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MaxSold - Sellers Beware! Took over half of my sales

I sold my things on Maxsold and they took over 60 percent of my sales. I thought that they were going to take 30 percent but they applied the $300 minimum commission. Beware because it's risky when selling your things through them. You could lose big time. Now I'm at a loss. My advice is to have a yard sale or sell some place else like eBay if you don't want to lose money on your stuff. And then you have to wait a long time before they decide to send you the money. The bidders have your things already and you're still waiting for your little bit of change to be sent.

You knew the basic cost beforehand, and it sounds like the proceeds of your auction didn't make much more than that. I would not call that "taking over 60% of your sales".

I just sold with Max sold and yes they made more than I did on my items I had thousands of books which they lotted too many together in my opinion they only make sure you get enough to get their cut.

MaxSold - Buyer took item and then was refunded, but I did not get back my item

A buyer won a tablecloth and napkin set (lot#31) at my seller-managed auction (#25698), but when she arrived to pick up item, she said that there had been something wrong with Maxsold's bidding software because bid went way higher than her max (winning bid over $2000). But she took the tablecloth and napkins. Weeks later, I received my settlement of accounts from Maxsold and saw item was fully refunded. However, I never got back tablecloth and napkins. I have sent in my complaint (3 times now) and heard only once from Maxsold that they were trying to contact buyer. Maxsold never informed me between auction close and pick up that there was an issue with item or that buyer was not to pick up item. Tablecloth and 12-napkins are vintage Italian linen, with needlework, at least 50 years old and never used.

Desired outcome: I would like tablecloth and 12 napkins returned in original condition or properly paid for this item.

MaxSold - estate auction

markr469 Mark R. 1 review 1 helpful vote "Never again" 5/16/18 I run out of fingers counting the reasons to avoid this company: - They never told me about the $2000 setup fee that showed up...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

MaxSold - unethical behavior

I bought 4 auction lots. One lot from one auction in Kent, WA and the other 3 were from another in nearby Issaquah by same sellers. The one lot was not even close to being the item in the picture...

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Sep 28, 2017

MaxSold - Lack of customer service

I've seen many bad reviews about your company and how you kindly replied to them. Can I ask for something? Please, ask this guy/lady to pay attention to phone calls or to emails, because you have...

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Sep 04, 2017

MaxSold - the worst company

All they want from you is your money. What you do next is not what's interesting to them. They do not give a crap about you. If it comes to the customer service, everything you may get from them...

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Aug 01, 2016

MaxSold - Do not deal with MaxSold!

I've decided to try MaxSold to sell some of my furniture. I contacted customer service and they explained all the details and promised I would get a lot of money. So I agreed and sold my stuff on...

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Feb 19, 2016

MaxSold - The owner wasn't honest and sold me crap

I wanted to buy some stuff on the auction site There was the price of $2, 000, but after I emailed the owner and said that I would buy it, he dropped the price down. I wired the...

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Sep 26, 2015

MaxSold - Someone won the auction, but I was the highest bidder

I was so disappointed in the website I placed bids for the microphone and headphones, and there were only two users, who were biding. As well as I have placed the highest bid and...

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