Procter & Gamble Companyaaa batteries, the copper top, duracell.

K Nov 06, 2019

First, let me say that I have been a faithful customer for many years. As I am disabled and homebound now, I depend on my aide to do my shopping for me. Recently, I had her purchase the largest package of AAA and AA Duracell batteries that the store (Walmart) had. I told her to check the experation date, which she did. The date was December 2023. Good deal, right? Wrong !!! She came home and tried to put batteries into the various items that needed them. She called to me and said the AAA's wouldn't fit. Of course they wouldn't because they were all leaking terribly!!! Only 2 out of 36 were good !!! Upon inspection of the AA's, I discovered that only 4out of 24 were good. What the heck was going on ??? Since the packages were gone in the trash, I can't send them to you plus I am on a fixed income and can't afford the postage. Sad to say, I will NEVER purchase another Duracell product. So far I have lost approximately $28. That's a lot of money to me.

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