Procter & Gamble Companyduracell "aa" & "aaa" alkaline batteries

Worst product ever. I used to like Duracell batteries and used them almost on all my devices. However, over the last few months, my opinion of Duracell batteries has changed 180 degrees. A couple of months ago, my emergency portable radio went dead so I decided to change the batteries. When I opened the battery compartment, both batteries had leaked ruining my emergency radio completely. Today (Sep 13 2019), one of my 3 (I have a 3 zone A/C) A/C thermostats was blinking meaning the battery was low. When I opened the battery compartment, to my surprise, both Duracell batteries had leaked so bad that they had ruined the thermostat contacts. The battery case itself had expanded so bad, it had ruptured and I needed a screwdriver to remove the batteries. Now having had 2 recent Duracell failures, I checked my other 2 thermostats and guess what? The Duracell batteries had begun to leak as well. So over the last couple of months, I've had 4 devices ruined by Duracell batteries. I now used Energizer batteries throughout all my devices in my home, in hopes that these will prove better, have better quality, better design, and not leak as they advertize that Energizer batteris will NOT leak for at least 2 full years after the battery life has been depleted, but we will see. But back to the issue: DURACELL BATTERIES ARE THE WORST of the disposable battery market worldwide. DO NOT USE unless you want your devices ruined by leaking abtteries.

Sep 13, 2019

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