time to go back to school. Well I realized after my first week or so that there was no way I could do both. Well, he wasn't having it when I told him I no longer wanted the position. He said we would talk about it after his vacation but I didn't like his tone. So I am now waiting tosses what happens with this 'at will' be company. My advice, work for Best Buy Mobile. They pay more and work off of a team bonus structure so its more about the customer than the employee out to make sales to try and survive with veal pay.

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  • Un
    Unknown user212 Jan 14, 2011

    Basically i have an issue with a manager at the store in niagara falls ny military road 14304...his name is daniel...everytime i go in there he has an attitude with me and i dont know why...i give them buisness all the time and he just treats me like im some new guy off the what i have tried to do was just ask for one of the other nicer employees who always treats me good...mike is his name...great guy...however at times this daniel guy comes out and tries to intercept his "sale"...its been months now of me going in there and this past tuesday was the last straw...i went in there specifally asking for the mike because i just didnt want to deal with his attitude...of course he says he left for the day which i was already told that he was working there until 8pm and it was only i had wanted to order a camera and had it specifically shipped to his store which i had already explained...he asks me if im using my credit card...i told him im trying not to use credit and that i have as soon as i said that he didnt reply ...just kept bout 8 min goes by he gives me the total and i put the total amount on the table...and then i told him again that i wanted to pay with he grabs the money off the table and with a MAJOR guilt tripping attitude, he replies..."well now i have to put in the order all over again with a gift card and then redue in the whole order!"
    ...i swear to god i felt like just saying if you dont like your job then QUIT, and i also felt like just saying forget it ill go to another radioshack store ok???...but i didnt i just dealt with his unprofessional attitude! finally after he puts the order in...there were other customers in the store, prints out the order and then without ANY eye contact just says here you go your order will be shipped to your address...and i specifally told him that i wanted it shipped to the store so he told me to just call a phone nhumber which wasnt even on the recept and now the order is going to somewhere where i can pick up but prefered not to go there...basically im just fed up with him and wish that i can file a complaint against him and because of him im probably not going to be giving radioshack any more of my buisness!! thank you

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  • Lu
    LuvBugg Jan 14, 2011

    I had an issue with them also, I had a problem with being over charged for cell phone service that I bought there for Boost about a year ago and the manager actually told me to get out of his store or he would call the police.
    I just disputed the incorrect charge with the bank and got all my money back.
    Soon after he was gone from that store.
    Obviously they need some better training for employees. I actually went to a store in Houston, Tx looking for a specific item that I know they sell, bought it there before, and they only person working wouldn't even look it up for me cause there were other people in the store!

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  • Ex
    exradioman Feb 10, 2011

    same here they target the best so they do not have to pay them

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  • So
    S.O.L Feb 10, 2011

    I think it's all part of a certain Mr Louis Gibson's plan to take over the world...

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  • Cv
    Cvdavis Mar 10, 2011

    I put my email at the bottom if anyone has a similiar story.

    My husband just went through the same thing two days ago. He was moved up quickly because of how well he was doing with selling. Then after only being an assistant manager for only 2 months he was promoted to manager. He was given the worst store in the district and waas told that they suspected fraud but they would not give any more details other than that. The previous manager was demoted and sent to another store and every employee quit on the spot. They transfered one employee from another store and my husband was forced to work 65 hours a week. He did not mind since he was just happy that he got a promotion. He quickly turned that store around within a month and the store was surpassing its sales goals.

    My husband did find aa loss of 1000 of merchandise and the books and paperwork had not been done for over 3 months by the previous manager. So he assumed it was either the employees or manager who had committed internal fraud and he was assured that none of thaat would be held against him.

    Then two days ago the corporate loss prevention comes down and takes him into the back and tells him that they have recieved charge backs from customers who said that their identity was stolen and they had never opened phone lines and phones. They also said that they had known this was happening for over two months, yet as the store manager my husband was never informed until 2 weeks prior. The only thing he was told was that their had been fraud occuring by some customers posing as other people and that it had happened before he started. Yet this is the first my husband had ever been told about any of this.

    So now the loss prevention and Radio Shack are accussing of my husband of fraud and fired him on the spot. He was also interrogated but the loss prevention and was told he ws going to jail and committed fraud and that he owes Radio Shack $12, 000. He was harrassed and threatened and dictated what to say. They forced him to write a statement and admit to committing FRAUD, which he did not even do. He did not steal or even know that these people were doing this. If anything it is loss prevention and Raadio Shacks fault for never informing my husband about these fraudulent activities that were occuring. He was also moved up so quickly and was not properly trained or had the experience to deal with these type of situations.

    It is also no coincidence that the company in currently in a transition in moving their Kiosk from Sam's to Target. I believe this is unethical and wrongful termination since he was never once written up or notified about any of this. He is a hardworking, dependable employee, and does not deserve any of this. If anyone has any other stories similiar to this please contact me at [email protected] .

    They cannot keep getting away with this. Also the other employee that was under my husband was also fired and they did the same thing to her. So please if anyone has any similiar experiences contact me, I am currently looking for a lawyer since Radio Shack should not be able to ruin peoples reputations like this and create hardship for great employees.

    [email protected]

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  • Ds
    ds87 Mar 31, 2011

    I started at Radioshack in Dec 2008 as an seasonal sales associate. I was offer a full time position where I broke numerous records and recieved awards for the company. They fired my manager after five years saying that he was involved in credit card fraud and they had his signature to prove it, but never gave him a copy of the reciept and never reported it to unemployment. Then they leave me to take over and do all the work where we understaff during golden quarter. Then they bring in this new manager who has no experience in retail to take over the position where I had to train her and show her the ropes. I was then given a write-up for being late about a week ago. because my grandmother had just had hip surgery so the majority of the time I was helping her making sure she was okay. On yesterday I was told that the write up was my final warning and I was being fired, but the funny thing is I never recieved a verbal warning, and first warning, or second warning. I was told that you had to be write up 3times for the same thing before you can become terminated. Being the fact that I work for an at will state I dont know if I have a case or not. When I went to HR to file complaints nothing happen I felt that I was a target from the beginning. Radioshack is a very unethical company to work for and I really hope they get whats coming to them.

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  • Fr
    Frankiep4 May 26, 2011

    Went through the same thing, worked for radioshack and met all my ridiculous quotas, one day they accused me of stealing products that either weren't inventoried in the first place, or weren't in the store. They brought me back into the back room and locked the door, interrogated me and forced a written confession. The cops told me what to write until it was written, swearing it could only help my case, when it was finished beig written they used it to slam me and slam me till I was fired. My email is
    [email protected] please let me know if there are any law suits pending for this wrongful firing and confession under duress. And if there is a suit for unpaid wages

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  • Co
    Complains1984 May 27, 2011

    Wow I am sorry for all of you guys. I know their is a number where you can call and file a case I will posted sometime this week. Here is story is I was an Assistance manager for a store in NJ where I was the top sales assistance Manager in my Region. But after 3 yrs with the company I got let go because I was not keeping my goal its funny the day before I ask to be step down due to I was going school full time. Then I found out from the Manager that DM didn't like me so he had to let me go. Even tho he was going hire me as part-time but I understand him he didn't want to loose he job neither.But oh well I got better job with more money I been around the store and I have heard that they are not promoting any one withing the company like what Loyalist said. They Digging out of the company and just giving jobs to people who don't even have an idea of what they are doing. Good way go RS screwing employees what kind of company is these.
    Another thing like a week ago I was in friendly RS that I know everyone and they thought I was still working no one Knew about my been fire lol funny but I also found some one who told me that I can sued RS for the wrongful way that they fired me I never signed any paper or anything that I was letting go for such and such... Never got caught stealing or anything this person told me that I can sued them but I don't know if I should what guys think???? I was let got May 2010 now is may 2011. ????

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  • Jo
    Joyce Barnes Jul 07, 2011

    On 12/20/2010, I purchased a Pandigital reader from radio shack. Infact, I purchased two readers. The sales person, (333Jec) made it a point to tell me about the warranty. He told me that since my girls were the ones using the pandigital reader it would be a good idea to purchase the warranty especially because children break things. Well my daughter broke her pandigital. I found out that what the sales person told me was untrue. He just lied. On June 26, 2011, when I called to get a replacement on the broken product, the person I spoke to said they would not replace the product because it was not covered. So Radio Shack sales people lie to get a sale. I have been told the warranty only cover a replacement if your product had a defect. Why would I pay $17.99 for a one year replacement plan for a company’s defect? The company should have its own policy for replacement of its product. The warranty was to cover the children’s accident.
    On June 26, 2011, I called the complaint line spoke to a Jolane, who gave me a complaint number 894754 and she promised me that someone me about my replacement with two (2) business days. Needless to say, I have not heard from anyone. Was this just another dishonest statement from radio shack?
    I believe my pandigital needs to be replaced as I was promised it would be.
    I have been warned by many people to not trust radio shack. Now I am wondering if they were correct.
    Hope to hear from someone soon.
    Joyce Barnes, 1302 Tatemstown Rd, Chesapeake, Va 23325 telephone 757-233-6984

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  • Mc
    mcdmcx Aug 04, 2011

    Radio Shack damaged a piece of my musical equipment and will not compensate me for it.

    I took a Yamaha DG-Stomp (orig. retail $499) to Radio Shack (Winton Rd.) after calling them because my original power supply died. They told me to bring the unit so they could make sure the replacement was correct. Upon arrival a large man went to a wall rack, grabbed a box, unpackaged a power supply, plugged it into my unit; all the while blocking my view of what he had pulled.
    My DG Stomp clearly has AC IN 12V 700ma marked on the back. The clerk then switched my unit on, it lit, then we turned it off. I paid and left.

    Upon getting home I tested the unit and nothing happened. I discovered I was sold a DC12V, 1000mA power supply that when first plugged in, blew diodes in my DG Stomp. It was the (DC) power supply, not the voltage and amperage numbers that was the issue.

    Upon spending hours calling several repair centers most every expert I spoke to said that the DC power supply fried my machine. I called the Radio Shack regional manager and she wanted to ship my unit to their repair center in FL. In the mean time I found the needed and correct power supply and it was able to light the machine up, but without any audio output. We sent the unit and all three power supplies to FL. The repair center in Florida used the new / correct power supply and assumed the unit worked (because it lit up), then returned it without (apparently) testing the output. They suggested to the regional mgr. that the unit worked and not to compensate me for any damage. I thought that shipping to Radio Shack repair could be a bit biased and dangerous after another RS store manager declined to have his stereo amplifier worked on by them (ask me for the details of THAT story).

    So based on the inspection in FL, Radio Shack has declined to pay for the damage. Upon its return, I have taken the unit to an authorized Yamaha repair center and they have stated in writing, that the damage was indeed caused by the incorrect power supply provided by RS. Their regional mgr. will only listen to what their guy in FL is saying. They wont even look at my documentation. Nice way to protect themselves...

    A used unit on e-bay is running around $150. The repair is expected to be around $75-125 depending on parts costs. Parts are however on back order and may not be available.

    I have now spent the hour equivalent of DAYS on this matter. It appears that large corporations have convenient options to cover their mistakes.

    M D ( shafted consumer )

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  • Be
    BENNYV Sep 03, 2011

    So i go to radio shack, to look for a phonograph jack for a stereo receiver. I browse and ask the guy if the record player with usb is on sale for 40.00, he says what "thats not 40.00" i said "the sign says 40.00" he tells me that is for the old vcr on the bottom and the sign was moved. I asked him how much the record player was, he scanned it and told me it was 100.00. I said thanks, i think ill pass on it. He threw it with one hand into the back room and went away. I asked his assistant if he had volume unit meters. He did not know what they were so he asked the jerk baldy ### manager, he said maybe like 50 years ago we had them. What an example he is setting for his young colleague, steer clear of radio shack or "the shack" as they want it known as now. I call it the sack which is what bad managements needs.

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  • Li
    Linda Wise Oct 08, 2011

    I was told upon purchasing the service plan for my new phone system that the replacement simply required a phone call and the necessary replacement would be hassle-free and immediate. When one of my phones stopped charging the battery, I called and was told that one handset could not be replaced, I would have to return the entire phone system to Radio Shack via UPS and then wait 48-72 hours for a GIFT CARD to be sent so that I could re-purchase the item at a retail store. My profession is real estate and I cannot be without my home phone for several days. This is seriously misleading advertizing and, frankly, I feel my $10.99 was stolen by Radio Shack. NEVER again will I purchase anything from Radio Shack.

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  • He
    heath2011 Oct 09, 2011

    10.99? the cheap come out expensive...

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  • Do
    dont want to say Dec 29, 2011

    I worked for this company for awhile. I made a lot of good friends from there, but from everyone that is posting on this forum is absolutely correct. Radioshack is one of the worst employers to work for. I will get to my story shortly, but first let me tell you what they did to my friend. I have this friend that use to be a manager at one of the Sams Club locations in South Florida ( before we transitioned to Target), he met his quota every month and did a hell of a job. The district manager Chris Milliken ( I ###ing hate this guy with a passion), he has this cousin that he wants to hire into the company ( Jeremy Nichelson). Anyways, there are no more manager positions the DM could put his cousin at, so he targets my friend. The problem is with my friend, he goes to school, so the DM uses that to his advantage. Tells my friend that because he goes to school; he has to be demoted because at times he is not available (conference calls, manager meetings, etc). Like the DM knows exactly when my friend is available. My friend calls HR, and she tells him " Well if you can't attend these conference calls then he does have authority to do that. Are you kidding me, your really going to ruin someones life because your cousin is too ###ing dumb and lazy to go find a job( don't they have rules against family working together?). Now to my story, I started working for this company in October 2010, The moment from when I began I was a shark. I was ranking on numbers and was always in the top in the district. Then in February, we hear this news about transitioning to Target Stores, which I was not happy in doing because loss of traffic in Target. This is where it gets interesting. The District Manager who is of course wildly corrupted has now been promoted to Regional Manager, and guess who he hires to become my district manager?... That's right, beloved-ed old cousin Jeremy Nichelson. These guys walk around with corrupt America written on they're forehead. Anyways I wasn't planning to move with the company because they don't really pay and it was about to get much worse with the transition. Until they offered me a sales manager position and my own store. Since I needed the pay I went with the job. Of course they put me in the slowest store in the whole district, Not that that bothered me, I was still ranking a lot better then other stores, and every month I beat quota by 10-20 grand. Well I hired this employee, and in the same month that I hire him, he started to refuse to listen to me including misconduct, like an example I would be at home and I would tell him to make sure merchandise is locked up, go to work the next day and merchandise would be out of its cage. Then he started to talk back, I mean come on; this is your first month and you are going to show me you have behavioral problems, So I let him go. Here is where I made the problem, that person I fired was referred by the district manager ( Jeremy Nichelson), District manager does not like the idea that he has made a mistake, comes in 2 days later fires me and rehires the bad employee. I hated Jeremy Nichelson, he has been nitpicking to get me out since the transition. I have been doing everything in my power to run that store right. Including devoting a lot of my time to this company and worked very hard. The last I heard, my employee that I fired and got rehired, ran my store to the ground. Its not producing nor getting any traffic, my customers loved me and it was my client base that made that store. I now did not know what to do, because as most of you should already know that the country changed their laws on unemployment and if you get fired you cannot collect, but I filed it anyways on a whim, and luckily The State Of Florida has been made well aware of the way Radioshack as been handling they're employees, Since Radioshack could not prove that I was fired for any misconduct, I got approved for unemployment. So if your one of the many that gets fired from Radioshack for no reason, contact your state, im sure they already have an idea of whats going on.

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  • Fa
    Fasmustang Feb 17, 2012

    Yup, we bought two also. Was told they had a yr warranty. Well, mine hasn't charged properly since I got it - less them 90 days ago, & radio shack manager told me "I must have bent/broke the charging port", & they won't do anything about it. First he tried to tell me my cable had a 'bent end'. When I told him that was my hubbys cable (which works fine on his reader), & my cable wouldn't work either, he said I must have broken the port in my reader. What crap - Radio Shack used to be a decent company. Now they are liars & thieves.

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