Priceline/Air Ticketa terrible scam company

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Me and my husband we were trying to buy tickets for family vacation.
We dont know what happened, just in one second, "The price was accepted" that was poped up!
My hus said he was writing a big money in the blank box for fun.
But he didnt push "buy my ticket now" button at all!!!(why he would click it!)
That was too much for us. We couldnt afford it. We were so sad to pay that amount money.
They already took the money from account. (Such a quick job)
So we called customer service, but that didnt help at all. Pretty much they kept saying, "In this case, We cant give any refund" OMG!!
After several big argument, he crumbled the paper to meke rough sound and hung up!!
What the!! I couldnt belive what they did to us. And we talked to other person, he said there is a humble discount for cancellation!! I guess he doesnt know what 'humble' means!
whatever that costs 100$ per ticket! so we paid 400$ for the trip even we didnt go!
If somebody wanna book a flight ticket from this company, I wanna tell them dont make stupid decision
like us!


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      Sep 14, 2009

    Priceline is not some game playing site, once you are logged in with all the credit card info in place, you shouldn't be playing with "My Own Price" link. you filled up all the info, entered a huge number, what fun are you getting at it in the final screen?

    Sometimes pressing enter would submit the form, you don't have to click the button by mouse. Without your attending you must have somehow pressed it. Priceline is a seriuos site, its no game. So you better be seriuos while playing with the site. The rules are clearly mentioned, its not cancellable or refundable.

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