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+86 216 061 1200(Shanghai) 0 8
+65 65 004 440(Singapore) 30 57
+81 505 840 9100(Tokyo) 1 5
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Singapore Office:
Address: 5 Tampines Central 1 #04-04 Tampines Plaza Singapore 529541

Tokyo Office:
Address: Shinagawa Crystal Square 9F, 1-6-41 Konan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan

Indonesia Office:
Address: Prudential Centre Kota Kasablanka, Lt. 20 AB, Jl. Casablanca, Kav. 88,Jakarta Selatan 12870 Indonesia

Malaysia Office:
Address: GIOSIS SDN. BHD. (922056-M)(Incorporated in Malaysia) TB-13-2, Level 13, Tower B, Plaza 33, No. 1 Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Hong Kong Office:
Address: 36/F., Tower Two, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

QOO10 Complaints & Reviews

QOO10 / hello kitty mahjong table mat

Apr 11, 2019

Cart no 124758017 Order no 288859799 I ordered a hello kitty pink mahjong table mat that cost SGD 42.90 from Piao Piao Mei on the 25 Jan 2019. I have taken photo of the product I wanted and showed Piao Piao Mei before I ordered it. When product arrived, it was a wrong one. I asked for...

QOO10 / compliant qoo10 customer service personal bad and horrible

Apr 3, 2019

How can Qoo10 be trusted then, with such a bad attitude and people doing this to customer? Can the real in-charge reply over here and answer this. What are Qoo10 managment doing? I waited more than 2 months I ask you a very simple question where is the Qoo10 policy, which section and...

QOO10 / iring - mobile phone ring/holder

Mar 16, 2019

I made a purchase online, for 2 of their iring phone ring/holder, repeated purchase(to be fair, it's really sleek), and I ordered BLACK. Delivery by default is $1.50, singpost normal mail (non-tracking), I chose to pay extra for qexpress delivery, which is trackable and also faster and...

QOO10 / irresponsible seller and lousy products

Mar 10, 2019

Do not buy from this seller. They sent a damaged piece. I sent it to the service center and went back 2 weeks after. Item was not fixed and it has been 2 months since then. Seller was irresponsible and kept asking me to contact service center but the service center nobody picks up and...

QOO10 / delivery fraud

Jan 29, 2019

I am frustrated with Qoo Delivery. Will never recommend using Qoo Delivery services. I paid additional price for private courier and this is what happened. No calls from the delivery guys and never deliver parcel yet put up status delivery failed. Worst ever delivery services. Called Qoo...

QOO10 / service

Jan 20, 2019

Ref to order # 280983206. Payment made since oct and multiple inquiries been send to seller and totally no response. Asking for refund for this case since not knowing what going on... Still no response. How do you monitor and what about my $? Did qoo10 check and feedback? To log in a...

QOO10 / irresponsible and unresponsive merchant

Jan 18, 2019

I am lodging a complaint about this merchant 13mobile. Sg. - I purchased 2 units of car accessories from them on 13 november 2018. - the delivery was made on 15 november 2018 and one unit was faulty. - on 15 november, I submitted an online refund and subsequently after several email...

QOO10 / dishonest seller scammer [13mobile. sg]

Jan 5, 2019

Dear In-charge, I am writing with great disappointment that from my recent purchase via Qo10 has been a sham. Despite informing via Qo10 mobile app CS that this supplier continues to sell products that do not work and is not compatible to work in Singapore, you continue to allow him to...

QOO10 / qxpress customer service personnel

Dec 20, 2018

20 dec, I was given this number, 66619100 by seller minihelperssg to check and arrange for delivery for my purchase. -have previously send inquiry to seller regarding my item, and seller provide that delivery will be arranged 20-22 dec by qoo10 -I wanted to check the specific date so I dont...

QOO10 / malaysia seller

Nov 27, 2018

Complaint regarding seller "MY Express" waited for my item since November 11. Ordered Creative 3D baby hand footprint kit. Status still in transit to international dispatch centre. Till today it is the same. I wonder how does qoo10 handle this kind of seller. I've send so many message...

QOO10 / no response from seller on damaged products (order no. 283180864)

Nov 20, 2018

Hello, I would like to lodge a complaint against the seller: EuropAce ( Order No. 283180864 I received my parcel on last Friday (16-Nov-18) night. I have ordered tower fans on the 11.11 [Buy 1 get 1 free]. First, when I opened the...

QOO10 / refunding

Nov 10, 2018

I would like to lodge a complaint regarding this seller" Midori bamboo" .I ordered a carton of Milo. Hoping it will b ship out within few days but found out it is gonna ship out only a week later thus I immediately cancelled order and request for refund. Since 6 November till today money...

QOO10 / a converter that has been in transit within singapore for 20 days!

Oct 20, 2018

I ordered a type-c converter from a seller called Blessedly on 2nd Oct (order No. 277327154), which says the converter is in Singapore and required only local delivery. 3 weeks passed already and I still haven't received it! I strongly doubt it is not in SG at all! I need this converter...

QOO10 / smart shopping @ sg qoo10

Oct 19, 2018

Seller went missing after reply half way on my submitted issue. Wow, so impressive. Now I started to suspect their product purchase reviews are probably all fake. Qoo10 refund policy is 7 days. So seller can continue to went missing till 7th day, then no need to refund or exchange already...

QOO10 / complain

Oct 19, 2018

Hi, I would like log a complain on this irresponsible seller call Binary01 They have been delaying my shipping since 3weeks ago no response from them. However I've finally received my item but sent me wrong item !! I've been chasing them but no reply from this seller. Totally wrong item...

QOO10 / item no#605699700

Oct 1, 2018

Hi Qoo10, I would like to draw you an attention regarding one of the seller in Qoo10 name with "MEXI". I had ordered 2 different color blouse from them, but the actual I received duplicated color. I did ask the seller to send me the correct color, however seller suggest to refund me half of...

QOO10 / ftw singapore flagship store scam

Sep 28, 2018

I have bought a Japan Asahi Grade 3D 9H Tempered Glass and a Tempered Glass Scratch-proof Black Case with the above said company on 22 Sep 18. The courier that I have chosen is through Smartpac which I have paid additional $5.90 so that I would be provided with a tracking number. However...

QOO10 / 13mobile

Sep 27, 2018

I ordered 2 powerbanks on Qoo10 from seller 13mobile on 15/09/18, selecting delivery. However, after 16 days of no delivery. I realised the seller had managed to somehow change the delivery method to self pickup and only released the coupon code when it has expired. It is unfortunate that they...

QOO10 / pediasure complete nutrition milk powder chocolate

Sep 22, 2018

Referring to my cart number 76401682 for the order that I made on 30th Aug 2018, the item had not arrived till todate 23rd Sep 2018. When I checked the tracking number NVMYDQHEC006401682, status is always been pending pickup. When I checked my credit card statement, the amount had been...

QOO10 / wrong amount being refund to me

Sep 17, 2018

Order from HotMall ([email protected] ). Cart no. : 120808600 Payment Date : Aug 15, 2018 On 15 Aug, i Order 3 dress from'. Then they told me one of the dress out of stock...

QOO10 / 13mobile. sg

Sep 9, 2018

Didn't send my order. I have proof that seller admit didnt send the order. Delaying my refund by refuse to accept. Copy and paste the same reply over and over again. Phishing act by seller. Seller stated that require my sensitive information eg utlities bill, bank statement. Seller insist it i...

QOO10 / beware of this seller "hotmall" that sells apparel on qoo10

Jul 25, 2018

I ordered four T-shirts on 28 June and the seller only delivered three. I contacted them immediately and Seller responded that they will check. After several chasers and while Seller did respond that they had refunded, I still have not received the refund after a month! I can only conclude...

QOO10 / service

Jul 25, 2018

Dear Sir/Mdm, I made a purchase via Auction. My order number is 2546007078099 and I was notified that the collection point is at 150 Beach Road Gateway West #18 -01. After reaching the mentioned address today, I was informed there was no item to be collected and it turned out to be a...

QOO10 / faulty item received after 3 weeks of waiting time! seller never arrange for pick up, no news after I sent back the item!

Jul 17, 2018

I ordered/made payment for this item on 30 May 2018. They took about 3 weeks to deliver the item to me on 19 June 2018. It's faulty item (not able to charge properly), seller did not arrange for pick up, instead they asked me to send the item back on 11 July 2018, still now news from them!...

QOO10 / Regarding Seller Account Manager

Jul 17, 2018

To whom it may concern, My company have been selling on Qoo10 Singapore for more than a year now. Monthly we spending quite a hefty sum just on qspecial and keywords bidding. After becoming an active power seller on Qoo10 we were assigned to Yun Xin (Account manager) since Nov 2017...

QOO10 / order toner from cocoxx / item was not received for more than a month and poor customer service

Jun 18, 2018

I have ordered a toner on 23rd April 18 via Qoo10 from this company named Cocoxx, last 2 letter xx was hidden for my protection. There was no notice received at all from this seller for a month regarding delayed delivery and I emailed on 25th May to informed them that I have not received...

QOO10 / refund my order

Jun 11, 2018

I ordered adidas shoes on May 22 2018 i wait for 2 weeks haven't deliver yet so I decided to ask to the seller then the seller replied that the item is already shipped. Then suddenly have staff of Qoo10 message me tru SMS ask me if I receive my parcel so replied no then she/he replied that...

QOO10 / I am complaining about the service at your call centre from singapore call amir

Jun 7, 2018

I call in call centre to enqire about my item as I think is deflective, the guy Wan keep twisting my work and don't seem want to help me call Amir, he comment on my English is bad, who is he to say that, this is the first time I get this comment, I think he not well train in handle call...

QOO10 / pillow from beauty fashion store

Jun 1, 2018

I ordered a pregnancy pillow and paid on the 7th of may. The supplier texted me the color of that pillow that I wanted was out of stock, I dont mind and chose another colour. Next, it was supposed to be delivered on the 25th of may. So I waited patiently. Now it's already 2nd of june and I...

QOO10 / opi nail polish

May 19, 2018

Seller: Beauty U n ME / no contact No. and address provided Order : 255002345 /255002346/ 255002347/255002347/255002349 Total amount : $51.35 28 April -Order date 03 May - Sent email to seller to check on status, no reply 04 May- sent email no reply 09 May - Seller replied, will cancel 1...

QOO10 / bad customer service

May 18, 2018

had make an order $479 for Mi Roborock (2nd Gen) on 29/04 and was dellivered on 3rd of May pretty fast delivery. It was a Mother's Day pressent for my wife. Unfortunately my nightmare started after i have unboxed the Robot. Not working dut to internal issue, text Seller no reply. Call...

QOO10 / Impromptu / item not delivered

May 8, 2018

Hi, I would to lodge a complain against the above mentioned company. I have made an order for a lg g5 phone cover on the 22nd april 2018. It has been 17days and its still not delivered. I have also made an inquiry on 7th may and there was no response from them. Also, checked my order using...

QOO10 / raon_style

May 6, 2018

Hi, I'd like to request for an investigation on the above-mentioned seller. I put in an order on 4 Apr, and till date the item is still in transit to dispatch center. I've tried reaching out to the seller several times via Q&A board and PM, but there was no response thus far. Has the...

QOO10 / wrong delivery

May 2, 2018

I have ordered "DIY 5D Eiffel Tower at Night Paris Diamond Painting for Home Decor" (number of order is 248975826) on Mar 07, 2018 from seller moyute. And instead of Diamond painting I have received" Watercolor Painting". Please refer to attached Picture. I have requested seller to change...

QOO10 / qsm

Apr 7, 2018

i am a seller user ID eintech. i requested to review my new registered listings for so many times through QSM message tool even sent the email to the sales manager. your support team keep telling me will contact the sales manager or they will inform the sales manager. unfortunately i been...

QOO10 / refund of my purchased product

Apr 5, 2018

Hi Manager in charge, I am frustrated with qoo10 Sg support regarding the refund of my purchased tempered glass brand is not what is stated in my order email confirmation. I have multiple corresponses with your Sg support staff via qpost and to date they have NOT answered my last...

QOO10 / seller sent wrong size but refuse to exchange (e-cos)

Apr 3, 2018

Please do not buy from this seller (e-Cos) I ordered 3 pcs of t-shirts from seller (e-Cos) on 25 Jan 2018. I ordered 2 pcs of size XXL & 1 pc of size L. However, seller sent me 2 pcs of size XXL & 1 pc of size XL. I wrote to seller on 7 Feb that they sent me the wrong size as I...

QOO10 / item still havent arrive

Apr 2, 2018

i ordered an item from 13th march 2018 but till now i still haven't receive the item. i messaged the seller that i haven't receive the item, then seller reply that he has the proof for the delivery. Later, i request for the proof for the delivery but seller no reply to me anymore. May I...

QOO10 / computer motherboard

Mar 24, 2018

Company sent the wrong model to us. When we request for a exchange, they offered only $15 and ask us to accept the item. It is not reasonable as we have no use for the wrong motherboard. After that they ask us to return the item and pay for the freight first. We did not agree to it and ask...

QOO10 / order cancelled and refund was not made since dec2017

Mar 19, 2018

I have recently ordered two tees from a seller. It's was highly suspected of cheating when the parcel clearly indicated quantity of two pieces and physical count of only one piece. When this issue was highlighted to seller, seller took Long time to respond with the reason of "no stock"...