[Resolved] Purolatorspeeding driver

E Jul 23, 2019

The 2nd time in one week I have witnessed your driver speed down our road. I do not sit by my window and watch traffic either so who knows how often this tool pulls this. I just happen to see him on tow occasion at least.
I can tell you however we are one of two roads that access Erieau ON and our road is currently CLOSED to all traffic but local due to high-water erosion control.
We also HAVE NO SIDEWALKS AND A 30 FT DITCH ON ONE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Young families, kids, dogwalkers, seniors and general residents use our road all the time for pedestrian travel. Speeding on our road is an epidemic especially by tools and company service vehicles like these [censored].
If this fool is using our road to get to Erieau while it is closed to all traffic but LOCAL that is one issue but the fact that he is doing 20-30km over the posted limit is entirely another. If I see him speed down our road or of over 100 homes again he will be reported to police and Purolator will be banned from using our road by our residents committee and we will use alternatives like Canpar and FEDEX on all deliveries to our area. If it happens again after that I'll put a rock through his [censored]ING windshield given he thinks he can take our lives into his hands, I'm happy to oblige in return.
The 2nd incident took place today at 12:30 on Erie Shore Dr.

  • Purolator's response · Jul 25, 2019


    Thank you for leaving this feedback. We apologize for this incident. Security is very important to us. We will report this situation to local management so they can follow up with the driver.

    If there's anything else, please do not hesitate to email us directly.

    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team Purolator Inc.
    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

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