Racetrac 2365clerk

L Aug 01, 2018

On Tuesday July 31 we visited this RaceTrac 2365. I used the slotted spoon and started scooping the hot boiled peanuts. There was only one spoon so I used it for both pots. The cashier yelled over to me " ma'am you can't do that!". I told her there's only one spoon. She yelled back " you should have asked "! My jaws dropped as how could a clerk say that. I started approaching her then she called out to another clerk to get me another spoon.
Then I went to pay for the boiled peanuts and explained to the clerk I didn't realize you needed a spoon in each pot and she did not respond, acknowledge or apologize. She just took my money and I asked for a plastic bag.
My point her is to let you know perhaps this young lady could use more customer service etiquette with, please, thank you, perhaps a smile . After all we customers are providing her with a job and a pay check . But with that kind of treatment nobody wants to put up with rudeness by clerks.
Just letting you know I was not happy stopping at store #2365.
Thank you for your time.

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