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Plus Complaints & Reviews / charged for a subscription I cancelled months ago

Oct 11, 2019

I got a notification from my bank saying i was charged $34.97 at first i was confused by the company name but shortly realized it was for a subscription i had canceled over 3 months ago. I have read a few complaints about the same situation however i had not been charged for months and out... / charged account

Oct 07, 2019

ProBiller.comMy name is Gabriel Barajas I bank with Wells Fargo and on 10/02/2019 I was charged 24.99 and two additional charges of 1.00 each along with another charge on 10/07 for 34.97 all of these charges were invalid and I do not appreciate being falsely charged I want my money back paid in full a... / I have unauthorized charges on my bank statement that I did not make

Oct 01, 2019

I don't have an account with your service but the following items were debited to my account and I did not authorize them. Thanks!! 7/2/19 7/2/2019 9.99 MBI [protected] 6855 MCD PUR MBI PROBILLER.COM [protected] CA (07/02/19 00:57:59) 7/19/2019 1.00 MBI [protected] 9981 MCD PUR MBI PROBILLER.COM... / subscription to some porn website

Sep 30, 2019

I had requested for a 2 day $1 "premium" on a certain website, and then I got barged for those two days later in the week. Well, you all charged me again this week for the 2 day/1 dollar premium, which i was fine with, but I also had a charge for $39.99, that being the real premium... / charges to my account

Sep 27, 2019

My know is Soloman Martin and Im with chime online banking. Well I have a complaint about funds that where taken out of my account from MBI today one at 2:11am for $1.09 and another at 2:20 for $34.97. I don't know why these funds where deducted from my account. Please...

MBI-PROBILLER.COM 855-232-9555 / annual fee for a subscription service

Sep 26, 2019

MBI-PROBILLER.COM 855-232-9555On September 11, 2019 I entered a chat forum with a representative from either SeanCody or MBI-PROBILLER. I wanted to renew a contract I had had for years - which I had paid on a monthly payment basis for years. It had expired. I saw that I could get a renewal on an annual contract basi... / money taken from my card for something that I don't have

Sep 20, 2019

I contacted the company about charges I noticed on my account and I was told that even though I had no knowledge of the account that I had to take it up with my kids because they may have made an account without my knowledge and they are minors i asked for it to be refunded to my account... / I need to stop this now!

Sep 14, 2019

ProBiller.comI simply looked at my bank account and saw I was being charged and do not know why. There's a few charges on my account.. Would appreciate a refund and information on how to cancel it and find out whats going on and why I am being charged.. And as far as dates — there are a few random... / a costly subscription I never signed up for.

Sep 11, 2019

ProBiller.comBasically, these [censored]ers just charged a broke 20 year old community college for 39.99. Multiply times without me realizing. I just trace back to them to see if they would and try to cancel this so call subscription fee. But I sent in a cancellation request, they still $9 for cancellation! Somebody please stop them! This is just a crime from a-holes / 我被收取39.97美元的費用,不知道它的用途是什麼,並希望在此問題升級之前全額退款。

Sep 09, 2019

我的卡上有幾個1.09美元的費用,甚至不是我的意思。我被收取39.97美元的費用,不知道它是什麼,沒有產品,沒有送貨,沒有通知等。我想全額退款39.97美元,請做正確的事情來管理優質的客戶服務並退還我的錢。我會等一兩天才聯繫我的銀行並發出有關指控的爭議,如果你還沒有這樣做,就讓他們從那里處理。我感謝你在這件事上的時間和耐心,並期待及時解決這個問題。謝謝 。此致,黃盈迪 / pobrano pieniądze

Sep 02, 2019

Witam . Dzisiaj pobrano mi pieniądze z konta . Nie wiem jakim prawem została pobrana opłaca i za co ? Nie wpisywalam żadnych danych ani nie dodawałam żadnej karty kredytowej/debetowej do żadnych stron społecznościowych. Karta została zablokowana, i sprawa pójdzie na policję .Dlatego żądam o... / Billed twice during scam attempt. Need it reversed plz

Sep 02, 2019

Dave clee here.. on the 16th my mastercard ending in 4864 was hacked and they got to you also. our bank has reversed and cancelled the card.. what was this for, it not me - it needs to be reversed. 16 aug 2019 Open transaction details [protected] #0819 1.00 us dollar... / unknown charge for every month

Sep 01, 2019

ProBiller.comHello, Today i am looking for my every month bills and i found out that since March Mbi cut the amount of 302.57 kroner every month from my bank account and i dont know about what they have been charging, so i kindly request to cancel this subscription of amount and give me... / I don't know

Sep 01, 2019

Why have mbi-probiller taken money out of my account I haven't agreed to give and what for, who even is this company and why are they taking money out I need to know because the money they have taken I need for things ie food and travel I could get fired from my job if I can't get there I... / varför drar ni pengar ifrån mitt konto?

Aug 27, 2019

Hejsan, vad I helvete håller ni på med? Om ni inte lägger tillbaka pengarna på mitt konto så får ni ett helvete sen! Min advokat kommer debitera er och fixa det annars och då blir det dyrare!! Och hur fan säger jag upp abonnemanget hos er? Ni drar pengar utan att man vet om nått!! Hur fan kan... / charges made to my account unauthorized

Aug 25, 2019

There has been a $ 9.99 charge and $34.97 charge made on my card in just this week that I had no knowledge of until today when I attempted to use my card to order a tool I needed for work. I'd appreciate a refund and my card information to not be where anyone has access to my private... / getting billed out of nowhere

Aug 05, 2019

Hey I keep getting billed out of nowhere by your company. Can you stop charging money out of my bank account and get me a refound.I have not bought any of the services you offer. You charged me for: 5.8.2019 -9, 99€ 3.8.2019 -1, 00€ 3.8.2019 -0, 99€ Please contact me via... / unauthorized charges

Aug 03, 2019

ProBiller.comI've been charged four times by this company in the last few days: $1.09 twice, $24.99 and $19.99. It's almost $50 that I needed to pay my bills. Don't know why I'm being charged by it. I don't recognize this site at all. I tried to look up a phone number online, but all the ones they have... / deductions from my account I did not approve of

Jul 07, 2019

ProBiller.comI have several deductions in my account that I did not approve of starting from June 28, 2019 with 3 different $1.00 transactions, then on June 30 for a $1.00, July 1 for $1.00 and $39.99, July 2 for two of $34.97 and they all are coming from MIB I want my money back to my... / unknown charges on mobile banking app

Jun 16, 2019

Good morning, i am writing this formal complaint to whoever it may concern, I recently checked my bank statement on a mobile banking app and noticed i was being charged unnecessarily, it was unusual to see this as i don't recall signing upto to this service . i the recipient was jus wondering if... / I am being charge for a service I don't know about. I demand a refund. scam or theft?

Jun 14, 2019

AsyahG26 I demand a refund on my Card account for $10 (that is just this months amount stolen from me.) Your site has stolen over 60+ dollars from me in the past few months and I am livid. I was charge 6-14-19 for $10 to MBI-probiller. I don't know what kind of scam this is but it need... / have money stolen from my bank account

Jun 13, 2019

I have had £104.94 all together taken from my bank account my without purchasing anything that would accumulate to that amount of money. I only payed for things that were £1 around 5 times or so. Therefore i should have been deducted of £34.97 3 times! That's over £100 stolen... / unauthorized debit card charges

Jun 13, 2019

I transferred two dollars to a website and all of a sudden i was charged nine dollars without permission.At first i thought it was my banks fault but they explained that they didn't give me an OTP so you guy took it automatically and i didn't apply for any auto renewal package so please i... / unknown charge

Jun 09, 2019

I went to check my balance and I saw a fee that's 33.01 to probiller.and without any other details and I haven't subscribed anywhere as far as I remember. I would like a to know what the sudden fee is for and if there is a misunderstanding I would like a refund. I would like not to be... / I have a charge of $34.97, with no idea what it's for and would appreciate a full refund before this issue escalates.

Jun 05, 2019

There is a couple $1.09 charges to my card, that aren't even what's concerning me. I have a charge of $34.97, with no idea what it's for, no product, no deliveries, no notices, etc. I would like a full refund of the $34.97, if I supposedly received something for thi... / unexplained charges

Jun 02, 2019

I was going through my bank account and recently saw that I have multiple charges taken out of my account for something that I had no idea about, and still don't. I have no idea why I am being charged for something that I had no idea about, but it is not fair in any sense of the word. I... / money taken from my account

May 29, 2019$212 was withdrawn from my Westpac banking. i was unaware of where the money has gone or who took it out. Id like to enquire where the money has been payed to and for it to be put back into my account. I was payed on Thursday 30th may and the transaction was made not long after. I wa... / I don't know

May 24, 2019

I receive again a charge on my credit card account about a service I never asked for. I clear all of my credit cards undesirable bills last month, so I thought it was over. [protected] amt 30.00 united states dollar 41.33 [protected] amt 16.00 united state... / payment

May 19, 2019

ProBiller.comHi, I was just inquiring about certain payments made to my account from Probiller, I am sure that I don't subscribe for anything that uses Probiller. I would like to know where these payments are going to, so then I would be able to cancel my subscriptions for these and if possible, also... / unauthorized credit charges

May 16, 2019

USD 39.99 $61.22 MBI*PROBILLER.COMat 0.6532* Usually when its something related to this i always get an email saying what i have payed for, i do not recognize this charge and i am unsure as to why it is here. [protected] would be the listed email usually use for this and i... / mbi probiller

May 13, 2019

Money keeps on being taken out from my account. Any way to resolve this before I call my bank? Please, I'd appreciate a reply. I'm pretty sure I signed to a porn account a while back and ever since then the issue occurred. I deleted the whole account but money still keeps coming out... / unauthorised & unknown charge made to my account

May 11, 2019

ProBiller.comI request a refund for the amount of £9.99. I have not authorised or subscribed to anything. It's fraud to take any amount of money from my account without my consent so I want my details deleted and my money back in my back account or I will have no choice to take the to the fraud department. I'm... / I don't know

May 07, 2019

I was charged by your company and want a full refund i don't know what you are but you wiped my account completely out and seem like you have done this with multiple people who was unsuspecting. Money back now all of it you've taken from me i never wanted your service and it pisses me off... / fraudulent charges

May 01, 2019

ProBiller.comI cancelled my Pornhub Membership (proof in the attachment) back In November 2018, Yet I've been charged every months since, this is clearly fraud and will be reported to Porn Hub, Authorities, Credit Card and Bank. I demanded to be issued a full refund. I still have all my statements and... / probiller bad request payment

Apr 29, 2019

ProBiller.comHi, I signed up for probiller as the ad said it will give me 7 days free membership for pornhub premium (embarrassing, I know). After signing up, it says that there is a "bad request" as it "could not be understood due to malformed syntax". It also says "the client should not repeat the... / unauthorized charge

Apr 23, 2019

My checking account was charged and I went online and did the online chat with a leanne and stated my call, and she was supposed to check on it, well I waited a half an hour and typed a message and it wouldnt go through. So I tried again through my computer and it wouldnt go through. So I... / unknown charges

Apr 18, 2019

The first set of charges they made to my card was my own fault, but now there was a second charge which should not have happened and I would like to know why they made this charge and I would also like to get a refund seeing as there should not have been a second withdraw of my money. Reference: o4000d9c11ea Description: preauth completion This is not ok. / I want my money back and I need u to stop taking my money out its becoming very annoying and I don't want to be charger anymore

Apr 17, 2019

I dont want to be charged anymore by mbi-probiller and its bevoming annoying that I have to get a new debt card because of you guys taking my money out of my account when I cancelled. I cancelled all of my subscriptions and im still being charged and I need u to stop it right now and I... / I don't know

Apr 13, 2019

ProBiller.comMoney was deducted from my account yesterday. An amount worth about 9.99usd. I don't know what it was deducted for. The Account is GTB with the bank account [protected]. I will be glad if the money is being returned. I want to believe the ID is [protected] as it was sent to me. I have been... / mbi

Apr 01, 2019

What ever this is it charged me for something I have no idea about I want my money back how can I get it? It charged me 39.99 off my card for no reason at all I really need my money back cause that was unnecessary very! & my birthday coming up on friday so I need my money before then...