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Primerica Financial Services a subsidiary of Citigroup (Bank) Is a Scam. They have you under the impression that you are going to have a job interview and that there are different types of position. Not true. You go there and find out that the address they gave you is a hotel. Hotel conference room. You go their, it turns out to be a seminar. No JOB. TRYING TO SCAM MONEY OUT FROM YOU. I was lucky I figure it out. I just walk out. A lot of people are getting scam. They claim that they are their for the poor not true. They are stealing from the poor. With the U.S. economy in crisis people losing their jobs. Primerica Financial Services Human Resources Rep shouldn't be misrepresenting them self. We should all get together a suit this company. I know what they are doing is not legal.


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    eggman Mar 16, 2009

    Well Eleonor if you had LISTENED to the presentation you actually pay nothing for the opportunity to become part of Primerica. The "fee" or "money" they are trying to "scam" you out of is actually a Government mandated background check to make sure you are not a felon or a terrorist. NOBODY made a dime off you joining. You will be highly regulated in insurance and securities for your clients by the feds and state government. Stop making hasty decisions that this is a scam or pyramid, if it was it would have been shut down over 30 years ago.

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    justme Mar 16, 2009

    Its really unfortunate that people out there in the world have been scammed so much and burnt so many times that they can not see the opportunity that reaches out to them. I work for Primerica and I, within a period of 2 months have made over $2, 500 part time. That isn't even the best part. The best part is that I honestly have been able to make a huge difference for the families that I have helped and I do not have one bad thing to say about that. This is an opportunity for someone to make part time money or really advance towards a future that is actually very promising. If you had stuck around long enough to see that there are really successful careing good hearted people involved in this business that really do do the best to and for all of their clients, you wouldn't have a complaint in the world. I'm not saying its easy to get rich, nor was it ever portrayed that way but you can keep on playing the lottery and I think I'll invest my time in making a difference. The stupid $99.00 investment to get an Insurance License and take a two day cram course will pay itself off in value. Not only that but Primerica is paying for my securities license also and I have learned how to manage my own personal finance. I would say that any and all of the above mentioned is 100% worth the $99.00 I had paid for it even if I had not made any money with Primerica. You know though, the position is not for everyone and that is great because if it were, there wouldn't be such hard working, honest, reputable people out there sitting across the table from people to educate them on their finances. I wouldn't want just anyone to educate me on my finances either.
    If you do what you have always done... you will always be right where your at. Hope that works for ya!

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    grahamj2 Apr 01, 2009

    If you really want to do what is right by your clients; there are far more competitive term products out there than you realize. When you are free from the PFS captive contract you realize there is a different world out there. As an ex PFS person I remember one thing Art Williams told us long ago, "A mind is like an umbrella or a parachute, if it isn't open it's not going to do much good." My question is this, "Are you really doing what is right, true, and good for your clients, when you know there are products in the market today that are far better and more cost saving for them?"If you do what you have always done... you will always be right where your at. Hope that works for ya!

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    Superstars May 05, 2009

    I'm in Primerica and I know that one of the rules is that you cannot change some ones current product to ours if it's not better than and more cost effective than what they already have with another company. If we did that we wouldn't be helping anyone but ourselves. The few ex PFS's that I know are the ones that didn't have what it takes to make it in Primerica being that our standards are a bit high for some folks.
    Maybe you should have opened that umbrella, champ.

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  • Br
    brboy May 17, 2009

    Hey champ or superstar...I don't quite understand what you are talking about when you said and I quote, "If we did that we wouldn't be helping anyone but ourselves." Let old "champ" just share this with you. Here are the last two cases in which I replaced PFS business: CASE#1 A couple in their early 30's with 500k on each 20 year term..and I replaced their programs with $1, 000, 000 on each of them...same 20 year term and at the same time I saved them over $100 per month. Now forgetting the monthly savings, if something were to happen to either of them, is their family better off with the $1, 000, 000 death benefit that I did for them or the $500, 000
    that PFS had on them (no brainer...but you have to get pretty simple with people who are so badly hoodwinked and they don't even know it)CASE#2 A 46 year old couple...PFS wrote a 20 year term...him preferred and her standard for $250, 000 on each of them for a monthly premium of just over $109 per month...we wrote the same people...same 20 year term...but doubled their coverage to $500, 000 on each for a monthly premium of just over $106. Now I'm going to ask you the same question, if something happens to either of them wouldn't the family be better off with $500, 000 as opposed to your $250, 000 death benefit?
    My next question to you is, with this knowledge are you going to "do what is right by your clients" or are you going to continue doing the same thing with your over priced term product, knowing all the while there are products out there that you can use to help your clients considerably. There are many situations out there in this country right now just like these two I have found myself. Now with these cases, I think you know who are the CHUMPS and who are the SUPERSTARS in these cases I have brought to your attention, and we aren't the guys did it to yourselves by not doing what was truly right by these people. You did all you were told you could do...but there is more you can do if you will go to looking around...OPEN THAT UMBRELLA SUPERSTARS!! ...The reason I am an ex PFS RVP is because I want to do what is best for every client and not what one copany tells me what is best...when I know better. To have the knowledge and not do better is the same as not knowing. I'm going to be doing, because my standards are high to the point I can sleep at night, knowing I made an improvement in a family's life.

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  • Ne
    Nextaxprogmailcom May 19, 2009

    you can be level sure that is true. Check out my blogs. I've also recorded Links and the complaints of others. I know what I'm talking about. I got in to A.L. Williams, Inc, and I'm still awaiting restitution but surely not holding my breath.
    If you're foolish enough to think fraudulent charges are income tax deductible, you're a fool. They tell you you are in business for yourself. You cannot deduct ANY of the fees you are assessed, BECAUSE you are NOT investing in keeping your regular employee postiion. All the fees are all thievery. I found out the hard way that a REAL life insurance company PAYS for your training and travel expenses. Furthermore, you pay 225 or more, depending upon how much your upline thinks that they can put over on you. NOT $40, and I've never seen a single verified instance that you get your "investment" back, several claim. And NO ONE falls for the lie that you have to PAY for your background investigation in ANY real job. Primerica KEEPS your money - what deception, fraud and thievery!! They don't do a background investigation: look whom they take - any one. Very few would pass a background investigation. They want numbskulls whom will believe any lie; not intelligent souls whom would pass a background investigation. A background investigation contradicts the evil pyramid plan of those at the top of the pyramid. The plan is "recruit, recruit, recruit!". You know well what they brainwash you with.

    What a vicious lie that fools no one of even infinitesimal intelligence!! The Primerica pyramid is a monstrous ripoff. The rvps, etc, pressure you to BUY the policy. You NEVER get free health ins, any one than you get free death ins.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness. Primerica is a pyramid scheme and there NEVER has been anything good nor CAN THERE BE. An evil tree cannot produce good fruit: -Matthew 7:15-20. As outlined before, pay the fine, you pathological liar! A.L. Williams surely hasn't made restitution for all that they owe me. You lied!! Then you have to pay me a fine. All the exposes have been explained in many, many posts on many, many websites and recorded in books, tracts, tapes and legal documents. Primerica, a part of Citigroup is in part responsible for the current subprime loan mortgage crisis.
    You can criticize WHC all you want. I know they have great surgeons. the criticism won't bother me one little bit. The reason you incessantly post lying, ignorant rebuttals is because you panic and cannot afford for the public to know the truth of how you are drilled to "recruit, recruit, recruit". If you go to work any where that's real, you are NOT dependant upon "recruiting" someone to be below you and depend upon his lies to clients and potentail clients in order for you to receive a tiny pittance! You know when it becomes general knowledge, you won't be able to recruit anyone except may be drunkards, pot heads, derelicts, pickpockets, adulterers, adulteresses, shysters, sodomite child molesters: you get the drift.

    You were NOT TOLD a tremendous number of truths by your upline rvp, etc. You don't own your company!! In addition, you are a captive agent !! Therefore, you fimd yourself lying to YOUR OWN RELATIVES AND FRIENDS IN ATTEMPTING TO SELL POLICIES that are NOT the lowest in price and in many instances are not even competitive! And NO ONE falls for the lie that you have to PAY for your background investigation in ANY real job. Primerica KEEPS your money - what deception, fraud and thievery!! They don't do a background investigation: look whom they take - any one. Very few would pass a background investigation. They want numbskulls whom will believe any lie; not intelligent souls whom would pass a background investigation. A background investigation contradicts the evil pyramid plan of those at the top of the pyramid. The plan is "recruit, recruit, recruit!". You know well what they brainwash you with.

    What a vicious lie that fools no one of even infinitesimal intelligence!! The Primerica pyramid is a monstrous ripoff. The rvps, etc, pressure you to BUY the policy. You NEVER get free health insurance, any one than you get free death insurance.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness. Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5. Primerica is a pyramid scheme and there NEVER has been anything good nor CAN THERE BE. An evil tree cannot produce good fruit: -Matthew 7:15-20. As outlined before, pay the fine, you pathological liar! A.L. Williams surely hasn't made restitution for all that they owe me. You lied!! Then you have to pay me a fine. All the exposes have been explained in many, many posts on many, many websites and recorded in books, tracts, tapes and legal documents. Primerica, a part of Citigroup is in part responsible for the current subprime loan mortgage crisis.

    You were NOT TOLD a tremendous number of truths by your upline rvp, etc. You don't own your company!! Primerica owns it!! Furthermore, you are a captive agent! You are NOT allowed to sell anything except ripoff Primerica. Hence, you find yourself LYING to your loved ones and friends and co-workers attempting to get them to policies, mutual funds, mortgages that are NOT even competitve. Also, do not suit their actual needs. One vile criminal who claimed to be a police officer sold ripoff policies to HIS OWN MOTHER. Some minister of GOD he is! The mortgages are an especial heinous ripoff.
    Read my blogs and check out the websites. Type in "Primerica fraud" and simiar titles in to search engines.

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  • Ge
    Getoverit1 Jul 07, 2009

    blah blah blah


    Hey grandpa, thank you for your opinion...

    Im just surprised you figured out how to turn a computer on. That must have taken you a day to type. Proud of you. Grandpa!

    I would like to see you back up pretty much any of the "facts" you are claiming.

    What's scary is some people actually base life/career decisions on crap like this.

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  • Sc
    Schmue Jul 29, 2010

    To be nice, I sat through one of the presentations, The "accountant" who left her high paying position to work at Primerica could not even explain the RULE OF 72 they force down your throat. She also, did not have a grasp on the financial terms she was spewing out. The powerpoint presentation has more grammatical errors than Obama's teleprompter. I sat out front and looked at the cars the people were driving that were making "6 figures" and none of them were cars from a 6 figure income. YES, I know that sounds shallow, but if you make 6 figures, wouldn't you fix your headlights, paint your door, or fix the crack in your windhsield? For a multi-million dollar company, You would think they would have a permament address. The cheering squad in the other room sounded like a car salesman meeting.

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  • Ne
    Nextaxprogmailcom Jul 29, 2010

    Schmue, spue, GOD hath spued thee out of HIS Mouth: Rev 3:16. Pay the fine and pay me what thou owest. I've made it very clear on all these websites to put your money where your mouth is. A.L Williams didn't pay; Bonnie Dorman didn't pay. So you pay the over 750000 that I am owed. If you don't pay, shut your potty mouth and absorb all that I'm teaching you. Work 19 hours a dayto get the warnings out; get everyone to meet to e-mail me expressing a desire to attend my warnings, alarms and teaching. And, oh yes, I will teach flawless English grammar. Be zeaous therefore and repent: Revelation 3:18.
    Phone numbers provided upon request.
    For my students and friends who prefer a language other than English:
    yahoo pulse:

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  • Tr
    Trent Lagoria Aug 09, 2010

    I absolutely rescent this company, I started a blog to help spread the word about them please post your complaints please

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  • Ne
    Nextaxprogmailcom Aug 12, 2010

    I appreciate so much what you are doing. Here is one of my exposes. I have put up some on:
    I would have on /link removed/ but con America bribed them!! You cannot get anything up on [redacted] any more vs. the con America pyramid fraud scheme. [redacted] does not allow to post under "comments" of the expose being presented. I have more under
    The best to you in getting the word out. It took the apologist liars 9 months to find my exposes on
    So, if you are successful in getting the word out, you can expect a lot of "snuff". They will even attempt to shut down your blog if they think that they can avoid prosecution. God Bless. I know all the lies insurance people tell and I desire for many to say they want me to speak. Hope you put the word out. And I hope they will allow more than "4096 characters". Then, when I finally got it down, it had something like "X ID" with Chinese letters surrounding it. Oh, well
    It is a joy to take this time. Hope all this is a blessing to you: Proverbs 27:17, 27:17; 2John1. Lord Bless you richly:
    Rocky Drake
    But I believe most are duplicates of what I have found here:

    I am so glad that former Primerica reps are speaking up to the real truth of what Primerica really does to people. I especially like what PFS Truth had to say in April 2008. My husband and I joined the business about 2 years ago and slowly rose up the ranks as Divisional Leaders. We were asked to speak at meetings to motivate new people to come into the business. We followed what our RVP told us to do to the letter. Everything was fine as long as we were making money.

    We were told that if we were going to become RVP's then we should like Chargebacks. {WHAT!!!} We were told to tell people that term was the best policy to have. We weren't allowed to sell any other product outside of what Primerica had. We were not allowed to advertise (our) business because head office wouldn't allow it. We were told, "we were in business for ourselves but not by ourselves." {What a lot of poppycock idiotic twaddle. Primerica want to wound people!}

    None of what they said to us was true. We were not running our own business. All we were was a means for our upline to make more money for them. If you are a new person showing up for a business opportunity then you really don't know things until you hang around long enough. The person who invited you in the meeting doesn't tell you anything until you get to the office and they show you a film. They most of the time come across as being your friend. Inviting you to their house introducing you to their other family. Giving you supper etc...

    This is done to let your guard down. You think to yourself if this person invites me to their home then maybe I should trust them. They act like your friend because they have an invested {sic} interest in you because of your warm market.

    I'm not bashing Primerica people, rather stating the truth. We didn't leave Primerica because we weren't making money{, } either. We had a better offer! An offer that would enable us to tell people the truth from the beginning. As things were revealed to us we couldn't continue working for an organization who {sic} deceives people. There are a lot of others who are working with Primerica who really believe they are doing the right thing.

    All I can say to the Primerica supporters is that if there is smoke then there is fire. Primerica is not the victim here and doesn't not need people like you to shout out others who think there is something wrong with Primerica's methodologies.

    I wonder how many current Primerica reps have read their IBA Agreement??? { ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha -consult the Rock} So my advice would be to read your IBA Agreement before you shoot your mouths off to others saying that their negative. TELLING THE TRUTH IS NOT NEGATIVE!!!

    Pictured are 3 victims of the A.L. Williams pyramid scheme. A.L. Williams caused deep poverty, a divorce and neither he nor con America {which, by buying, picked up his debts} have apologized nor made restitution to me. Furthermore, I know of no victims of his con fraud scam [censor] pyramid scheme that he has apologized or made restitution to.

    Consult the Rock: Everything PSF Truth wrote is the Truth! I don't even know who this person is but I can tell that they know how Primerica doesn't {sic} business. By the way, CITI Group has not been in business for 30 years. Primerica has been formerly named A.L. Williams. So don't push the Citigroup stuff cause you all know that Citigroup is doing really terrible right now. Especially regarding the class action lawsuit against Citigroup for deceiving investors. Do your research people! As far as I can see anyone who disagrees with facts are just trying to be wrong and strong.
    ANOTHER EXPOSE OF THE PRIMERICA ABOMINA-TION: "So I have been watching the news and found out that what is causing the current financial crisis is mortgage backed securities. I was wondering where I heard that saying before. Then it hit me. My mortgage company!!! You see I have a Primerica Mortgage (through CitiMortgage, was CitiTrust Bank).
    I got a month behind on my mortgage because I was laid off, {.} however I have paid faithfully ever since. However, there are 2 problems that are unique with a Primerica Mortgage{, } I am told. One, I am only paying interest now (So it has essentially become an interest only loan) and two, it is a security backed mortgage so it can not be reworked. Every time CitiMortgage calls me, they let me know they can help me with my payments then the customer service rep finds out it is a “special” loan. After hearing this for months I asked what “special” meant – you guessed it{:} security backed mortgage. If{sic} is kind of funny now{.} when they call, I have to explain to the rep that it is {a}security backed mortgage{.} when they call trying to help, they all then say “Oh, yeah... I see your {sic} right... Well keep paying hopefully you can get it caught up sooner or later”. One guy said “I can’t believe they sell these loans, not allowing you any wiggle room.”
    If it was { sic: were} any other loan they would have given me a month reprieve and added the payment to the end of my mortgage and I would be paying down principle {sic} instead of only interest.
    The second suggestion they always give me is refinance. Little hard because I am a month behind and because the Primerica Loan was 100% Loan To Value. So now I am stuck with only paying interest payment{s} even though I make a full payments{sic} every time, {-} until I can come up with an almost triple payment now because the interest is accruing.
    I am not blaming my Primerica rep because I signed the mortgage. But I am definitely not happy with the rep or Primerica because the rep did not know this could happen (which shows ignorance) or did not tell me about the possibility of this happening (which shows he did not care). All he pointed out was I would pay it off faster then a normal mortgage. At this rate I will never pay it off. A different loan would have given me some forgiveness; the Primerica Mortgage has me trapped after I made one bad move.
    I also have a high interest rate. I am at 10.75% . Of course I was told interest rate does not matter {!!! WHAT!!! -consult the Rock}. Trust me, interest matters when it is accruing. If I had known the full story and ramifications I would have signed a different mortgage, one that would have given me more leeway when a bad time hit. Because when I came to Primerica for help, to rework the loan, they weren’t there. I am now trying to educate others before they make the mistake I did. ANOTHER EXPOSE: Totally agree! They scam and they make deals with you and then they throw you out in the cold! It is like some piramid franchise scheme. When I called CitiBank/CitiCorp which is the main hub for Primerica with my complaint about this guy they knew he was but said ti was my problem since all their "owners" are responsible for their franchises. "
    "I have had a 20 yr life policy with Primeri-ca. After 20 yrs they invited me to renew. One of their agents told me they were charging an extra premium because Primerica claims wife has a heart condition and she would have to have an expensive, uncomfortable medical test done to prove she didn't. She saw her hmo doctor who refused to do the test because she didn't need it. He provided a letter {and} I forwarded to Primerica {the} Sent{delete "sent"} letter stating she has no heart condition (she never had one) and test unnecessary. Primerica refuses to change unless expensive tests done. I asked Cust serv to provide their evidence of heart condition but they refused to provide it. Primerica Cust Serv. says they can't do anything... send another letter to "Underwriting". Underwriting ignored the letter I sent and the doctor letter. Sounds like a scam/fraud to me. { And a violation of the Constitution of the United States. -consult the Rock}
    I will also complain to California Dept of Insurance. You don't want to buy insurance from dishonest Primerica, a company that rigs its customer relations to prevent resolution of service issues, as long as it benefits them. If Primerica disagrees, all they have to do is respond to my request and provide the evidence they have."

    MY TURN TO SAY MORE: Primerica's stealing of promised commissions is unconscionable. Also, I shot down in great detail why, if the company is sincere, they are to provide you with health and life insurance. You are not a customer; you are an employee. And I've explained that many times. It is an abomination to ask you to purchase a policy. That's rinky dink. That's a scam. That's Electrolux not giving you, the hard worker, a vacuum. Electrolux wants YOU to buy a vacuum. Same with the Primerica skimming, fleecing fraud. Same old lies by GilbertRinTX. And he even said "you make commisisons when you recruit others". THAT, Folks is an admision that Primerica is a nefarious, fraudulent pyramid scheme. At con America, as AL Williams prior, you are told to recruit recruit recruit. At the cultic meetings, they utter gross lies. One was: "what does 7-11 and McDonald's do? They open their mouth". Advertising and scam pyramid scheme recruiting to deceive souls are as different as east and west. 7-11 and McDonald's are not intrinsically illegal, evil and immoral organizations. EIGHT policies!! EIGHT!! You notice not outrage on the part of Primerica is a lie and GilbertRinTX. Unbelievable. And GilberRintX professes to be a policeman. An officer is a minister of God: Romans 13. WHERE is the righteous anger on the part of the policeman when all these illegalities, improprieties, immoralities, scams, boiler room schemes, overpricing, lying to customers, lying to the downline, ripping the customers, ripping the downline, reports of Primeirica committing fraud and unnecessary red tape; Primeirca agents attempting to commit adultery with downlines right in front of their spouses; Primerica in part responsible for the subprime crisis; Primerica having mortages TWO PERCENTAGE POINTS HIGHER; Primerica stealing from agents bank accounts without telling them, etc? And for GilbertRinTX to go "ho hum" when he was shown websites such as:
    is an outrage!! At the cultic meetings with {con}Primerica, as AL Williams previously, you are told that we are the cheapest. On one package, Primerica was 27 the HIGHEST priced out of 31 packages!! Primeirca is NEVER the cheapest!! As an officer of the law, GilbertRinTX was supposed to be enraged by Primerica's overpricing and not being competitive. ALL the agents are being deceived!! As an officer of the law, you should be attacking pyramid cons with unparalled missionary zeal !! Pay the fine, GilbertRinTX!! Every liar defending Primerica will pay a 15000 fine per incident. I've already outlined the plan. Furthermore, Primerica will forthwith and forevermore cease and desist from asking for the prospect's SS#. Primerica wants it so that it can steal YOUR MONEY FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT as often as they please. It's called extorting, fraud and robbery. Questions? Arrange for me to give you a seminar. It'll be expensive, but it'll be worth it. Most of you do not know that VERY, VERY FEW people need any death insurance at all. Find out why. - consult the Rock
    Present Primerica agents: Don't chase good money after bad! Have you taken a long time to mull over that? Had I done so when I was younger, I would've saved a money that is for ever gone. Defenders of the pyramid multi-level marketing fraud are posting because they do not want their downline and future downline to know the ghastly trap that they are being enticed in to. ALL who get in to pyramiding do not know what they are getting in to. ALL who sign with Primerica do NOT under-stand the IBA that they are signing, nor do they go over with their attorneys. Some do not even understand that it is a sales job with NO base salary.
    OR, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, old Syrian, old Latin, German, and English marks the seventh:
    (“Holocaust Survivor: molested by Guards, ”The Massachusetts News, April 5, 2000)[email protected]
    "I believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names." -Billy Sunday
    The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe. - Proverbs 29:25
    And, you guessed it, a nefarious, surreptitious, abominable, ugly, leeching pyramid boiler room scheme being called "multi-level marketing". It is NOT marketing!!! It is a shyster, con man, fraud, skimming, blood sucking, lowdown, varmit, thief, robbing YOU or YOUR hard earned money and credit. - consult the Rock[email protected] Pseudonyms "great team" "money maker" "successful primerica rep" and ALL apologists for the Primerica abominable pyramid scheme: thou shalt not beat false witness. If we were still living in the Old Testament, you would be stoned until you expired from all the broken ribs, broken skull and so on. You are liars. No one ever made money in Primerica except those at the top of the illegal, evil, boiler room scam [censor] pyramid scheme. Primerica is illegal; it IS IS IS a pyramid and I have amply demonstrated that many times on many threads. Amway got off on a technicality in 1979. A.L. Williams, Inc - Primerica is a pyramid scheme. And don't forget to study all the horrible experiences and exposes of Primerica thieves. Less than .001 make money at Primerica. Only the top of the pyramid makes money. Many rvps and drvps BUY additional policies to inflatetheir "earnings". There are literally hundreds of reasons to expose Primerica to all you meet or can come contact with by launching your own website. Ex-Primerica reps, stand up and be heard!! Do not swallow your medicine!! Primerica apologist liars: WHY do your business cards say "citigroup", "div of citigroup" -everything but "primerica". It was the same when I was with A.L. Williams. on 07-04-2008 19:08
    Last week, the Department of Ins{urance}. for the state of Utah raided the Primerica offices in Salt Lake{City}. The RVP admittied {sic} to investigators that he had committed a fraud{.}, _Inc-Primerica.html

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  • Ce
    cellodolly Jan 09, 2011

    I really don't see that Primerica is any different from any other company that sells life, auto, home or any other kind of insurance. They all want you to buy their product (duh!) and frankly, none of them can offer you a better "deal" than what you are qualified to have as a result of the criteria that all insurance companies use. And, in my experience, if Primerica can't give you a better rate on car insurance, for example, than your existing policy, they will tell you! That's not deception. As for the "pyramid" scheme model, what business isn't a variation of that model? Unless you are a sole proprietor who literally does everything yourself, you are going to be sharing a percentage of your profit/income with someone else. Someone is going to be in your "upline" who is making more money than you. Certainly, you can choose not to work exclusively for one company, and therefore you have the flexibility to offer more products and services, but then you are on your own--you do your own marketing (at your expense), you pay for your own education, licensing, etc. relative to the business. Are some agents more knowledgeable than others? Of course—that is true in any industry! I have had to work with many people in other fields that I considered less qualified than they should be for the work they were doing. Most of these people worked for companies that have a strong reputation in their industry . Primerica’s agents are no less competent than agents in other financial services companies. And you will find there are some who are outstanding ---just as you would at any company. Generalizations can be not only misleading, but dangerous, and that is what I am getting from a lot of the criticisms of Primerica. I would add that if you are offering criticism, try to be articulate in your language of choice. Misspelled words, bad grammar, etc. reduce the credibility of your argument, as does defamatory content.

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  • Ne
    Nextaxprogmailcom Jan 10, 2011

    NO BUSINESS IS SET UP AS A PYRAMID, NOR ARE THEY ILLEGAL, NOR DO THEY DESTROY YOUR FINANCES, FAMILY, SELF-RESPECT, MARRIAGE, ETC. Please study my blogs. You need and your peers, family, people who work for you, friends, etc, sign up. My fee is high of course but my expenses are light:
    yahoo pulse:
    - E R ROCKY Nextaxpro[email protected]
    P.S. Here's the link to register:
    After you register, you may log in at: .
    For my students and friends who prefer a language other than English:
    yahoo pulse:

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  • Jc
    JCM0813 Jul 24, 2013

    Wow there are some delusional people out there. Primerica is listed on the NY stock exchange under the symbol PRI. Somehow I don't think getting biblical is going to strengthen your argument. I'm in Canada, I'm a district leader in Primerica and we're regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario in my province. Canadian Pension Plan is one of the largest investors in PRI stock, that's the Canadian government. A.M. Best rates all the insurance companies in the world and Primerica is rated A+(superior). Primerica paid out 92% of death claims in the first 14 days of being submitted. PFSL Investments has been ranked as the #1 mutual fund dealer in Canada in the last 12 years straight, by Investment Executive Magazine that puts out an Advisor Report Card every year. So obviously the representatives that have stayed with Primerica are happy and obviously their clients are too. That's why PRI stock has sky rocketed, actually tripled since we became an independent company. Get the facts people.

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  • Ne
    Nextaxpro E R Rocky Feb 21, 2020

    @JCM0813 CON Versus America is NOT on the New York Stock Exchange. citicorp is. Citicorp had been trying to divest Primerica for years and finally succeeded in 2014, I believe. City Corp NYSE symbol C . Get your facts straight, you scammer. repent!!

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  • Er
    E r just perfect Nextaxpro Oct 21, 2017

    Please skip my reference: It has a horrible virus in that website.
    Again, for a very thorough review of the conAmerica pyramid scam scheme, other opinions, references
    and experiences from real people:

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