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Complaints & Reviews

unauthorized credit card charges

i have been noticing charges being made on my payroll credit card and I have no idea what they are for. they are in different amounts some are for 9.99, there are some for 39.97 and they seem to be almost everyday. I did not sign up for anything and I don't know how my card number has been being used. I would like whatever is charging my card to be cancelled and my money refunded back onto my card. some of the dates that I noticed were 9/21/18 and 9/22/18 which is yesterday and today. im sure if I keep looking on my statement I will find more of these charges and im not happy this is my paycheck from work that's put on a card which pays my bills and provide for my family. im a single mom. I really hope this can be resolved because now I have a negative balance on my card and I know there wouldn't be if these random charges keeps taking money off of my card. thank you and please figure this out so it will stop. thanks again

unauthorized credit card charges

On the 5th of september i did a free week trial to a site for premium membership .i was supposed to be charged for this after a week of keep visiting the site under the premium membership condition.
I cancelled the trial three days later thoughwhich means i shouldn t be charged .But it appears you did charge me ..this is unacceptable, please refund as soon as possible


Today I went online to check my transactions and available balance and I see a transaction from MBI*probiller...


I was Charged 29.99+ for something, I have no idea what it is. I dont who what the deal is but 30 bucks is a...

Caliente Credit Cards

unauthorized credit card charges

Random charges on my account when I have no money in the account and wasn't in use at the time of the...

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I called this company because I was being charged 100 bucks and they said they would be able to refund my money. A week later I checked my bank statements again and there was the charge never received a refund on it it made me furious so I called and they said no we can't refund the money cause it has already been processed even though I called a week ago as soon as I got an alert of high amount of money and they also charged it 4 times but the other 4 never went through so they said they can't refund cause it's been processed already!!! I basically lost that money and never helped me find a solution !!! So furious about it !!!

a monthly charge from debit card

On 27th of February and 27th of March you have been charging me $9.99 each for trial that I signed in and...

unauthorized credit charges

I canceled my trail subscription @ $1.00 a day for three days, a day before the trail period was over, but today a charge of $35.67. I was told by probiller rep that he sees where I canceled by I didn't opt out of the premium package, this is a scam because why would I cancel my $1.00 subscription, and not cancel the more expensive package, and if I would have wanted a the premium package I would have upgraded the account myself, When called to cancel I assumed that cancel means CANCEL! I'm attaching info below as proof of my cancellation confirmation. I request a refund of $35.67 back to my account, I had no intention of keeping said subscription, by calling probiller the minute the charge was taken out of my account is evident of this.
Subject: Subscription Cancellation
From: [protected]@probiller.com
To: [protected]@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 9:14:27 PM CST
Your member account has been cancelled.
Site URL: www.babes.com
Username: edward1001
Valid until: [protected]:32:01

This is to confirm that your web site membership to www.babes.com
has been cancelled. You will continue to have access until [protected]:32:01.

Thank you for being a member.

unknown charges

This inst a complaint more of a search for reasoning. I recently thought I Pre-Ordered Destiny 2 and I cant find anything saying that I have but I have had 2 amounts of money taken from my account since then of $51.06, and $52.28 AUD so I was wondering if you had any affiliation with EB Games Australia or JB Hi-Fe Australia and could give me information.

automatic withdrawals from credit card of a minor

My son, 16 years old, may have engaged in doing business, outside of my knowledge with these companies, who...

taking unauthorised payments

The last 6 months they have taken a massive amount of my hard earned money and from signing up to a game trial for a pounds increased massively i found the contact number after six months been looking everyday my contract has been cancelled Over the phone on what I found over the web http://probiller.com/support/default/EN
Number is easy it's a scam though it charges a pound a minute

  • Ms
    Ms. B. Smith Jun 03, 2018

    Listen listen I don't know who they think they are but they honestly think I won't be returned the money they've scammed from me they better think again. I live on monthly budget and taking money I didn't authorize is beyond incomprehensible. I guarantee I'll get money returned and blast them all over the place. I'm so mad right now. I just got out of recovering from chronic medical condition requiring on going treatment out and inpatient. This is ridiculous to have to go thru. My life is to important to me to waste on scammers who have everything and more but lack morals or values of any kind. What do they teach their children? It's people like this that cause so many problems in this country. Taking nearly $100 from me when didn't even have to be taken. Just isn't right.

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customer service

Not only did I not get the help I was seeking. But the "customer service" agent ian kept pushing more services on me. I didn't want the 70 dollar charge let alone another or a 30 dollar charge. If i'm calling to let you know something was purchased by a mistake do not ask me if I want to purchase more. And second off what the hell kind of customer service is this. My complaint has to be 350 characters for it to register with you. Complete ###. Congrats on a ### way of running things.

  • Ch
    Charles Kong Aug 21, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Greeting, My name is Charles Kong, from Malaysia.I have been received these so call SMS from yours Company, about the insufficient fund for the substantial amount. I have never use these, so call MBI-Probiller.C. According to the SMS that I received, that I have to call the number, if I did not make any perform about these. There is one problem, how do I call the number, if I never use these MBI-Probiller.C. The SMS number that I received is these number, 63633. Really hope that you can help me. Thanks.


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  • Mr
    mrgblue58 Jun 18, 2018

    my premium pornhub lifetime membership has been canceledd

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terms and agreements are wrong

I was told that their wasn't refunds when I talked to customer service. I went to both Reality kings and...

charges to my account

Good morning,

My name is Adrian Grapmanis I sent and email to you the other day have my pro biller accounts cancelled as soon as possible. I note on the 4/12 you have charged me three amounts of $40.52 x2 mbi pro biller.com 86 and $33.80 mbi pro biller.com MN 85.I would like to know why I have been charged these amounts in particular $40.52 twice on the same day and what these amounts are for. I wish you to close these accounts as a matter of urgency as I no longer wish to use you and for something that is no longer worth paying for. Please investigate as a matter of urgency and respond to me at [protected]@gmail.com. Please also have these acocounts closed within the next 24/48 hours to prevent further action being taken and unnecessary charges which i would like refund also

Adrian Grapmanis

  • Ra
    raymond duarte Apr 22, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Raymond Duarte & my email to you is to cancel my pro biller account. I do not know what this is or why I was even charged. For 1, i have not signed up to anything using my card ending in 5576. I note on the 4/24 you have charged me in the amount of 34.97 . It wish you to close these accounts as a matter of urgency as I no longer wish to use you and for something that is no longer worth paying for. Please investigate as a matter of urgency and respond to me at [email protected] Please also have these acocounts closed within the next 24/48 hours to prevent further action being taken and unnecessary charges which i would like refund also.

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why am I being charged and for what. and how do I cancel

I simply looked at my bank account and saw I was being charged and do not know why. There's a few charges on...

dare dorm, gfleaks, gfleakspreminum.com

11/4/[protected]@22:05 Dear Sirs of Reality Kings, I signed up for 3 sites, Dare Dorm, GF Leaks, GF...

support / refund

So, in June 2016, I bought a 7$ one time montly membership to a porn site, and 2 days ago, I found out that...

unethical behavior

I am a quadriplegic who leaves home every day, and for the past month or two someone; a roommate, a neighbor...

bad customer service and lies just want your money, also very aggressive

Called 3/4 times, each time the friendly staff got angry and aggress one ever told me he loved it when people...

unknown charges

Hello, I was looking through my bills and i saw a mbi probiller charge. I don't have any idea about the...