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E Aug 05, 2018

My review (see below) may seem like it's about Avianca, but it's only about Priceline. Make sure you understand Avianca's policy. It's very clear on their website about air fare.  My message is about Priceline. They mislead their customers and beause of that you could end up with hundred to thousands of dollars in Peruvian fees. I

If traveling between cities in Peru DON'T book through Priceline. Honestly, I don't want to book through them with anything any longer due to their poor practices and bad policies.  Make sure to book through the peruvian airlines and read the fine print. I'm hoping my very long and detailed post helps you not make the same mistake I did with Priceline. Save time. Save your money. 

Good luck fellow travelers! :) Feel free to message me if you have questions. Priceline has been contacted and officially submitted to various organizations. Hopefully they will fix their false advertisement and train their employees to know policies. 

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