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V Aug 03, 2018

I travel alot and decided for the first time to try your site. I will never book with Priceline again. I flew into Orlando, Fl to enjoy and weekend and rented a car to drive back to Miami, Fl. I paid with a debit card for the car rental and made sure to read all the important information. I couldn't rent the car with out a major credit card as the car rental place didnt accept debit cards and we needed to show proof of round trip explain to me how much sense does this make if I'm renting it in Orlando and dropping it off in Miami. This was not indicated on your site and the word may not must is very different. I called priceline to see if I can go with another car rental place and the lady that answer told me I couldn't. Here I am stranded in the airport with out a car, no way to get around in Orlando and no way to get back home. The information provided clearly says I can use my debit card just not with a prepaid card or cash. They said I had to cancel and they would only give me half my money back, how is this my fault and how is this fair. I even tried to get two flights back using the money from the car rental and I would of been happy to pay the difference this too couldn't happen. Now I'm out 500 dollar more because your company refused to help. This is unacceptable and truly a RIP of on your part. My whole weekend is ruined and I dont have the money I wanted to enjoy it. You need to up date your polices so you dont screw another person up like you did to me. I will let all my family and friends know how horrible your company is and how you leave people stranded when they paid for a service you are providing.

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