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I have delivered an important documents to my lawyer in jalan sungai besi on 23 dec 2009 using the pos express and yet the item is not delivered to the receiver up till NOW.
i have called the [protected] for clarifications. they told me the last update they have is the item is delivered to bandar baru bangi.

i called bandar baru bangi 03-[protected] to get some information. although the guy seems to speak before i can even open up my mouth, i tried to be patient. then he quickly informed the item
is already delivered to sungai besi. thats the only information he can gave me.

i started to feel uneasy about this. i called back [protected] again for some confirmation. a lady picked up a call and asking for all my details, address, phone numbers the receiver address..etc.
which i end up giving it twice because she accidentally deleted all the information for the first time. She gave me the ticket number PMB-A7346 and she said investigation will be made within 1 working day.

i became more and more curious where have this packages been. i called up sungai besi 03-[protected] for clarification. they put me on hold and after a long while they told me, the package is not even there?!


  • K
      Feb 08, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    It is stated in the terms and conditions of Pos Express that there will be no acknowledgement of receipt or prove of delivery. Pos Malaysia will deliver the mail just like normal mail but faster. After the mail had been delivered, it is not the responsibility of Pos Malaysia.

    Problems normally occured when the mail is received by admin people or receptionist for offices, shared mail boxes and mail box not locked.

    For fast and with prove of delivery, should use Poslaju.

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  • J
      Sep 07, 2012

    Pos Malaysia is one of the worst mail service in the world. The workers and managements are idiots who just know how to receive paychecks. I agree with Ultimat Axion that the main problem is the majority of workers are Malays. They work so slow and very lazy. Just like many of the other government branches which is dominated by Malay workers. I know because I observed very carefully and for a long time and know many of them. No point in complaining because if you ask something, they answer different thing or they give you some other number or person to ask. In the end, you get no result. This is what people call Ignorant. How can Malaysia progress if many Malays are like this. Malays talk so big and cannot do anything properly. Only care about self image and own stomach but have no social responsibility. Malays who are full of ### is the main problem. When being criticized, they say sensitive issue of give profanity and dirty language. MELAYU MALU LAH SIKIT ! JANGAN BERLAGAK MACAM BAGUS KALAU BELAKANG ORANG LAIN KUTUK DAN KETAWA. TAK ADA SIAPA HORMAT LAH. AKHIRNYA KENA PIJAK DAN KETINGGALAN DI DUNIA. Respect is earned and not demanded. and your stupid attitude will be the downfall of your race.

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  • A
      Jul 05, 2015

    I shipprd 5 parcels by Malaisia post. one to USA and 4 to Korea. All this parcels are stuck! I have many proboems with the customers that are waiting for the parcels. I have pacsel that is in USA for a MONTH!!! It never happened to me before. How can I find out why the pacel is stuck? I really need it!

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  • J
      Mar 08, 2016

    My item was posted yesterday (7/3/2016) at 12.16pm in Putrajaya PPL by PosExpress. Up till now, at 3am in the morning of 9/3/2016, the item has been delivered to one Siti Aishah, also from Putrajaya PPL. The motto for POS Express is 'DIJAMIN SAMPAI ESOK' but after two days, my package is still lingering in Putrajaya PPL????

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  • H
      Mar 14, 2018

    I posted my item via Pos Express dated 28/2/2018
    to Putra Jaya but untill now seen no shadow of my parcel. What the hell . * Reminder : This is not "Free of Charge" services!!!

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  • C
      Mar 20, 2018

    I post my thing last monday (12/3/2018) until today (20/3/2018), my friend still cant recieve the post that I send.

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  • S
      Jan 30, 2019

    My sister from Penang posted a very important document from IJN on 225th Jan 2019 and the package did not arrive at the destination in Kamunting, Perak till today ( 30th Jan 2019).
    I do not know what happened to the parcel and it's really disappointed with the service from the FANTASTIC name of "POS EXPRESS".

    I would urge the top management of FANTASTIC " POS EXPRESS" to explain me on the [censored] service that they are providing to the Rakyat in Malaysia.
    Bravo " POS EXPRESS"

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  • S
      Jan 30, 2019

    The so CALLED tracking no as follow:
    LG24 991 236 5MY

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