QOO10 / iring - mobile phone ring/holder

69 Ubi Road 1 06-16 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408732, Singapore

I made a purchase online, for 2 of their iring phone ring/holder, repeated purchase(to be fair, it's really sleek), and I ordered BLACK. Delivery by default is $1.50, singpost normal mail (non-tracking), I chose to pay extra for qexpress delivery, which is trackable and also faster and delivered to doorstep. Item was received 2 days after payment, packaging was delicate, but item came in rose gold colour. I'm not a fussy person, but how does rose-gold coloured phone holder looks like on a phone with black casing? I sent them a PM for exchange, and they relied with a cold automated message, a long list of instructions to mail the item back, and upon their receiving with satisfaction, will refund me via Q-money/account. I think the seller have no idea why ppl buy online, for me, it was to save some time and likely items are cheaper than retailers outside. The last time, I had to make my way to their outlet, to and fro, to make the exchange - a LAZY CLIP, wrong coloured(again)+defective, it broke before I use it, a defective cable(USB type c to type c), a Baseus FUNZI wallcharger PD 2.0 supported and a BASEUS 10000mAh Mini S powerbank. I read on their post, and I bought the last 3 item, a complete setup to achieve the high speed charging PD2.0,
it doesn't work, only the conventional USB does, why do I buy it? So I received some sarcastic remarks that it may be the cable, asked if I was using some cheap *FEW DOLLARS CABLE*, they suggest I try with another cable, and ... it's long story, but in the end, I had to go their outlet, the defective LAZY CLIP, cannot replace, it already broken, and I don't want to argue on that, I got my exchange, with top up, and left, can't say im satisfied, so this is actually the 5th item being erratic. I paid for my order, they delivered it wrongly, and they want me to send it back to them, and I had to follow their instruction o how to do that, and I have to do that within 7 days? I became their errand boy? The root of the problem is their staff not reading the orders before processing, and when I promot them for exchange, I clearly stated I wont mail it back, it's too troublesome, they have to send their courier or think of something, its their mistake, not mine, why am I to do their job for them? It's actually very little money there, but the way they react, they're trying to bulldoze their way and bully online customers, it is too troublesome to make the trips to make these exchange happen, what did I pay for? The service standard of this shop is BS, I hope ppl who reads this think twice before buying anything online from them


Mar 16, 2019

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