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Complaints & Reviews

customer service / unethical business practices

We contacted Quicken Loans Detroit, MI office to inquire about refinancing and after a couple of weeks of...

fraudulent company

Well, we bit on it. Quicken Loans has a beautiful website and I suppose it's designed to elicit trust...

lie, lies, lies

When I applied to Quicken Loans to refinance my mortgage, I was initially very satisfied. I got the rate I was looking for, closing costs were exactly what I was quoted, the whole process. application to closing took only 2 1/2 weeks. My one concern was the selling of the note. I did not want to be bounced around every few months. My contact, Doug Laska, assured me that Quickens held the note and that I would be able to refinance at a later date or switch to a 15 year note if I so desired, at no additional cost. Imagine my surprise and anger when I got the letter telling me my mortgag had been sold. Before I even made the first payment!!! They will lie and tell you anything you want to hear in order to get your business. Once you find out they lied you are no longer their customer anyway and too bad for you.

  • Li
    Linda L Misch Apr 19, 2016

    Quicken Loans is nothing but a dirty rotten liar. they pre -approved us . told us every thing was going well to go ahead and put contract on new house to which we did put or earnest money down. but because we did go bankrupt in 2012 which we were up front with them about it. they said no problem . but our mortgage company doesn't report to the three credit bureau's unless your late on your payment's i had to go into my account with my mortgage company and print out my payment history . to send them and i did .my husband also find our payment history on Credit O Karma. com site with a trans union site listed but after having us fax that to them they played games after game with us. finally I told them to either ### or get off the pot well needless to say after screwing us around for weeks we did not get the loan. they lie and play games with people . and they say their number one in the business. they also gave our in-fro out to other lenders to run our credit and all that did was fix our credit to where it was to low to go any where else the damn ### when our credit is built back up and were ready to look again for a loan you can bet your sweet ### it won't be with this damn lying company called Quicken Loans

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deceived me and kept my deposit

Consumers beware!! Get everything in writing before giving your deposit.

I dealt with a certain loan officer who took my $500 deposit after lying to me about key details and leaving out valuable information/burying points into to the cost of the loan and saying "closing costs are standard and non-negotiable" when I questioned him again about the high closing costs he finally came clean because we were closing the next day and figured it was too late to do anything but it is never too late.

I then cancelled the loan because I don't do business with dishonest people. I was told by the loan officer on our initial phone conversation that my deposit would be returned "if anything happened" and after I put down the $500 (Double checking again it would be returned if something happened) shortly there after I received paperwork stating different.

After arguing back & forth via e-mail he apparently forwarded my complaint to his director. His director contacted me to see if there was anything he could do to give quicken another chance - even offering to extend the rate lock and lower my rate another 1/4% because he was worried his loan officer lied/omitted details and was very concerned about quickens reputation (Not concerned enough to do the right thing and return my deposit though) and he should be because it only takes a few bad experiences and negative word of mouth costs them potential customers.

After not receiving my deposit back and trying to get them to the right thing I gave up and went with sure point and you know what... I got a better rate and way lower closing costs because the gentleman there was honest about everything.

  • Bu
    Burnt in AZ Feb 02, 2011

    I feel your pain. I just lost my $500 deposit to Quicken Loans. My son refinanced with New American Funding 800-426-5626 X-247 and got a much better deal. He did not need to put any deposit down and the loan closed in just 2 weeks at a lower interest rate and with lower closing costs. There are many reputable companies out there that do not require a deposit and have lower closing costs. There is even an appraisal waiver form they can fill out to see if an appraisal is even needed on the government refinancing loans but Quicken Loans won't mention this to you because they want to make a fast buck keeping your $500 deposit for an appraisal that should be their cost of doing business for the loans that don't qualify because of a low appraisal.
    I also got a letter from Quicken Loans stating they would match or do better than anyone else but when you call them on it they just give you excuses for charging more money than someone else. The point I would like to make is please do not just go to Quicken Loans and give them a deposit before checking out other companies and comparing costs. It is sad that a company this size that is making a killing on loans they approve has to keep the small deposits from those that are struggling to keep their homes but did not get approved. C0mplaints that cannot be resolved with Quicken Loans should be filed with the Attorney General. If Quicken Loans has to respond to enough complaints to the Attorney General maybe their corporate policy will change.

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loans fee scam

Sets up loan packs supposedly takes an application fee then when the numbers get tight because no one is giving fair appraisals any longer they don't return calls or emails. They stall giving the consumers the facts as they learn them which puts the borrower behind the curtain of truth. Was tole before Christmas the appraisal came back lower but would still be Okay. 2 weeks later almost still being told I would close first week of the year but all along lender knew it would not happen without additional funds from me but waited until almost three weeks after getting appraisal to put the numbers to me then could not give me the rate. Also found out from a different lender the real truth is in my situation the FHA will not even write a loan package with what they 'Claim' would get it done due to new guidelines that took effect 1/1/09. Lied all along to me but dragged it out to prejudice my options and try and act like it was progressing normally. RIPOFF from the get go!!! NOT ONE WORD OF TRUTH FROM 12/23/08-1/05/09.

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I would not deal with these people

I was contacted by these people after filling out a request for loan information on lending tree. I was trying to refinance my 10/1 ARM which is around 190K. I have 5 years left before the rate could possibly go up but since rates are low now, I figured it was a good time to get out of the ARM.

Anyway, I had a hard time getting any information out of these people and they wanted me to give them my credit card for a good faith deposit of $750 which I would get back at closing. I did not want to give my Credit card to them and they would not give me any firm information without it. I did manage to find out that the rate was 4.99 fixed but that it was going to cost me 1 point for origination fees and 1 point for Fannie Mae fees and then they had some other charges including the usual legal fees and home appraisal etc. The longer I talked to this character on the phone, the more I was finding out that I didn't trust the guy. When I was finished writing down everything he told me on the phone it added up to nearly 7K to refinance my mortgage.

Then I did some investigating. I called the bank where I got my last mortgage (The 10/1 ARM) and got a fixed rate 1/4 point lower (4.75) on the same loan amount with 1 point and they waved several of the fees because I am a repeat customer and my daughter is in the process of getting her 1st mortgage with them. The Quicken Loans 1 point Fannie Mae fee is nonsense. It is only charged if you are cashing out and if your credit score is over 720 (which mine is) then the actual fannie mae fee is only .25 points not 1 point.

These Quicken loan people are fast talking and try to suck you in by having you pay this "Good Faith" deposit. In fact, you will be the only one acting in "Good Faith" and based on what I have read, you will never see your "Good Faith" deposit again whether you get the loan or not. After deciding NOT to use Quicken Loans, they called me and e-mailed me continually for the next several days trying to tell me that I was going to get stuck in my home and the value was going to go down and my mortgage was going to go up $600 per month and blah blah. Eventually, the guy pretty much told me I was stupid for not dealing with them. But then I told him that his Fannie Mae fee was BS and that I was going to report them for fraud and I have not heard from them since.

Take it from someone who has had 5 mortgages, 2 refinances and several construction loans since buying their fist home in 1982. These people are snake-oil salesman. Go to your local bank and ask the mortgage officer for information on locally available programs and stay away from these guys. Shame on Lending Tree for recommending such people.

  • Qu
    Quickenbegone Dec 19, 2010

    I had a bad experience with Quicken Loans, where I documented thoroughly in [redacted]s. Go to this site to read how many complaints there are against this company. I was defrauded of a $500 deposit, luckily before they did their usual "bait and switch" act! I have gone online to complain and have found that too many sites are controlled by the money these jerks have thrown into their public relations using a noxious vixen named Kelly. They took money from me and have endless excuses as to why they are right and the customer is always wrong. They are pigs masquerading as business people - OINK OINK!

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  • R9
    r985beaver Aug 17, 2011

    I walked away one day before closing. "truth in lending" did not match actual closing documents ( Not even close. which I got 1 day pryor to closing) Problem with this company, you never taklk to the same person twice. If you call with a question you never know which 19 year old you will be talking to . All said in done, they keep my 500 dollars and I got a better deal at my local bank.

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stay away from this company

This company is pure corporate greed. Stay away from them. Take my warning and go to another mortgage lender. Other mortgage lenders will have lower closing costs and can get a better rate. Trust me and call a local mortgage company or bank that you trust. Do not give Quicken Loans your credit card information because you never see your $500 again.
If you want a taste of the "smooth" talking sales people that I am talking about, then call Quicken Loans and ask for Jim Chepes. Really you can talk to anyone there because they are all from the same mold of sleezy liars. Unfortunately the mold didn't break yet. Hopefully the government or some fair business investigation will find that this company is the low of the low.
I hope to save at least one person's $500 since I lost mine.

  • Da
    Dave Feb 07, 2009

    I would have to agree with you on the sleazy liar part. I tried to get some information out of these people on loan rates after they contacted me from an application I filled out on Lending Tree. The guy I spoke to was fast-talking and loaded with pleasantries about how great his company was and how they were the top lender and blah, blah...

    Then he started talking about 1 point for this and 1 point for Fannie Mae and by the time he was done, he had me paying ~7K to refinance a 190, 000 loan. And all I had to do was give him my credit card for a good faith deposit of $750.00 (yeah right).

    Fortunately, I did not give them any money or sign and agreements with them but I did check with my local banker and got a fixed rate that was 1/4 point lower than QL and the fees were more than 50% less.

    I got an ill feeling when I was speaking to this fast-talking snake-oil salesman at Quicken Loans and decided to go elsewhere. However, they badgered me by phone and through e-mail for several days afterwards until I called them out on the Fannie Mae fee which you don't pay unless you are taking cash out. I told them they were full of BS. Since then, they have left me alone fortunately. I have done 5 mortgages and couple of re-finances and construction loans and never run across anything like this before.

    They try to get you to sign with them right away by telling you that you must lock in the rate or it will go up. But the truth is they are trying to hook you in so you can't go someplace else once you discover you are being hood-winked by these people.

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  • Ho
    Honest Senor Jun 02, 2009

    Thanks for saving me 500.00...I got the same snake oil dude you did JPPI..sent him your article..did not stop him from trying, trying and esculating to other salespeople..who scolded me for not doing business!!!

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fraud and cheating

We received a good faith estimate from Quicken loans promising a 4.99 % rate on a 15 year loan. We were asked to put up 500 which would be applied to closing costs and would subsequently be refunded if the loan did not go through.

However, yesterday we were told the company would not honor the 4.99% 15 year mortgage term. Jim Duffy called and asked how our Christmas shopping was going. We told him that we had not been doing any shopping this year. Next, he told us that they would not honor the good faith estimate provided and told us that the loan terms were going to change. I advised Mr. Duffy that this was not was provided in writing to us. I told him he had lost our business and asked that he refund our money as was promised before. We were told that they would not provide a refund. We advised them that we would get an attorney and would pursue this in court, because this was not what the company promised.

false refinance information

I recently had a loan with Lehman Bros that was purchased by OCWEN, Quicken loans called to say that the institution wanted to do a refinance at better terms than my original loan and that I would not have to pay quicken anything to do this. As always I asked why and the officer stated that if the terms were better the a default would be less likely and the lendor was willing to pay all of the fees. I did the refi but not only did the amounts not match, quicken wrapped there fees into the lower payoff amount and then the previous mortgage company 1099 me as income for the difference. Now I owe taxes as income on an amount I did not have the benefit of using. It will take me two years to breakeven on the taxes paid to offset the lower payment given.

endless harassment

I was thinking about looking into this and like a dummy filled out an online form. They called my home about an hour after that and haven’t stopped since. I never answered any of their calls or even spoke with anybody and still get up to 3 calls a day. If you enjoy personal privacy in your home “STAY AWAY” from these vultures. They will harass you to no end if you show just the least amount of interest.

  • Tr
    trd54 Apr 17, 2011

    that's the god's honests truth!! they harrassed me at least 2 times a day for months! even after I cussed them out and treated to call the cops! they still continued!

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  • Al
    AlliW Jul 12, 2012

    We never contacted Quicken Loans about anything! We don't need a mortgage, ours is nearly paid off. One day the UPS man brings a "certified" package from QL offering a re-fi. We promply shredded it. A couple days later, the phone calls began at our home and our business. Sometimes they claim to be following up on the letter they sent to see if we want to apply for a loan. Other times, there's nobody on the line and it disconnects shortly after we answer. They call every day at our home and business. Today I blew up and yelled at the guy and told him not to call us ever again. How long will this harrassment go on? If I were looking to apply for a mortgage, this would be the last place I would try!

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  • Qu
    QuickenLoansSucks Oct 09, 2013

    Totally agree - they're getting desperate. I get three calls a day, followed up by email, which goes directly to Junk. Apparently just being polite and telling them I'm not interested and taking me off their call list doesn't work.

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  • Ji
    JimmyD34 Feb 17, 2017

    I rarely got marketing calls on my cell phone until I made the mistake of filling out a Quicken Loans for because I was just 'thinking about" refinancing. It was just a simple inquiry and I didn't go through with it. Didn't even talk to anyone at Quicken Loans but damn if I keep getting inquiries for this anod other junk. NOW, I get random marketing calls from different States, Tx, PA, NJ, FL to name a few. Funny this only happened after 1 initial contact with Quicken Loans. I'm pretty sure Quicken Loans sold my number for their profit. Because of this harassment, I will NEVER use Quicken Loans, EVER!

    I'd love to return the favor with Quicken Loans CEO's private number!!!

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apparent bait and switch

In my dealings with Quicken Loans here's what I've concluded is the major problem: They do not offer to send you a Good Faith Estimate that includes the loan amount, term, rate and the closing costs <b>BEFORE</b> they ask you to provide the $500 deposit to start the loan. What appears to happen then is the old <b>bait and switch</b>. Meaning, the consumer pays the $500 then, later in the process, the consumer receives loan paperwork with loan info or closing costs different than what was originaly quoted. And guess what, if the customer then decides to cancel, Quicken Loans keeps your deposit. <b>THEREFORE, DO NOT PAY ANY DEPOSIT UNTIL THEY SEND YOU A GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE.</b> However, this only offers some protection because if the costs or loan info comes out different after you've paid the deposit, the Quicken Loans deposit refund policy don't state that that the deposit will be refunded in these cases.
Anyway, below is a letter I wrote to the president of Quicken Loans and his executive team about my dealing with them. At the end of the letter, I've provided the email addresses of the Quicken Loans executive team.
QuickenLoans Executive Team,
While I appreciated the call from your Corporate office yesterday to respond to my e-mail complaint of 1/8, I'm still very concerned about Quicken Loans' lending practices. If your company listens to the recording of my conversation with your representative, you'll confirm the following:
<b>1) The representative told me that there was no way to find out what were the best rates offered without pulling my credit reports.</b> Because I didn't want a needless credit inquiry on my credit report (which lowers my score) I asked him if there was a way to simply tell me what would be the best rate offered by Quicken Loans with someone with good credit. (Other mortgage companies I've shopped were able to do this - of course with the understanding that the rate may be sightly different once they ran the credit, if I decided to go forward). The representative said this was not possible because the computer generates the rates once the credit score is populated. Based on my experience and my point #2 below, I don't believe this. Needless to say, I now have a wasted credit inquiry on my credit report to receive a rate that I would not have chosen had I known it up-front. Which leads to the next point.
<b>2) The representative quoted me an incorrect rate.</b> For a 30 year fixed, he quoted me the 0 point rate and a rate of 4.375% with 1 point. (The next day when Quicken Loans Corporate checked in response to my complaint, that rate did not exist - the rate was in fact 4.375% with <b>2</b> points.) On the call with the representative, I entered the 1 point rate into an Excel spreadsheet and I read him back the calculated results of what the point would be and the resulting loan balance (which included the point). The representative agreed with my calculation. I also discussed with him the comparison of the 1 point cost to 0 point option as it relates to the No Cost Refinance option. Therefore, if he had incorrectly given me the wrong point information, he had multiple times during the conversation to realize his mistake. Also, I asked him to send me an e-mail with the rates he quoted me, and he did, however, he only included the 0 pt rate - not the 1 point rate. Therefore, because he didn't include this rate in his e-mail, this strengthens my conclusion that the Quicken Loans representative purposely quoted me a lower rate to get me to "commit, " and this commitment had to be in the form of the non-refundable $500 deposit. Which leads to the next point.
<b>3) Both the representative and his supervisor told me that the $500 Good Faith Deposit was non-refundable under any circumstances.</b> (When you listen to the phone recording, you'll hear the supervisor telling me this.) Of course this information is incorrect. So, had I acted on the incorrect rate information the representative gave me, and paid the $500 non-refundable fee, I would have been surprised when I eventually (this is the operative word) received the loan paperwork showing a 4.375% loan with 2 points - versus 1 pt. Once I would have seen this error, I would have, of course, asked to cancel the deal, and then I would have been informed that I would not be able to get my deposit back. This scenario seems to match other scenarios that have been reported on the Internet by other dissatisfied Quicken Laons customers. If Quicken Loans followed a process where the customer was able to receive and review a document containing the quoted rate plus all closing costs, many of your bad customer experiences would be eliminated. Which leads me to my last point.
<b>4) I was not able to get properly documented loan and closing cost information before being asked to pay the non-refundable deposit.</b> When I asked the representative to send me information on what he had communicated to me, he stated that he didn't want to spend time putting together information unless I was "committed" to the loan. (With commitment being paying the $500 deposit.) In fact, I was later informed by Quicken Loans that they were "passing on my business" due to me asking for additional information. This is counter to proper industry practices. Prospective borrowers should, per RESPA, receive a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) that details the loan and closing cost information before they commit to entering a loan. Yesterday, Quicken Loans Corporate stated that the Quicken Loans process does include sending a customer the GFE before asking for the deposit. However, in the "Seven Step Process" on the QuickenLoans website, there is absolutely no mention of the consumer receiving documentation of the loan information or closing costs before the application process starts. (Please see Attachment A at the end of this e-mail for my suggested changes to the Quicken Loans website and practice.) Therefore, if the official, documented process doesn't include this step, how are the front-line representatives expected to follow this process with customers? (Additionally, I saw a post on the Internet where a Quicken Loans employee complained that they had to prepare GFEs after hours. If this is the case, it appears then that representatives do not have the ability to send a customer a GFE while they are on the line with a customer for the first time?)
In sum, as you'll see from my points above, there are a litany of mistakes and erroneous practices uncovered in just one phone call with Quicken Loans. This could be indicative of poor training, or it could be a result of a corporate management style that emphasizes volume and revenue over accuracy and customer consideration. Regarding the latter, it was unscrupulous mortgage banking and lending practices that caused many of the financial problems this nation is currently facing, and sadly, it appears that companies in the mortgage industry remain more focused on their bottomline than ensuring that the same mistakes are not made again.

  • Ho
    Hope Smith Mar 24, 2009

    Thank you, You have kept me from making a huge mistake. Jason Thompson was so smooth on the phone assuring us that they were the # 1 company for F.H.A. loans and that they did not resale mortages, which I was amazed to discover with my present mortage company. Where do we turn to fine an honest mortage company today? Are they all so money hungry that they do not care whom they hurt? Or do they assume that John Q. Puplic is so stupid that he or she will not do any home work. I told him up front that I would, he promply responded that they had a few complaints as any company does but that they we strickly ligit.!!! He qouted a 5% mortage (FHA) rate, which he stated was the going rate of the housing market today. I've been told that it is a low as 3%. How did our Government allow this fraudulent tactics to exit and ruin our economy? They know who these people are and yet they are not brought up on criminal charges. They are as bad if not worst than the so called MOB. This is long sharking if it ever existed in any form of the worst kind. Taking advantage of people when the Country is already in a downward state, and they are claiming that they are representing the Government and assisting in getting us back in a better state! How do they sleep at night? And why dosen't someone stop them?

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500.00 no permission given deposit stolen from me.

I was mislead about the price of closing...I should say LIED to. They STOLE 500.00 from me. I did not give...

shady business practices

Be very careful if you're looking to refinance with Quicken Loans. I was connected to them through Lending Tree. I had obtained a quote which is supposed to be free. Next thing I know, they send me loan documents and harrass me every day with calls and

E-mails up to 6-7 times per day for almost 2 weeks, saying they want to lock my rate in, move forward with the loan and such. And then they bill me!!!

FOR WHAT?????? I had signed no papers and we had no agreements because the documents they wanted me to sign was "A LOT" different than what we had discussed on the phone. Also, don't give them your credit card info. They try to get your credit card info in advance so the process goes "quickly" forward after the inspection on the house is done, etc. But, you'll be "quickly" charged for services you didn't recieve.

  • Jo
    Johnatan Dec 17, 2008

    Be very careful if you're looking to refinance with Quicken Loans. I was connected to them through Lending Tree. I had obtained a quote which is supposed to be free. Next thing I know, they send me loan documents and harrass me every day with calls and

    E-mails up to 6-7 times per day for almost 2 weeks, saying they want to lock my rate in, move forward with the loan and such. And then they bill me!!!

    FOR WHAT?????? I had signed no papers and we had no agreements because the documents they wanted me to sign was "A LOT" different than what we had discussed on the phone. Also, don't give them your credit card info. They try to get your credit card info in advance so the process goes "quickly" forward after the inspection on the house is done, etc. But, you'll be "quickly" charged for services you didn't recieve.

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false leading and stole our deposit

I wanted to refinance my home and closed a deal with Quicken Loan at 3 points and 6%. Next day Countrywide...

terrible experience

I seriously can't believe this company is still in business. They rip off their customers, make...

advance fees

My wife had filled out on line that we were looking to refinance and consolidate, which quicken loans responded to.in her conversation with gregg scott on 9/11/08 he had talked her into a loan, that did not fit our needs, and had her put an adavce fee down of $350.00 to secure the loan interest rate at that time. Now here in lies the problem. A: my wife used my credit card to do so, without my knowledge. B: at no time did scott gregg say this was non_refundable, something my wife would have come to me at that time for my input. C: papers were filled out by quicken loans on my behalf, without my consent d: after I became involved I talked to scott gregg and told him that I didn't feel the loan was in our best interest and notified by e-mail and voice mail. E: scott gregg left me to believe that I could get my monies back and referred me to nick in customer service, at which time nick told me I wasn't going to get my money back.
Now I am asking you, to do what you can to prevent this from happing to other people in the future, and am wondering if I have any other recourse.
Thanks for your time

  • Su
    Susan Hahn Oct 15, 2008

    I have just gotten off the phone with Nicholas Castle from the customer complaint department. He informed me that I would not be getting my full $750.00 deposit back from Quicken Loans. There was you see no way to prove my claim that Brad Schiffin assured me that the money would be refunded to me if the loan didn’t go thru. I feel that every one in the company continued to course me into going thru with this loan. Not until I spoke with Heather did she inform me that only some of the money would be returned. I’m still out $375.55 which I can’t afford. The whole point in approaching Lending Tree and then with Quicken loans was to get some relief with my financial commitments. You’re company has now added to my burden.

    My loan was denied because the appraiser under valued my home. One house in my neighborhood was flipped. All the other houses listed on his appraisal were for $240, 000.00 or more. No one would dispute this for me at Quicken and now there are houses listed in my neighborhood for much more than their appraisal of my house and the houses are not comparable in size.

    My surprise came when after speaking with Nicholas I Googled complaints about Quicken Loans…..to my amazement (not really) there were more than 5 websites I could have visited and each one had letters written from more than 10 people. The complaints were all very similar to mine all the letter writers were told the same thing while they were pushed to provide a credit card so the application fee could be charged. THE MONIES WOULD BE REFUNED IF THE LOAN DIDN’T GO THRU.

    The money I’m asking to be refunded is a small amount compared to the money Quicken Loans makes from lying and cheating people. Buyer beware should be posted on their web site. I was not willing to do anything risky with my credit or my home and Brad said he understood that and that going with Quicken would be safe. I must say it is safe for them but not the people who trust enough to believe what is told to them just to close a deal.

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  • Ts
    tsmith464 Feb 03, 2009

    I have an identical experience...anyone want to tackle a class action suit or go to the news outlets to expose these guys fro the rip off artists that they are?

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  • Pa
    pasaro Feb 19, 2009

    absolutely Nick Castle and Quicken Loans is screwing me out of 321.62 that they owe me. I am all up for a class action lawsuit against this company especially that little weasel mr castle.

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  • Ot
    Otter Jul 26, 2010

    Just got scammed in the past week. Was in a financial disaster before, now it's even worse. Thank you to Quicken and our fabulous government programs designed to help homeowners facing foreclosure !

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  • He
    Heather N. MC Oct 06, 2010

    I spoke with a Johnathan Smart at Quicken Monday 10/04/10, He told me to lock in the rate I needed to feel out the application. Tuesday I decided to research other companies. In doing so I found another company I wanted to go with. I called Jonathan and told him we were going with another company that wasn't making us pay $9, 200 in closing cost to buy down the rate. Johnathan informed me that we were on the hook for the $500.00 because I signed the paperwork. Is this legal. They didn't do a thing it hadn't even been 24 hours.

    Johnathan's cell number is 216-269-1910
    Feel free to call him ha ha

    The gentleman from the company we decided to work with, said this is an illegal practice. It violates RESPA laws. He said even if I signed the paperwork it is still illegal to withhold our $500 because no service was provided.

    FHA, needs to revoke their rights to do business. but you know they pay off alot of politians both Dem and Repug to keep them looking the other way.

    My Prayer is that the people who work for Quicken Choke on the money they steal from people.

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  • Ji
    Jim Christopher Jun 08, 2011

    I just got scammed for $500.00. Nick Cliff at Quicken Loans told me after reviewing all my numbers that I should qualify with no problems. My appraisal came in a little low but it was still a go. When the appraisal co. told Quicken that I heat my home with wood along with a propane monitor backup, they denied my loan because I use wood heat up here in the Sierra Nevada mountains. They took my $500. This is a crime.

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fraud and scam

I am a current employee at Quicken Loans. Just to give you a quick background, I was born and raised in...

stay away

They tell you your 350 is allowed to be refunded in full but keep it. I was approved I had given then a signed purchase agreement with no seller concessions. but when it came time to close they wanted 3300 more to close they told me to talk to realtor 10 days after original loan was to close and told me to have the house marked up 5000 more and I could close. Stay away unless you want to jump through fire hoops. I will recommend or tell anyone to use quicken loans because they gave realtor an loan approval letter stating my loan was as good as gold now I’m out 350. They don’t answer calls or return phone calls and keep you at stage 3.

  • Valerie Jul 07, 2008

    Beware of Quicken Loans, They promise things that they will turn on in a fraction of a second. I recently tried to check out their offer on the net. And was meant with very unprofessional attitudes as well as great misrepresentation. I was told as well as promised that I had to personally sign a statement and fax it to them before they could credit my credit card account. Not true.

    Within an hour of talking to then on the phone and online, I cancelled my activity and interest with them via e-mail. I was told to do this by my credit card company. They also told me that they would not let these charges incur to my account. Wrong!! In two days they hit my account and at the end of the month I saw the charges there I went off. I call my company and had to start some sort of ### complaint form so they could investigate the matter.

    Quicken is after your money. First and upfront. No questions asked. This is what they do.

    Do not fall for this BS as several others have. They will team coax you on the phone to sway you to be confident in their sincerity. Forget it run while you can.

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  • Et
    ETPORSCHE Feb 24, 2009

    Thank you all guys for this important information.
    Recently I got a call from Quicken Chris Wisinski and the scenario was absolutely identical to what you all wrote here. He was so persistant calling me everyday and forcing me to work with them so I decided to search info about them over the internet. And I've found a lot of complaints here and there.
    Then I asked Quicken do not call me anymore and claimed their phone # with Do Not Call Registry, but it didn't stop them to call me every week. Also, since I gave quicken my work email to send me their offer I receive tons of spam emails everyday! My work email was absolutely clean for almost 2 years before I made mistake giving it to those ###. Please, beware! Never give them your email, never.

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  • Cl
    Client Relations Team May 06, 2009

    This message is from the Quicken Loans Client Relations Team. We have tried to identify the author of this review in order to contact you about the concerns. Unfortunately, we are not able to match your information in our database by the details listed in your comment. We would like an opportunity to speak with you about your concerns with the Mortgage Banker. If you would, please contact us at 800-863-4332, or via email at [email protected], so we can discuss your situation. It is important for us to listen to our clients and provide excellent customer service as 94% of our clients say they would refer us to friends and family. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Pl
    P Leong Feb 21, 2011

    I recently contacted Quicken Loans for a refinance on my current mortgage. I figured they were a reputable company simply because of the amount of advertising they do. After hearing what they could offer me, I agreed to pay the $400 upfront appraisal fee. Originally, Quicken had told me that the interest rate would be locked when I gave them the $400 deposit. Towards the end of drawn out and delayed process, I learned that the rate had gone up .375%. This is when i started doing research to see if others had similiar experiences. I read all of the negative reviews from this website, many of which having to do with my exact situation. At this point, i attempted to get the $400 deposit fee refunded. When it became clear that I would NOT be refunded this money, I started to look elsewhere.

    I then obtained a new mortgage lender on a recommendation from a previous complaint that someone had written regarding Quicken Loans. The company is First Integrity out of Costa Mesa California. Their website is www.firstintegrity.us. I could not be happier with my decision. First Integrity kept their word, was in contact with me in every phase of the loan transaction, promptly returned my emails and phone calls, did not charge any upfront fees, gave me accurate upfront quotes, and reimbursed all of my closing costs as promised. My loan representative was Sam Pabuwal, phone number 949-200-7018.

    Please do not use Quicken Loans for any reason. If you need more proof, read all of the negative reviews about them on this website.

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  • Dw
    Dwight Jun 15, 2011

    After you send them an initial $500 they never finish your investigation or application.they will always need something else faxed to them. It will eventually cost around $800 to do business with them and then a whopping $5000 closing cost. Stay away from them.

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