Bill Me Later Complaints & Reviews

Bill Me Later / payments

Mar 24, 2018

You received 75.00 per month and when you change you kept getting my money now there account who got my payment for the last 10 years are there is no trace of my money are who getting it, I would like a copy of my pay history showing all payments the was sent to the bill me later account...

Bill Me Later / They wanted to get money from me as soon as possible

Oct 04, 2015

I have paid the company Bill Me Later and all payments were on time. However, I got the email from the staff that they wanted to get the last payment before the 1/10/15. I replied and told that I would be able to pay only on 5/10/15. But the company started to threaten me and asked for...

Bill Me Later / BML set as default to PayPal????

Mar 14, 2014

I ordered a software bundle for our son on Dec. 26, 2013 via PayPal, to be charged to the PayPal associated credit path. Yesterday I received a snailmail bill from BillMeLater for $89.00. The software purchase was $25.00 and supposed to go through PayPal. When I checked the PayPal account...

Bill Me Later / Horrible Customer Service

May 23, 2013

I would never use bill me later! I made a purchase with last month and when I was checking out I saw Bill Me Later & clicked on the terms. It said if I spent a certain amount that it would be 6 months no interest & no payments. So, I thought why not? Anyways this week I received my...

Bill Me Later / PayPal's Bill Me Later Scam

Mar 16, 2013

In July of 2012, I purchased an item on ebay and paid for it using PayPal as i usually do with online purchases. Several months later I received a bill from Bill Me Later stating that I owe them for this purchase. I informed them that I did not bill the purchase to Bill Me Later, so thi...

Bill Me Later / unusable and fraudulent servije

Jan 20, 2013

I've been in a nightmare with BIll me later. I more or less signed up by accident when I tried to pay for an order from a vendor (I know--It sounds stupid, but I thought I was simply paying by paypal and instead I was signing up for Bill me Later). All I wanted to do was to pay the...

Bill Me Later / Underhanded Presentation


In the middle of a transaction to pay for an item, PayPal suddenly ALERTS me that my I had a $1.47 balance on my $2, 000 credit limit. NO WAY, EVER!!! It's like they pulled this info out of thin air. So, there I was trying to pay for the purchase and you just can't call a halt...

Bill Me Later / Decline despite good credit


Opened an account with these crooks and paid my bill on time. Took advantage of their 0% interest rate offers and paid balances off before the expiration date. Bill Me Later have since then blocked my account due to reasons that they will not disclose to me. After contacting the FDIC and the...

Bill Me Later / Keep calling me and send bills that I have nothing to do with it!


Few months ago, I start to receiving this phone call from Bill Me Later. Every time I pick up the phone, no one speaking. Finally, one man talks, he told me that he's calling from Bill Me Later Company, and I own them $600. What? I never use them. This man was saying that I ordered...

Bill Me Later / Scam


Bill Me Later a so called way to pay on Ebay is a scam. It states use Bill Me Later and have 6 months to pay on purchases of $99 or more. After you open an account with them they then tell you your purchases didn't qualify because it was not $99 and they charge you late fees and...

Webbank c/o Bill Me Later, Inc. / recent request for a account


Received a letter stating: "this letter is in response to your request to open a Bill Me [protected]@ account on _________ in connection with a purchase at Pay Pal - App Flow Only. We regret we are unable to approve you for the service at this time for the following reason: Your information wa...

Bill Me Later / bill dispute


I bought some products for my dog. The bill was $ 111.58 on 4/20/11. Made 1 st payment on June 4th for $35 . 2nd payment on July 3rd for $35, 3rd and final payment on August 4th for $45.58. Payments were paid before due dates. Company claims that the last payment was late, they claimed...

Webbank c/o Bill Me Later, In / Unauthorize uses of my info


I received a letter date 10/21/2011 in connection with a purchase through paypal in which I apparently applied to open a bill Me Later account. I did not apply for any account; neither have ever used paypal services. I have taken the first step to investigate this fraudulent application and I will like your company to do the same.



Bill Me Later, Inc.PAID MONTHLY PAYMENT ON OCT. 2ND 2011 RECEIVED EMAIL STATING QUOTE: Your recent payment to your Bill Me Later account has been returned. You will need to make your payment again. Please visit to reinitiate your payment. Please check that the bank account used to make the...

Bill Me Later / exorbetant late fees/harassment


I purchased a product online from Overton Co. The product cost was $7. I noticed that I never received a bill from them but at the same time as receiving information from a "Bill me Later' nowhere on the "Bill me Later" did they indicate what they were and I assumed they were an...

Bill Me Later / Nefarious business practices


BEWARE! Bill Me Later manipulates your PAYMENT DUE DATE so it does NOT CORRESPOND to the date your 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS offer expires! When I open my bills, I look to see when the payment is due. Right? I'll bet you do that too, because woe! to the poor schmuck these days who pay...

Bill Me Later / Casio Pathfinder Watch / Lack of Warranty Replacement/Refund


In September 2008 my husband ordered the Casio Pathfinder Black Solar Triple Sensor Watch, sku # [protected], with a Two-year Watch Platinum Protection Service Plan, sku#[protected]. The total cost was $226.93. A personal check was issued to cover this balance. The following situation took...

Cit Bank c/o Bill Me Later, Inc. / Letter I received


I received a letter from CIT Bank c/o Bill Me Later, Inc. The letter states that they regret that they were unable to approve me for services at this time due to being unable to verify information provided by me on my application for a Jewelry Television preferred account. And then it goe...




Bill Me Later / False Late Fees and charges in order to charge the deferred interest charge


Bill Me Later is a scam. I purchased airline tickets and used Bill Me Later. I set up automatic online payments through my bank so that they would be paid off three weeks in advance. They move the payment due date each and every month. It was the 15th of the month so I set it up to pay the...

Citbank Bill Me Later, Inc / Letter received


I received a letter from this company denying me credit at in connection with a purchase for $514.98 on January 12, 2010. I never filled out an application. I was not in Walmart on this day. I have a fraud alert with my name and social security number. I resent a letter of thi...

Bill Me Later / Hidden Finance Charges


I had submitted a full payment on a purchase online through the Bill Me Later program. I made the payment within the one year term in full and was told personally by the customer service agent that the enitre bill will be paid off with the submittiona of this payment a month ago. Week...

Bill Me Later / Fraud Investigation Against Bill Me Later


Has anyone from California used the Bill Me Later option for online purchases? I’ve read stories about consumers being charged inflated finance and interest fees – some exceeding an APR of more than 100 percent. These charges are unfair and illegal according to California’s consumer...

Bill Me Later / Billing for services not requested or recieved.


I recieved an email offering a "FREE" greeting card. As I am following the link and conpleting information when it became obvious this was not a "FREE" offer. I aborted the process but not early enough as this company had my name and address. I then started to recieve a statement from BILL...

Bill Me Later / Refused to honor promotion


Bought a $80 item online. In checkout I chose Bill Me Later because they offered a $10 off promotion. I paid off the balance within a month. Now 3 months later they are charging me the $10 plus interest. They give you the run around and asked for proof that the promotion existed. DO NOT DEAL WITH BILL ME LATER--THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS.

Bill Me Later / billing scam with Jet Blue


Beware ! Jet Blue with the assistance of Bill Me Later will charge you full price for a cancelled ticket that you've never ordered. I reported the Internet fraud 2 months ago and followed up in writing to some place in MD. They wrote back, too bad, that I will be billed full price for...

Bill Me Later / 90 days to pay scam


I purchased $270. worth of Xmas presents on Amazon on 12/5/2008 At checkout, I was presented an offer of 90 days to pay from Bill Me Later. Being Christmas, I thought this was a good idea and accepted the offer, filling out an online form with all my pertinent info for Bill Me Later. When...

Bill Me Later / Unauthorized billing


I noticed on my Bill Me Later statement that I had been charged twice for an item I ordered. The charges appeared on different days, so I called Bill Me Later to have them clear it up for me. They accepted ZERO responsibility and told me I had to contact the merchant. I told them I would...

Bill Me Later / late fees, finance charges, missing bills


I had problems with them also. First of all no billing statements, then finally after four or five months you get one, with late fees and finance charges out the wazoo. Did you ever notice the 42.74% annual percentage rate. Is this legal? DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. IT WAS FOR CONVENIENCE...

Cit Bill Me Later / I want a phone number to talk to a person


I'm looking for a phone number to call Bill me Later. I got a letter from you but no number to call.

Bill Me Later / Dishonest cheats

I made a purchase back in July/August 2007 from a online store and paid it through "Bill Me Later" - 6 month finance purchase offer. Being an IT person and working for a big bank, I deal with all my payments and invoices online. Upon receiving their very first statement, I signed up with...

Cit Bank Bill Me Later, Inc. / contact information


I had never heard of Bill Me Later, Inc. until I received a letter stating that they "regret that we are unable to approve me for service at this time" because they were "unable to verify some of the information that was provided with the purchase request"! I never applied for this service, and...

Bill Me Later / Fraud


In July 2007, I orderd furniture from Gately's website. I chose BillMeLater as my method of payment. I already had an acct w/them and had never had any problems. At the time the order was placed, I took advantage of the 3 months-deferred-payments plan. My...

Bill Me Later / Bill Me Later tries a bait and switch


We made a purchase from Grizzly Industrial and used the Bill Me Later offer. This is the only purchase we've ever made using Bill Me Later. As this was being offered by a company that we had grown to trust, we didn't think twice about taking advantage of this "deal." Each statement...

Bill Me Later / Scam charges!


Beware of Bill Me Later Payment scams. II am so furious with them. I've had a bill me later account for over 5 years and have always made my payments on time and before the promotional period ends. I view and make may payments online thru their website. I usually only make one...

Bill Me Later / Dishonest


This is my second posting since my earlier posting doesnt show up on this site. Events happened on (12/12/07) 11:00 AM EST I made a purchase back in July/August 2007 from a online store and paid it thourgh "Bill Me Later" - 6 month finance purchase offer. Upon receiving the very first...

Bill Me Later / Cheats!

Complaint Description: I made a purchase back in July/August 2007 from a online store and paid it through "Bill Me Later" - 6 month finance purchase offer. Being an IT person and working for a big bank, I deal with all my payments and invoices online. Upon receiving their very first...

Bill Me Later / Exorbitant Late Fees etc.


I used Bill Me Later to purchase a holiday gift in the amount of $44 from Wal-Mart. Did not receive the customary paper statement by mail from BML the following month and was therefore late in making the payment. A $9 late fee plus interest was added to the account. When, another month...

Bill Me Later / Bill me later system sucks!

The system sucks at bill me later I had been approved for purchases over $2,000 but now I am getting denied for a $600.00 purchase. my monthly pymt for the last 6 months ranged from monthly amounts of $200-$1620 but the representative and manager stated my new purchase was decline b/c of...