Priceline.comcompany error with airfare dates on reservation

J Nov 21, 2017

Do NOT use Priceline. Not only is it nearly impossible to get a human on the phone, when you do they are extremely incompetent. I booked a hotel through and when trying to book a flight it routed me to Priceline makes you think you are transferred to a Jetblue site when in fact you are not. I booked my flight only to find out when booked by PRICELINE, it was put that I was returning a day earlier than my hotel reservation. I did not find this out until I called Jetblue to confirm my reservation because I NEVER received an email confirmation or anything from Priceline. This service is a scam and probably one of the worst customer service reps of rubber stamps I have ever come across.

When I called Jetblue to help me with the problem, they told me this is a COMMON complaint from customers with Priceline. I ended up having to pay an additional $290 for an error of Pricelines. Priceline has absolutely not accountability or ownership of their errors, stating "the computer was working fine when you booked your reservation.

There is no recourse for anyone when they make an error like this. You are stuck. You get what you pay for when you use a discount service such as this abomination of a site.

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