Priceline.comfalse claim of 3 - star hotel

S Aug 04, 2018

I have used Priceline for years. I always get the most wonderful hotels using the Name Your Price option. I love it & tell everyone about it. However, today I reserved a 3-star or above hotel in Branson, Mo and they gave me the oldest, run-down, street/outdoor access MOTEL I have ever seen. As a woman, I would never stay in an outdoor access motel room that is old and run down, where anyone can bust in the door. This is the type of place where people linger around & watch people come & go. They refused to let me pay a higher price for something safer. I confirmed with the agent that she does NOT value her customer's safety and does not care to make amends for someone who mis-categorized this as a 3-star. Never again Priceline! It only takes one time to lose a customer and I will never ever recommend you again.

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