CB Travel and Vacations Priceline doesnt wanna pay me my cancellation flight of 500$ review: Priceline doesnt wanna pay me my cancellation flight of 500$

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its been 6 months that i dont have my money back. I called many times employess hung up on my face several times and no one calls me back" i wanna write a complaint about Melanie that is not doing her job at all.

I would like to inform you that the direction of West Jet told me that since i never took that flight the payment didnt go to them , that its you that has receive the money so i am entitle for a full refund without any air penalty. This is going to far for nothing. I am a layer by career and i dont have that much time because since 6 months i have been fighting for what belongs to me. Your company needs to stop calling West Jet because they have nothing to do with that now .

Priceline needs take their “ responsabilities “ due to that situation. Your company are not aloud to “ hold any money “ for a flight that was never taken.

I also know by fact that Priceline have been having many complaints and even lawsuit filed dur to several problems .

Best regards

Mr . Michel Da Silva