Qatar Airlinehandling a missed flight - poor experience


Salaam/ Hello,

Re: Flight 621 - LHE-DOHA-DULLES, October 18th 2017: -
Flight Confirmation Number - V8S6UI

I am a frequent flyer. I have make over 10 international trips in the past 3 year and I will be making monthly international trips from next month.

I loved Qatar Airline until this incident.

I missed my flight. I know the mistake was totally mine but I would have appreciated a pardon. There are always empty seats (like the one I missed?) If I missed a seat by accident, I should not be reprimanded so severely. Giving me a vacant seat (of a missing passenger) would have been a kind human touch to the Airline's outstanding service.

I was told that I was a 'no show' and I was told to pay a full price ticket.

Even though I love the attitude of the flight crew in Qatar Airline, I will not return to book a ticket again unless I am offered a free seat. This should be a standard practice. Anything other than this is unethical. Nobody misses a flight deliberately. I was penalized severely for missing my flight.

I turn to the complaint board because I love Qatar Airways (especially the flight crew) and I would hate to turn away from this Airline. But I had to pay for a full ticket to reach my destination and I think it was unfair. I paid twice for a single trip because I could not get to helpful people and the Airline Scheduler was not flexible and/ or could not provide a 'missing passengers seat' to me (for any available future date) after I missed my flight by accident.

I hope my complaint will be considered.

Thank you.


Adnan Khan MBBS MD MPH
Founder, CEO. Haryali Group.
Phone: +[protected], +[protected]
Email: [protected] -(most reliable due to frequent travels).

(P.S - I know that if Qatar Airways considers my request, it is going to increase customer loyalty - such harmless perks differentiates a world class Qatar Airways service from the rest.)

I don't think penalizing customers for missed flights will benefit Qatar Airline. I was told to pay $680 again. The Airline lost me to Saudi Airline because it demanded $680 instead of arranging a last minute seat.
A good business model gets customers not repels them. I hope this serves as food for thought.

Thank you.

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