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+32 27 006 781 (Belgium)
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Qantas Airwaysnon-cooperation (no help with missing connecting, flight) damaged suitcase

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing to share my very unsatisfactory experience with Qantas. I flew SEA-LAX-MEL-Canberra-Brisbane-LAX-SEA. SEA-LAX (AA-6078) March 16, LAX-MEL (QF-96, Business) March 16, MEL-CBR (QF-0804) March 20, CBR-BNE (QF-1550), March 20, BNE-LAX (QF-15, Business), March 24, LAX-SEA (AS-531), March 24.

1. I called the Qantas to request to put in my Alaska frequent flier number in my Qantas reservation. The customer service representative replied that Qantas can put only Qantas frequent flier number. I told the representative that Alaska Air website says to call Qantas to put in Alaska frequent flier number. The customer service representative replied "I work for Qantas and I know and you do not work for Qantas." I was shocked but thanked the customer service agent and finished the call. When Boarding QF96 at LAX, I asked and the customer service representative gladly put Alaska frequent flier number.

2. The flight QF-15 arrived LAX about 90 minutes late and I missed my connection to Seattle. Qantas did nothing to re-book me with another flight or even attempted to help. They simply told me that Qantas is not responsible and I need to go to Alaska. I mentioned that Qantas printed boarding pass for this Alaska flight and tagged my luggage to Seattle, but Qantas representative was not helpful. Alaska refused to change my ticket and said that it was Qantas' responsibility. Finally, I could find seat to Seattle from John Wayne Airport (SNA - about 75 KM south of LAX). I paid US $131.05 for taxi to SNA and Alaska charged US $192.76 to rebook my flight to Seattle. The late arrival and Qantas no-cooperation costed me US$323.81. Needless to say about the inconvenience and other expenses.

3. When I got my suitcase, it was damaged. I was in a rush to make to the SEA flight and ran to Alaska terminal. It was the brand new suitcase and I have attached a photo of the damaged suitcase.

I am sure that Qantas strive for outstanding service; however this entire experience was less than satisfactory. Additionally, I may add that on BNE-LAX flight I felt that I did not receive the same level of service as others.

Thank you,
Dr. Naval Agarwal
Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company
Phone: [protected]

non-cooperation (no help with missing connecting, flight) damaged suitcase

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    Qantas Airways"lost" baggage and poor customer service

    I left Cleveland, Ohio for a 3 1/2 week vacation to NZ on Feb. 9th . Flew from Cleveland to Texas, Texas to Sydney and Sydney to Wellington. A 5 hour flight delay in Sydney with a full plane was the beginning of the problems . No one in Sydney could get their story straight as to why the delay and promises almost every hour that went by and Qantas staff could not even look passengers in the eye with the truth. The truth was there was no crew So they finally called a crew in from Auckland and at first only 3 crew members so they had another delay to obviously get more crew members. Finally after nearly 5 hours we boarded the cram packed flight. Very uncomfortable for all of us, myself I could even sit facing forward due to the seat in front of me leaning back. Food, forget it, how could you possibly eat sitting sideways? But that wasn't the worst of it.
    As we departed the plane and left customs we went to baggage where there was a pile of rugby equipment and bags and then the announcement. Basically the loudspeaker announcement informed the passengers of my flight 161 arriving from Sydney that if our luggage was not on the luggage cart we would not have it . The luggage wasn't lost, Qantas just decided it was more important to get the rugby luggage to Wellington, the rest of us, ( about 80 ) would not be getting our luggage at that time. When was anyone's guess. Then we were told we could either wait for someone to hand us a form to submit for luggage or we could send the form via email. I chose to send email via email because I could clearly see that waiting to get a form, filling it out and handing it in was going to take a while. I also had a friend who was the host for my trip at her bed and breakfast was waiting the 4 plus hours for me to arrive.
    I left the airport with my carry on luggage which had 2 changes of clothing and 2 days worth of medication. I am disabled and need that medication. I have never waited more than 24 hours for luggage when traveling. In my luggage that was " lost" I had packed clothing I had someone make for my trip, new clothing, and specific items I would need for things I had wanted to do. None of which I could easily replace. My first week was spent obtaining medicine from Dr. in NZ, and scouring thrift shops for clothing as well as walking up and down the street to see if Qantas delivered my luggage by mistake to the wrong address, I digress.
    Within 24 hours I found the form to submit for so called lost luggage. The tags on my luggage clearly had my name, where I was from and where I was going. On the inside of my luggage clearly was a paper sitting right on top with the same information as was the lost luggage form. We also called Qantas baggage. A Ester answered and asked us to call back on mobile number she supplied within 5 minutes. We did and a message on that mobile number said mailbox was full. Ester had our number but never called us. We called every day with exception of 2 days looking for my luggage. Finally four days before I was to return home we got ahold of a live person named MaryGrace. MaryGrace knew exactly where my luggage was, described it perfectly to me, knew my name from the tag and said she had been on vacation and gotten back a week earlier. When MaryGrace got to her office she saw my bag and asked about why it was there, no one knew. I was leaving in 4 days! I had been looking for 3 weeks. All of the things I had planned to do on this once in a lifetime trip would not happen because I did not have the clothes I needed and had to spend time looking for anything I could find to wear besides the same two pairs of slacks and same blouses. I found things in thrift shops because I didn't want to use all the money I had brought for other things that we had planned to do. No makeup, no sleepwear, no medicine, no gifts I had brought for my friend and her family, no dresses, no beautiful clothes I had taken such care to bring. Working with no time off through the year so I could take this trip and saving all I could for the adventure down the drain.
    I was told that my baggage would be at the baggage check when I went to the airport for my return trip. Surprise it was not. The lady at that baggage check was rude and only on insistence did she go to a manager for help in locating it. Finally it was located. I was able to sit on the floor and hand my friend her gifts as she saw all the things I had brought that the airline Qantas neglected to pick up the phone and at least told me they had. The manager of customer service Michael Zear (sp)? was the first and only person that was polite and helpful. Thankyou Michael He was helpful and understanding and the first example from Qantas of some kind of decency. He did escort me to the lounge where I was within minutes loaded onto my flight and he did upgrade the first leg of my flight home from Wellington to Sydney but that was the shortest flight and by that time I didn't much appreciate the gesture because I had lost so much and had been so annoyed, frustrated and treated so rudely by Qantas. He also came on board with a pass to the business lounge in Sydney, very nice but did not make up for the trip this far.
    From Sydney to Dallas Ft Worth the flight was packed. 14 hours of discomfort. The final straw for me was that the passengers in front of me had 2 children who were crying and parents fighting and whinning about everything. They paid for 2 seats and because of their constant complaining before the plane even took off they were easily accomodated and ended up with not 2 seats but 5 total. Then they complained about the food. Presto, another accomadation made. The wife had the seat with the most leg room of all seats and again the plane was filled, no empty seats except theirs. The wife was directly in front of me and wanted to lay her seat back as far as it would go. No comfort for me at all. The flight attendant came with water and promptly dropped 2 bottles on my chest. That did it! What next. Well unfortunately it doesn't end there. Arrived in Dallas Fort worth with only a short layover, in fact taking customs into consideration and the size of the airport which I had to go clear across the airport and take 2 trains it was barely enough time. I went to the customer service desk and asked them for help getting there. I was supposed to have a wheelchair due to my disability. None showed up. I asked for help and I was told that I would make the plane, they would call and say I was on my way. Got a ride, the driver stopped three times said I worried to much. Yup, I missed the plane . Waited about 5 hours for the next plane. Arrived in Cleveland at midnight, missed my ride, fortunately found my luggage in a office, stayed in a hotel, lost my passport somewhere or it was stolen as well as my drivers license and finally got home the next day. I think Qantas owes me a trip to see if they can get it right. I would love to go back to New Zealand and do the trip as I dreamt about without Qantas nightmare!
    Cleveland flight AA 1426/09 Feb. 9 to Dallas Ft. Worth
    Dallas Ft worth to Sydney QF8/09
    Sydney to Wellington QF 161/11

    Return : March 6, 2018
    Wellington DFW QF7
    Sydney QF162
    Cleveland AA2208

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      Qantas Airwaysonline seat booking

      We have tried repeatedly to select seats for our flights on the 15th March (Sydney to Dubai) and 16th March (Dubai LONDON Heathrow) Your website does not accept the choices. We have tried different browsers. The site is not functioning correctly. Also the pathways for exposing and describing our complaint and predicament are tortuous and apparently function for you as a method to prevent your customers from making requests for help or complaints.

      Please ensure my wife (Lyndsay Tomlinson) has an aisle seat. Our fights are EK5001 and EK5101. Booking code KCPP4S

      Philip Tomlinson

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        Qantas Airwaysmissing baggage

        We were travelling from Hong Kong to Christchurch departing 14th February 2018 flight ref QF98 Connecting in Brisbane and then to Christchurch on QF135. The first flight was delayed an hour which cut our connection time short. When we got to Christchurch airport our luggage didn't arrive. The lost baggage service was appalling, uninterested and wasn't able to give us any information. The worst part was our ticket ref #QF585213 & #QF585212 when scanned said the bags had been loaded to the flight... but they clearly hadn't. What is the point in keeping the bag tickets if the system isn't even correctly loading the right information?!
        Overall it's been a nightmare. We have paid a lot of money for this trip, we have travelled a long way, we are travelling around New Zealand so are at a different hotel everyday. We need all our clothes and items such as cameras for all the activities and we have nothing. It's a disgrace!
        No one has contacted us and we are left wondering when we will or if we will ever get our stuff! Absolutely wrecking our holiday!

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          Qantas Airwaysqantas disgrace

          Hard to know exactly which part of my four sector trip from Auck to Bangkok return ( 1 Emirates leg / 3 Qantas ) was the worst... as everything Qantas promised was poor to say the least .
          Booked everything business class - If Emirates were a 10 Qantas was barely a two...
          Every sector with Qantas ran out of my food selection ! Before they got to me . Business was not full - half at best ! The whole food experience simply did not cut it.. Disgusting food in Fact - inedible... Ha had to laugh at the bread ... Seriously if it had been left in the sun for two days then that would be accurate.. Terrible snobby service and no attention throughout the flight ...
          To top all this off - get back to Auckland and luggage not loaded onto the connecting flight ... So back in Auckland three days later and still no luggage!! Finally heard back from Qantas asking me for a full breakdown of the luggage as they believe they have found them and had to break all the locks... Why when I have Bus Class tags and Qantas tags with all name and address plus flight details on them... Just how anyone can say Qantas is a top airline is crazy or blind loyalty for whatever reason ...

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            Qantas Airways — inflexible approach to problem-solving re gold frequent flyer membership

            As of 30 Sept 2017 I lost my Gold Frequent Flyer Membership despite trying to negotiate to retain thi...

            Qantas Airwaysthe incompetence of the frequent flyer support staff

            For the last 7 weeks I have been trying to get conformation sent to Qatar Airlines that Qantas have not credited my QFF with flights i have taken from Qatar to Melbourne and back also Qatar to Sydney and back because of code booking. Qatar Airlines are willing to credit my Privilage program if Would supply conformation that they have not credited which you have not.
            I keep sending emails for past 7 weeks explaing this ordeal to Qantas and have supplied everything they ask for but still, as of todays email, am recieving the same god Damn answer " Sorry sir as we have explained in previous email, we cannot credit your QFF with these flights because of code booking. So i am at wits end with you mob and this has and is causing me alot of stress and discomfort as is expressed in my wording in every email i am having to continueously send because of the incompetence of Qantas Staff in QFF.
            Im almost at the point of going to see a Lawyer and sue for stress related symtoms which are out of control everytime i get the ridiculous replies from the QFF department.

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              Qantas Airwaysfrequent flyer 2199821

              20 November 2017 @ approx: 1.17 pm call time 35min: 37 seconds
              I had a couple of queries on my Frequent Flyer Activity Statement

              spoke to the call centre (female) did the personal check all OK, could not help with a particular query regarding a transaction dated 01 Oct 2017. She proceeded to transfer me to reservation, waited 30 mins, was answered by a gentleman who would not help me because he could not identify me and wanted to put me back to the first call area to go through my check, I was not happy being transferred again after having waited 30 mins, I tried to tell him I was not happy, he said he could not do anything about it and after toing and froing for a couple a few minutes between him and I, he hung up on me. I was very annoyed.
              Not the customer service that I expect from Qantas.

              Francesca coco

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                Qantas Airways — not given the seating paid for.

                My wife and I flew to Los Angeles 9/10/17 QF 15 Ex Brisbane paid $140.00 for seating near the exit for u...

                Qantas Airwaysinternational flight change


                I call the NZ Qantas contact number to change the departure city of our bookings and spent an hour trying to achieve this with no luck.

                We are travelling return from Auckland to Singapore, via Sydney and wanted to change our departure and arrival city to Wellington. We were advised there were no economy flights only business class yet on various web sites, including Qantas, I could see that there were economy flights available. I was not confident in the abilities of the person I spoke with as they tried to book us on a Wellington to Sydney flight that departed before we arrived from Singapore.

                As per Qantas requirements I can only amend this booking via the call centre is I am at a loss of whether I can change the flights.

                Can you please advise if we can change our departure and arrival city from Auckland to Wellington and the cost to do this. Our booking reference is: WWXHWS - Radaich x4

                Shelley Radaich.

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                  Qantas Airwaysmeals on flight between sydney and london

                  My family of four, including two children, travelled from Sydney to London on 15 September. We sat somewhere around row 75 and by the time the meal cart got to us they had run out of main meals and we were offered tabouli as a substitute! This was a long haul flight and they couldn't feed us a substantial meal. We paid almost $8, 000 for the flights and ended up with bread rolls, cheese and biscuits and a couple of desserts that they managed to scrape up. Absolutely disgusting and I will never, ever fly QANTAS again. I had another bad experience over 20 years ago so have travelled other airlines on all my overseas trips since then but thought I would give QANTAS another try. Well that didn't work out very well! They didn't even try to see if there were any scraps left from business or first class. Anyway we were extremely hungry by the time we got to our destination. We are Australian and extremely embarrassed that this is happening.

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                    Emerates/Qantas? — plane and food

                    On17july 17 we had booked for a flight from Singapore to perth with Emerates.Going to emirate's they told use...

                    Qantas Airwaysfood

                    When I think of Australia, I think of wonderful food and service. I have traveled via Qantas several times between New Zealand and the Philippines, and each time there were things on the menu that you had run out of by the time I was served- like a salad or cheese and crackers - so what do we end up getting a small main course served with a bun! No salad, no fruit, no cheese & crackers ! And just before landing in Manila this time we were served a very small helping of the worst udon noodles I have ever tasted! resulting in an upset stomach for several days! You may be trying to cut costs but many I have talked with are far from impressed with the food you are serving - certainly not what I would call 'The Spirit of Australia'

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                      Qantas Airline — moved from business to economy class and need compensation

                      My name is Mazhar Farooq, I was travelling from Charlotte North Carolina to Melbourne Australia on Quant...


                      Qantas Airwaysqantas frequent flyer membership card

                      I recently applied for a NAB Signature Credit Card that comes with a Qantas frequent Flyer Card.I had given all my details including passport details during my application.
                      I hold a Malaysian passport and am an Australian Permanent Resident.My passport name is MATVINDER SINGH RAJINDER SINGH. MATVINDER SINGH IS MY NAME AND RAJINDER SINGH is my father's name.That is the system the Malaysian authorities record our names in our passports (our name followed by father's name) to prevent confusion in case there are two persons with the same name.My Aussie driving licence and Bank Cards state it as MATVINDER SINGH or MATVINDER SINGH R S.
                      The point of this was to utilise the card and Qantas points for my international & domestic flights.
                      However, Qantas issued a card bearing my abbreviated name, DR M SINGH, Member No:[protected].I am a medical doctor.
                      I recently flew to Kuala Lumpur return from Hobart flying Qantas code share with Malaysian Airlines.
                      The travel agent, FLIGHT CENTRE, booked the tickets under my passport name as that is the requirements for international flights.The name should be same as the passport.
                      However, I was not able to claim my points as the name on my Qantas card is DR M SINGH.
                      My complaint is why did Qantas issue me a card with an abbreviated name knowing that I will be using it for international flights.They should have requsted my passport name to avoid issues.
                      When I tried to sort this out with them(all information already sent to Qantas), they made it feel like it was my fault and I must prove my name.I ended sending them loads of documents including a Statutory Declaration regarding my name, which shouldn't have gone to that extent.
                      I'm really diappointed with all this and till now, my Frequent Flyer points have not been credited.
                      Also if they put my passport name on the card, will that mean that I have to produce my international passport as ID everytime I fly domectic Qantas. My Driving licence states my name as MATVINDER S R SINGH (Licence No: [protected]). I can't be lugging my International Passport everytime I fly Qantas domestic as chances are it may get lost during the trip. International flight s I will definately have to bring it along.
                      Qantas should have sorted all this out before issuing my Qantas Card and causing all these problems.
                      I expect a formal response to my complaint as soon as possible and hopefully the matter can be resolved for both my International and Domestic flights in terms of ID.
                      Passport ID/Name for international flights and Driving Licence ID/Name for Domestic flights.
                      My contact Details:
                      Dr Matvinder Singh

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                        • Updated by Matvinder · Oct 16, 2017

                          Kindly reply asap.

                        • Updated by Matvinder · Oct 16, 2017

                          Kindly respond asap.

                        • Updated by Matvinder · Oct 16, 2017

                          Kindly respond asap to this complaint. I have already submitted all my relevent documents to [email protected]

                        Qantas Airwaysflight cancelled

                        My flight was cancelled from Alice springs to cains tonight I booked a direct flight and now they have re routed me via Darwin. Adding 3 hours of flying time. I paid for a direct flight

                        Tried to ring customer service holding on for 1 hour the lady in check in was rude and said so what you are getting there

                        I paid a lot of money to fly direct 388 dollars

                        Booing reference T545LB

                        I would expect a refund of some kind or compensation

                        It seems there is a lack of customer concern this is my first experience with Quantas

                        Carol reed

                        Email [protected]@hotmail.com

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                          • Cb
                            Cbara Oct 19, 2017
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Qantas customer care is just a joke. They do nothing, don't get back to you, swap you around on the phone hoping you will hang up. No customer service, no management either. I have been told the customer complaints is self managed. so nothing happens and no one is accountable. how just Joyce justify the 25 million when the whole organisation is nothing but a joke.

                            Worst airline ever

                            0 Votes

                          Qantas Airwaysrude, argumentative & very unhelpful stewardess

                          My husband and I arrived today 2.10.17 on QF 130 from Shanghai. We originally booked to leave China on the 3rd but we decided to get back earlier and to change the flight we paid $420. The flight was supposed to leave Shanghai at 7:55pm. We have a connecting flight to Brisbane which then arrived at 11:40am. When we arrived at Shanghai airport, we found out that the flight was delayed. It was now at 8:55pm. Then while waiting there was an announcement that the flight will now leave Shanghai at 9pm.

                          We were worried because our flight out of Sydney was 11:40am. A little later it was announced that it now be 9:30pm. When we landed in Sydney at 10:45am there was another 10 minutes delay . I said to my husband that I don't think we will be able to catch the 11:40am flight. And all we wanted was to get home as both of us were not feeling very well. While on the plane another announcement that our flight now will be at 2pm.

                          When we all stood up to go out, and while waiting I approached the stewardess, an Indian with short hair.I told her about our situation and if she knew another way so we can be on an earlier connecting flight she said she does not know anything and that it was our fault for not giving ourselves extra 2 hours. I said to her that when we purchased the ticket, we chose the date and time to our convenience and it was the fault of the airline. She raised her voice that every one could hear arguing that it was our fault. So I stopped talking to her. Then when some of the passengers were let out, I also started walking out unaware that those were first class passengers. She said to me that I cannot do that as those passengers paid more than triple of my economy fare within the hearing of other passengers. She could have just said it in a nice way. But because I only flew economy that I have to be treated rudely. I have been flying Qantas for the past 36 years. In fact I have another holiday booked in 2018 for US & Canada. But to be humiliated in front of other passengers is uncalled for. She has to be reprimanded or Qantas will lose its credibility. Why hire rude people?

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                            Quantas Airlinesfrequent flyer points never credited

                            Dear Sir/Madam,
                            I submitted a claim for frequent flyer points initially online after using Jetstar to fly return from Perth to Singapore to Phuket return and was never credited after waiting a couple of months. Next I was referred online to a 'helper' who took all the details again from me approximately a month ago. He reassured me these would be credited immediately. To date this has never been done. Details are as follows for the 3rd time, my Frequent Flyer # is 9667737:
                            Perth - Singapore, MR SHANE THOMAS, Flight # 3K138, date 02/04/2017
                            Singapore - Phuket, MR SHANE THOMAS, Flight # 3K533, date 03/04/2017
                            Phuket - Singapore, MR SHANE THOMAS, Flight # 3K538, date 10/04/2017
                            Singapore - Perth, MR SHANE THOMAS, Flight # 3K133, date 11/04/2017,

                            I do not understand why this has been so difficult to do. It has wasted so much of my time for which there is no compensation? I am prepared to escalate this problem until it is resolved. This is nothing short of disgraceful, please contact me by text on [protected] if you require further information.

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                              Qantas Airwaysfrequent flier points


                              My husband David Fonseca dob 07/11/68

                              Myself Anne Fonseca dob 26/07/69

                              Have been frequent flyer members at Qantas, unfortunately we have been going through a terrible family breakdown with two children put in foster care.

                              I called yesterday and got to know my points expired in May 2017 but I was not intimidated and I feel shocked and terrible and ask that it be credited back

                              Also my husband David Fonseca has his points expiring in January 2018, for which we need it to be extended till 2020 as we have plenty of court cases happening

                              Please can you extend both our points till 2020 and let us not be put to more pain as we were unaware and due to our circumstances

                              Kindly reply back on my email

                              dave. annefonseca @gmail.com

                              This will clear our complaint being escalated and helping us find some happiness



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                                Qantas AirwaysI bought a ticket from qantas: new zealand to united states and I cant use it

                                On August 28, 2017 I arrive to the Aukland airport in New Zealand aroumd 8:00PM with the book Reference M77SMB, last name: ARAYA.
                                I ask to the manager of the office about my fly for the next morning (QF124).
                                3 weeks before I contact Qantas customer service regarding for my fly and the requeriments of visa to Brisbane (Becouse the fly QF124 was the conection with the Fly QF15), the customer service told me that if I just to need to stay less than 8 hours, there no transit visa was needed.
                                My surprise was that the manager told me that nathing was posible to do and the only solution for my trip was to buy another ticket in AirNewZeland.
                                I did that and a Pay almost $900.00 US Dollars, and now want to know how to recover my money due for the lock of training of someone who work for customer service.

                                I bought a ticket from qantas: new zealand to united states and I cant use it

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