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To customers service department

I want to bring to your attention the incomprehensible negligence by your cabin crew in dealing with a emergency situation, I started to feel sick on our descendant to Doha, once we landed a male steward attended my call his manner were unprofessional and uncaring he loudly ask "what's happening" I was holding a bag over my mouth as I was constantly being sick he Sharply taken it way with the comment "don't do that you cannot breath" he did not ask me are you ok? do you need assistance? No he just asked 3 times can I now switch off the assistance call he switched it off and disappeared, I became sick again I had no more bags available around my seat So I wave to the passagens behind to pass me one of their bags.
After being sick again a call assistance and by then I was very frightening as I almost chock on my vomit, again the male steward come over and ask me to wait, the flight wasn't even a quarter full surely Qatarairways has enough staff that one qualified first aider can attend a emergency? I could hear some passages telling them "she cannot open her eyes she needs a doctor" finally after almost everyone was off the plane the male steward came again to my assistance he asked me to move, I couldn't move I couldn't open my eye and certain movements made me vomit. Once they removed me from my seat the wheelchair has taken around 15 minutes to arrive, their unprofessionalism in dealing with the an emergency lead me to distress and perhaps the cause of my 14 hours hospitalisation.

After my horrendos experience and 4 days on I still feel dizzy and weak and unable to reach my final destination I had no choice than to rest in Qatar this coming weeks and go back to uk when I am fully recovered, Qatarairways only offers 48 hours window alternative so I was changed £316.77 to move my return back to uk further on. I am extremely unhappy Considering the circumstances I was expecting this service free of charge.

I would appreciate if you could review your emergency procedures and ensure that any other passages goes through the same awful experience.

Best Regards

Apr 23, 2019
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  •   Apr 24, 2019

    Such text of the public complaint will be examined by noone on merits:-
    - there is no sign of the passenger,
    - there is no sign of the staff of Qatar Airways,
    - there is no sign of an emergency situation disclosed,
    - the personal emotional impression of a lady can not be a sign of unprofessional behavior,
    - ther is no connection betwen the sum of £316.77 and the given facts.

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