Quicken Loanspulled credit report without permission

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I was doing a quick check of current rates, considering a refinance from 5.75%. Without asking for permission, the Quicken Loan agent pulled a credit report. This automatically represents a negative on my credit report. Avoid this company.
Gary L Wade, MD


  • Fe
    fedup1900 May 20, 2011

    I just spoke with quicken and first thing they wanted was to
    get info to pull my credit score. I said no, I had just pulled it
    and told them it was a 799. They then tried to make me believe
    the score on a soft pull was far higher than if they pulled it.

    Long story short, I was not impressed at all with the jerk they
    put on the phone. Their website is not truthful and they do not
    offer the loan products they advertise. Don't bother with them,
    they are a waste, and I mean that in every sense of the word.
    Then again, most lenders are these days.

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  • Hu
    Hunter E Fitch May 16, 2017

    I'm so disappointed with Quicken as I've been a customer with them for a long time. I got a letter in the mail stating I should call in to have my mortgage reviewed. I got their local representative on the phone and explained that I was THINKING about doing a refi on my home. Low and behold, the same day there was a hard hit on my credit that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. when I called to ask why they ran my credit, he told me he HAD TO run it to get a credit profile on me and claimed that I gave him permission which is COMPLETE BS as we didn't even speak about running my credit. I never talked specifics with them AT ALL.

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  • El
    Elaine Bossingham Edwards Aug 06, 2018

    I have the same story as everyone else...pulled a report because my husband said they could. Who gave HIM permission?!!!
    Transferred all over and eventually, no one would remove the inquiry. Don’t even call these people

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  • Ma
    Marcus Magarian Aug 17, 2018

    I had the same exact problem. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! They are a bunch of sharks and i'm furious...

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  • Sa
    Sage Mullings Apr 11, 2019

    Had the same issue. Representative called be cause i explained i was interested in buying a new investment property but that i didn't have a definitive price point, house listing, and i wasn't even sure what state i wanted to buy in. Representative claimed he just wanted to update my personal information so i gave him my DOb and social securtiy only to have him pull my credit and my fiance's credit. My fiance wasn't on the phone nor did i provide her social or date of birth. We are not married so i can't authorize her credit to be pulled. Furthermore, our resolution advocate informed me that legally if you are on the phone with a credit company and the conversation regarding products and services lasts longer than 5 minutes, they can pull your credit so long as you provide a DOB and social security and the company doesn't have to alert you that this information isn't being collected for the purposes of a credit inquiry. Whats more infuriating is that my credit was pulled 4 mins and 47 seconds into the conversation so we hadn't even reached that legal limit for them to so unethically pull credit scores. Lastly a joint application for a mortgage was initiated, but how could that be possible if neither party wanted a credit report pulled and only one was on the phone with the representative at the time it was pulled. Even after the representative that pulled my credit told me he had my credit score, i was shocked and had to ask when he disclosed that he would be doing a hard inquiry. I know i only have 90 days to purchase a home after my credits been pulled. If i didn't even know what state i wanted to buy in, why would a representative pull my credit. I'm still waiting to hear what the higher ups at the executive office are going to do about the situation. Curious how other peoples situations got resolved and if anybody followed up with legal action. I'm considering getting a record of the conversation via subpoena to verify facts.

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  • Lu
    luna777 May 14, 2019

    I am serious about this. They just did this to us as well and I have read thousands of other people say the same thing so let's start a class action lawsuit against them. They have to be stopped because this is essentially stealing money from us. We DID NOT give these scum bags permission to pull our credit.

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  • Ro
    Rob7770 Aug 15, 2019

    They pulled my wifes credit without her permission. She was on the phone simply listening to the call and the man asks her to verify her acct with the last 4 of her social sec# and her did a hard inquiry with even asking her to do this!

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  • Ro
    Rob7770 Aug 15, 2019

    Correction:without asking her to do this

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