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I visit the same location all the time. It is usually on a Saturday which now I regret. Just in general conversation I asked the young lady if she always worked on the weekend. She explained to me that she had to work every other Saturday and that her coworker worked the opposite saturdays. I am just appalled at the fact that this company requires these girls to work every other weekend. I would bet money that their supervisors or even HR work any weekends. How sad are you to require this. Yes supervisors have more schooling and education no doubt but have you stopped to think that maybe they were not able to go to college bc if their family not having the income to do so. I not only will never come back on a Saturday I'm not going to use this lab again. I will no longer send employers for drug screening. I will also post on as much in social media to try and prevent more business with you. I hope some of quest will see this on Facebook Instagram twitter and newspapers as I don't mind spending money together word out. Why don't you think about how it would feel to give up the same amount of time with your family. With as many employees that this company has this is so uncalled for. You should feel ashamed.

May 08, 2019

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