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QuiznosSleezy ads with homosexual content

This is in response to a commercial re: Quiznos torpedo sub. How low can one sink?
How will parents explain to children such content. Sex with food.
I have been boycotting companies for such practices for years.
Contrary to popular opinion, which can't be that pop, if only 2% by into that lifestyle, can it?
As a sexually pure individual, and as a fine role model to my students and my community, I now will launch a boycott of your company.
List of companies I NO LONGER purchase from.
Taco Bell
Burger King
Quaker Oats
Frito Lays

As a Christian, I am incensed at the onslaught on my brain every time I hear such a commercial.
As a business woman with such practices as are your companies, I hope that you fail on every level.
I wish no ill. But, I can not and will not sit back and ignore. The sexual onslaught is DISGUSTING! APPALLING! DEGRADING! AND SHAMEFUL!
It would behove you to remember the end of Sodom and Gomorrah.
This has pushed the limit and gone from inuendo to clear sexual FILTH. Using words "PUT IT IN ME STEVE..." "SAY IT SEXIER..." Clearly points only to homosexual acts.
Clean up your act and I may purchase again.


  • La
    lauraanne9 Aug 12, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I have endured this place through the inept service, thinking the girl behind the counter was trying. I have endured them running out of soup, cheese, bacon, . even some of the meat for the sandwiches.

    Tonight, I was running late and in a hurry, I got there a few minutes before closing time. Lights were still on, the doors were still open, the sign in the window was still on, and the clock behind the counter said I still had 5 minutes. I had my order ready, was going to be quick. The woman behind the counter as I walked rudely snapped "we're closed, so I am not going to make your sandwich". I had intended to walk in and ask if it was ok that I place the order, AND ask her if they had anything that they could make easily because I was aware they were close to closing. After her comment, I replied that it didn't seem the case with the lights on, he doors open and the clock saying it is not closing time yet. She then said "it's close to closing, be quick". I had my order ready, and it was a simple order.

    I understand that you want to leave, and my order, if it had been done without her constant litany of complaints, and one insult that she was only making my sandwich because it was clear that Quiznos was the only place I was able to afford, would have taken just about 5 minutes. Instead she.locked the doors so I couldn't leave if I wanted to, and called the owner to tell her that she had a late customer who wanted to place an order. Ummmm...wouldn't it be faster to just make the order? But ok. so she gets off the phone, and finishes making the order. Sort of. First she continued to complain that I was in close to closing. Then she complained that she had to put my fiancee's order through the toaster again because of the time she took to call the owner.

    I finished and paid for the food. I would have just left without my order except the order wasn't for me, oh and the fact that I WAS LOCKED IN THE RESTAURANT.

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  • Jh
    j holden Aug 12, 2016

    I have worked at quiznos for a year from the time it first open. I have had no complaints from the owner or manager. But on the 29 of June I was fired with the excuse that the staff did not want to work with me and that the customers did not like to talk with me. Its a sub shop we always ask the same questions and make small talk. I have worked with the same staff members for the last year and never heard any complaints from them. Our manager quit 2 weeks before I was fired. And I worked and still am friends with the other lady that I worked with. She said that she never said that she did not want to work with me. I know that I was complaining a lot because the restaurant was not cleaned at night by our side staff of marbel slabs side. The bathrooms were just gross even I would not use them until they were cleaned. We have had a fight with marbel slab for the last six months to help clean the common area and get the staff to do their work at night. Well on the 29 of June I had enough and phoned our owner to come in and see the mess he walked in looked around and left saying he will be back at 4:30pm. Well he came back with my termination notice. I had to work until the 7 of July. At which time he brought in a Philippine in from the Philippines two days after he gave me my termination. So I feel that my termination was not valid by any standards. He just wanted to bring in cheep help. And he cant say that he did not get any applications in for work as we had people dropping resumes off daily. These were from guys that had worked on the rigs, pipelines and just people looking for work. If I had known that I would get terminate for bringing the owner in to see how dirty it was in quiznos I would have never done it. But from the time he saw the mess and how dirty it was i has been clean from that day to the time I left. I don't think that my termination was just. I have no problems with bring in help from other countries only if we cant find any one to fill the jobs and right now a lot of us Canadians are out of work and Canada can still bring in people from other countries. We live in Canada and we cant get work in Canada because we bring in people from other countries.

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  • 23
    236Tacos Nov 24, 2010

    Ha ha! Put it in me Sylvia!
    What sexually suggestive ad did Quaker Oats put out? Are you talking about that one where William Brimford sticks 12 inches into a bi-curious sandwich oven? Yea, I liked that one too!

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  • Su
    Sunshinesmile May 24, 2009

    I completely agree with you Sylvia. I too am a proud Christian woman and these sex ads... I mean food ads have gone too far. It's bad enough that you have to see it all on late night tv if you can't sleep and want to watch something but now you have to see it all the time. For goodness sakes these people are supposed to be selling food here! You're right about the onslaught of sexual depravity that has overtaken the American culture and it's pitiful. Personally, I'd like to see more encouraging ads on tv. To all those who disagree: that is well within your right but it is not within your rights to belittle someone because they have a different opinion from you.If a person can't express their honest opinion without threat of a personal attack on their character, then America has truly become a wasteland.

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  • An
    Andy May 15, 2009

    12 inches and put it in me Scott. What the F--k is Quiznos CEO thinking? Do they think its appetizing to think about eating a sandich and jamming a 12 rod up someones ### at the same time. Will bad mouth that place forever.

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  • Sm
    smitch2577 May 11, 2009

    I think the commercial is in very poor taste! There are several different ways that commercial could have been done, But my question is why does the toaster oven's voice have to be male? why cant it be a female voice? And why does it have to say "put it in me scott"? and "say it sexy"? I take offence to the whole thing cause I feel they are making fun of Gays and that is so WRONG I mean come on we are all who we are Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Straight but that does not make us any less a person because of who we choose to love and be with!! I would like to see the commercial taken off the air or redone in a more tastfull, non racest way!! Im a Lesbian and I think the whole thing is wrong!! We just want to be seen as normal. We work, pay bills, etc like the rest of the world. So when is "The World" going to grow up????? I mean come on!!! Grow up people!!! Get a life!!!

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  • Tx
    txxx May 10, 2009

    while the commercial is very annoying, i am forced to disagree with your biased opinion based on the fact you are christian and therefore your mind and free will have been compromised. your pretentious view of yourself and christianity outweigh any sociological harm this commercial could ever do. but really though, this isn't about anyone else is it? its about you and how you can appease your god and be a good sheep in its flock of followers. so you go ahead on your crusade, but you're fallacy is not fooling anyone. homosexuality isn't ruining society, people like you are.

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  • Tr
    treslowe May 02, 2009

    The only thing that offends me is that "Sylvia" is more offended by the fact that the sexual innuendo is gay rather than not. I agree that sexual innuendo doesn't really belong in a commercial for a fast food restaurant, but it shouldn't matter if it's gay or straight. It shouldn't, but apparently it does to a few right-wing holy rollers out there. Sylvia, you can be their fearless leader. Just don't tell me what to think, what to feel and who to love. That is none of your business, you holier-than-thou busybody. And BTW, gay people are WAY more than 2 percent of the population. We're everywhere! DEAL with it!

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  • Mr
    Mr. Collins Apr 18, 2009

    The problem with society is not what is in question in the commericals. What is in question is the symbolism of sexual content being placed in every single aspect of television. Even on Battle Star Galactica there are constant sexual and verbal content that even non-christians would not tolerate.

    Since media is a growing concern for advocating almost anything immoral, to sit and waste time debating showing it is trivial. Yes people see it. Most will laugh, some ignore, and some jump the bandwagon for any cause that highlights them.

    Personally, I can unplug my set, read the bible, pray alone, or not. The choices we make are who we are. Do not let others make you into them.

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  • He
    heteroscot Apr 03, 2009

    Male homosexuals absolutely make me sick to my stomach. They, and the businesses and peoples that support them, are being meticulously tracked and documented. A time will come - mark my words - when these people will pay for attempting to "force feed" us their depravity.

    I will be honored to be among the cleansers of our society.

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  • An
    Andrea Apr 01, 2009

    The purpose of a commercial is to get you to remember the product so that you want to buy the item. I do not have anything against gay love, but I do find the commercial a little too weird, I mean, it isn't necessarily gay love but, oven love??? I think they should of editted it a bit but there is one thing I have to say, I still want to go to Quizno's and get a Torpedo after all it is only Four dollars! No, matter if he said it sexy or not, I heard it say it is only four dollars. I like to save money, and I want this product. But yeah the commercial is a little weird, so what.

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  • Pi
    Piglet Mar 30, 2009

    I completely agree. I am a seventeen year old mother and I don't want my child watching this bull. It's disgusting, and makes no sense to me. There are other, better ways to sell a product. Why push sex in to a commercial that deals with food? Seriously. It's plain stupid. I will never purchase anything from Quiznos-- not even a cup of water. Is this really what the world has come too? Come on. It's not funny, nor is it cool. I sure as heck hope this commercial wasn't aimed toward people my age, because there is nothing about it that makes me want to buy from that company. And I never will. The subs are very thin and unsatisfying anyways. Thank you for your time. - Alyssa

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  • Re
    ReeRee2 Mar 28, 2009

    Is this what people are getting offended over these days - Fast Food commercials??

    How about you turn your TV set off and talk to your childern. Educate them and let them be educated by others that are not so narrow minded as yourself. The Bush days are over and gay people are not what is threatening the decline of this country. Nor is sexual undertones.

    Boycotting fast food pethetic. How about boycotting Wal-Mart (oh no they're a good christian company!!) who are racists and treat their employees worse than the poo they flush down the toilets every morning.

    How about Canada whose government subsidised the slaughter of nearly one million seals over the last three years just for their frozen fish industry.

    Or Chevron Texaco for dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste in the Ecuadorian Amazon and failing to clean it up.

    Or China for its continued human rights abuses and for its occupation of Tibet.

    And Coca-Cola for its repression of trade union activity in Colombia and its depletion of groundwater resources in India- where they caused severe water shortages, polluted groundwater and soil around its bottling plant, distributed its toxic waste as "fertiliser" to local farmers and sold drinks with extremely high levels of pesticides.

    The list of REAL humanitarian complaints are long. How pethetic and narrow minded you are for thinking that 'PUT IT IN ME SCOTT' is cause for a boycott when there are so many other true offenses going on in the world today.

    Get off your christian high horse, stop judging people's sexual orientation, and find your humility. Work with others to try to heal the world, not boast about your prudeness.

    You need to pray for God's forgiveness and ask him to guide you toward a more worthy mission/cause than Quizno commercials.

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  • Za
    zao24 Mar 28, 2009

    i don't understand then, if companies who display "the gay" in their ads - and let's face it, that's what you're complaining about - are headed for certain doom why you feel the need to announce your boycott. but as a person with "the gay" i agree, this is your right. feel free to boycott quiznos until the end of time.

    maybe between now and then one of your other boycotted companies will also fail...

    Taco Bell
    Burger King
    Quaker Oats
    Frito Lays

    all still around...

    i guess one person can't make a difference.

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Mar 27, 2009

    No I am not sorry I am not getting some. How disrespectful of another's personal life. I find those who are more relaxed and have NO standards for their lives, oddly can't stand someone having another view than theirs.
    I havew every right to express how I feel without my opinion being INTERPRETED as hate speech. It is my opinion. And it is valid.
    I also did not say I would quit eating. I appreciate the positive comments.
    No I do not have kids, but am an advocate for those who do. Stop pushing perverse lifestyles down our throats. Quiznos and any biz who practices sleezy sales ads are limiting their audience, so therefore they are GOING TO LOSE BIZ whether or not I buy their. For this reason their doors will more than likely close.

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  • Un
    Untamedhawk Mar 26, 2009

    What a bunch of idiots!!!

    The original poster is right, the commercial states PUT IT IN ME SCOTT, that's pathetic for any fast food resturaunt. Along with the SAY IT SEXIER... Come on! Sell the damn sandwich not the idea od sex - be it homo or not.

    Now, to go so far as to say "I quit eating due to this or that offending me" is a little far fetched!

    If I were easily offended - I think the murder of the animal I'm eating should do it before a commercial.

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  • Jo
    Joshua Mar 26, 2009

    Maybe people would take the sexually "pure" "christian women" more seriously if they could spell. Of course they're so sexually pure that we get to pay to put their 14 kids and counting through school. If you don't like what's on TV, turn the F****** thing off. And remember the golden rule Jesus was so fond of when you spout your biggoted hate speech in a public forum.

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  • Ia
    iagreee Mar 26, 2009

    anyways all the Quiznos now have indians with greasy-looking hair working/owning them. they are fast becoming the next Dunkin Donuts, sacrificing their once impressive quality in their lust for expansion.. just like the hotel chains did in the 90's.. eventually they'll be out of business as their business dwindles

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  • Ch
    chantelle Mar 26, 2009

    There's absolutely nothing wrong about homosexuality-
    If you're offended with the sexual nature of this commerical, fine.
    But to be offended because you think the toaster and steve are gay together?
    God wanted us to love everyone.
    Even people who put it in their bums :)

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  • St
    StopTheWhining Mar 26, 2009

    So, you're telling me your kids will see that commercial and be aware of its subtext? You must have some pretty precocious kids. Or, perhaps, you're not as pure as you claim.

    -1 Votes

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