Pos Malaysialost mail (outgoing) and lost packages (incoming)

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Lately, Pos Malysia has becoming more deteriorated and lacking in service despite all their excuses, solution suggestions and media propaganda. The public is very tired and sick of this especially when Malaysia publicizes so much about how great Malaysia is.
Recently, so many people have lost important mail and packages by using Registered and Express services provided by Pos Malaysia. These people are mainly common public / consumers whom still needs to use the regular postal service especially international/overseas interactions. Matters include incoming and outgoing International mail and packages of commerce i.e. Mail order package shipments, E Bay packages, Business documents and important personal letters.
I am also a recent victim of thousands complainants who have lost 1 Money Order sent to the USA and never received 3 packages from the USA. Excuses / replies from Pos Malaysia are illogical and through some investigating, the Pos Malaysia Distribution warehouse staffs are just lazing, talking and playing around and not doing work properly. This is the truth and MALAY's should be ashamed because the truth prevails.
Advice to consumers is to not use and avoid using Pos Malaysia and use private couriers for packages/documents and also the electronic media/Internet for transcript letters


  • Ir
    Irene00 Jul 21, 2010

    I ve lost my certificate! The certificate was sent from UK. DAmn POS MSIA! wht a terrible service~!!

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  • Je
    Jenny R. Sedomon Sep 01, 2010

    yes, ipos malaysia have not upgraded their services yet!...i am expecting a small parcel from Keningau.>After waiting for a few days, i decided to call the sender and was informed that the parcel was sent on the 25th August..I contacted post office kota kinabalu and spoken to the post man.He said he had delivered the parcel on the 26th August 2010. I have check our mail box more than 10 times but still no sign of the parcel. I call the post office again, I was informed that the post man will not send the parcel to the premise address if it's located in the 3rd floor..what kind of service is this?it doesn't take them much energy to take the elevator to the 3rd floor..and the parcel is addresses to the premise address so it means that we wanted the parcel to be delivered to the said and written address, not just by putting the parcel in the mail box..If we wanted it to be delivered to the mail box, might as weel we use our P.O.Box address rather than giving the premise's address...who to blame now?obviously, the post office's fault..who's going to refund us the lost?...If this is how post malaysia works.might as well we choose other reliable courier company to ensure our parcels/documents are delivered safely.It shows that post malaysia is not a reliable courier service...So everybody out there, please think about this. We as the customer must do something to stop this..Post malaysia:are you simply charging and collecting money for mere benefits?...NO CONCERN ON THE DELIVERY/SAFETY OF THE PARCEL/DOCUMENT YOU ARE DELIVERING???>>>>

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  • Ul
    ULTIMATE AXIOM Sep 02, 2010

    I sympathize for all of you that recently have lost their mail and packages by POS MALAYSIA. I recently have lost another important mail from the UK.
    It has been well known throughout the world of Malaysia's incompetence and incapability to live up to their word. Do not succumb and yield to the Malaysian propaganda that it is a developed and harmonious country. It is only words from the dominating race and religion which only cares about image, self satisfaction and willing to be corrupt for their self preservation.
    It is your duty as intelligent humans, principled and truthful to let your colleagues and friends throughout the Internet world to know the true nature of Malaysia. Already, Malaysians overseas are being scoffed, insulted, attacked and abused for their behavior.
    For those using constant mail services, all we can do is go on with life and keep taking risks. Just keep in mind of the true nature of Malaysia and to use private couriers if possible.
    How could recently Pos Malaysia announced ( on the TV news ) of an improvement and rise of 66% of revenue when we all knew that there are about 665 lost mail per year ( quote from another article on the web) and Pos Malaysia is in millions of RM$ in debt.
    This only shows the true nature of the country to use the media to deceive the people for their self preservation.
    So, please be truthful and do your duty and spread the truth if you are a real Human. Do not join the Malays behavior for the truth will finally prevail.

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  • Co
    Concernedcitizen777 Jan 05, 2011

    Their service in the past wasn't great to begin so I wonder can it get any worse and the answer is yes! This month I was expecing to receive a few packages sent from HK and I noticed 1) they were no longer delivered by the postmen in blue shirt uniform, it looks to me they have outsourced and they are wearing a short sleeved red uniform, very loud and rude, just appalling. 2) My parcels were delivered 6 days from the dilepaskan stamp. This is not the usual protocol in the past. I am just utterly disgusted.

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  • Ul
    ULTIMATE AXIOM Jan 05, 2011

    Since December, there have many delays especially for packages . There were many public holidays - Hari Raya Aidil Adha, Deepavali and of course Christmas. I, myself had 6 packages from the US delayed that were due since mid December and only received them at least 2 weeks later in early of January 2011. It is to be understood that due to so many holidays, the amount of packages have really piled up. There also is a rise in the amount of packages since the Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia have returned ( also they get the priority of delivery ) and they brought and shipped many souvenirs from the holy land. Not forgetting that Christmas has of course many more packages/presents being shipped. And to top it off, the delays in flights due to bad weather in US and Europe ( late December ) had effected and interrupted the whole routing system of mail cargo throughout the world. As much as I would be unhappy of these delays in receiving my packages, I had to accept the facts and be patient to the delays.
    The change in delivery personnel is no surprise since the authorities are always trying a new system which I am unsure when it will be efficient. And the behavior of the mail/postman, well ..what do you expect from naive, thoughtless persons.
    The duration varies from the date stamp ' Di Lepaskan ' by Customs due to the amount and traffic of mail that is sent to the Post Office Branch ( Postal Code ) from the Airport or Port of Entry. It usually takes 4 - 6 days from the date stamped to reach the destination but it is understandable that it took longer last month. My packages were 12 days by longest and 6 days by earliest.
    Lets all hope Malaysia will live up to their ' Malaysia Transformasi ' slogan but if not, well what do you expect and such a disappointment for a country that is overrated and flatters its own self.

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  • Co
    Concernedcitizen777 Jan 13, 2011

    Ever since moving to KL, I noticed parcels sent to my work address (an mnc address helps) there were no or fewer problems. Delivery of parcels to a home address in a smaller city / town in my experience would subject to the mood of the clearing officer. I recall many years ago being called to the jb post collection office in larkin where I saw my package opened lying on the floor and one of the female staff actually had the audacity to tell me to give her some of the contents in my parcel as a gift to her. There were also a few occassions where birthday cards and small parcels from UK have gone missing altogether. The postmen in blue were courteous and I had no problems with them. The new ones are shockingly rude coming into the office yelling on top of their voices and condescending.

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  • Ko
    K.Ong May 16, 2011

    i live in JB, it start last October when i start to recived my mail in every 2 month, my mail normally are Credictard bill, TNB, statement, insurans, TM, etc ... which i think it helps me to save a lot of worry and time and money if they can delivered on time. because of the lateness of the receiveing my notices of payment, reminder, i've overlook some of the payment. and i come to compromised and patiently accept that if Malaysia POS had to delivered my mail Once in two month times, which i find ABSURD because i can see POST MAN a few timeS in a week. i adjusted to wait for my mail, be more meticulous when come to payment which can involve late payment charge, i have to call my cc issuing bank for statement. and NOW it really PISS ME OFF because i havent received my letter for 3 MONTHS now!! I'm waiting for cheque from insurans company, so what the hell type of system MAlaysia POS is using, can anyone enlighten me.

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  • Ul
    ULTIMATE AXIOM Jan 23, 2012

    Saqka is just another Malay who is living in a dream and doesn't know facts and reality. Like the others, just knows how to insult when they are lost and ashamed.

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  • Ez
    Ezrah Rahim Feb 17, 2012

    Dear Posmalaysia,

    Get your act together!!! My company has not been receiving important mail sent to us on more than one occasion... namely bills. It is becoming a nuisance because we have to spend unnecessary time & effort to address these problems when the company bills are not settled on time with the respective creditors because of posmalaysia's inefficiency. And now for me to write this Letter of Complaint on my company's behalf to you when I could be doing something more productive! Last year I had an argument with Astro for a late bill payment. Astro accused my company for being incompetent for not settling on time but as a business all payments made by a company have to be accompanied by an original invoice. How to settle if no invoice/bill is received?

    And this week again the same thing - my husband did not receive his AMEX bill for Jan 2012 & now he is being charged RM50.00 for late charges by AMEX through no fault of his. I only realised that the Jan 2012 bill was not received when my husband received a reminder for payment of a rather inflated amount recently. Posmalaysia should be settling that RM50.00 on his behalf as compensation. Receiving bills should be like clockwork, an important reminder that payments are due.

    Just 2 weeks ago, I found 1 Astro bill & a letter on the tar road several streets from where I live in Bukit Jelutong, which I subsequently deposited them into the relevant letterbox. Every week at my office shop lot at 3rd Mile square, Jalan Klang Lama, I have been doing the postman's job as I have had to distribute the mail to my neighbours as they were all conveniently placed into my company's letterbox.

    On another occasion last year, my husband while driving, stopped his car by the highway to pick up a letter which he witnessed fly out of the postman's saddle bags. We made our way to a post office and posted it out again & hopefully this time it arrived its destination. That letter contained a cheque from an insurance company for the recipient. These are important mail & posmalaysia has no excuses whatsoever to be slip shot about your service. You have the monopoly & that gives Malaysians no choice but to rely on you.

    So posmalaysia, I would appreciate a reply to these complaints, not a standard one but one that is constructive & that will rectify these problems. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Ezrah Rahim

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  • Um
    umeus May 16, 2012

    pos malaysia cannot be worse than it already is! such bad sevice and such unethical workers.

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  • Sy
    SYAMHASSAN Sep 05, 2012


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  • Jo
    Johann Doerr Sep 07, 2012

    Pos Malaysia is one of the worst mail service in the world. The workers and managements are idiots who just know how to receive paychecks. I agree with Ultimat Axion that the main problem is the majority of workers are Malays. They work so slow and very lazy. Just like many of the other government branches which is dominated by Malay workers. I know because I observed very carefully and for a long time and know many of them. No point in complaining because if you ask something, they answer different thing or they give you some other number or person to ask. In the end, you get no result. This is what people call Ignorant. How can Malaysia progress if many Malays are like this. Malays talk so big and cannot do anything properly. Only care about self image and own stomach but have no social responsibility. Malays who are full of ### is the main problem. When being criticized, they say sensitive issue of give profanity and dirty language. MELAYU MALU LAH SIKIT ! JANGAN BERLAGAK MACAM BAGUS KALAU BELAKANG ORANG LAIN KUTUK DAN KETAWA. TAK ADA SIAPA HORMAT LAH. AKHIRNYA KENA PIJAK DAN KETINGGALAN DI DUNIA. Respect is earned and not demanded. and your stupid attitude will be the downfall of your race.

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  • Jo
    Johann Doerr Sep 07, 2012

    Pos Malaysia is one of the worst mail service in the world. The workers and managements are IDIOTS who just know how to receive paychecks. I agree with Ultimat Axion that the main problem is the majority of workers are MALAYS. They work so slow and very lazy. Just like many of the other government branches which is dominated by Malay workers. I know because I observed very carefully and for a long time and know many of them. No point in complaining because if you ask something, they answer different thing or they give you some other number or person to ask. In the end, you get no result. This is what people call Ignorant. How can Malaysia progress if many Malays are like this. Malays talk so big and cannot do anything properly. Only care about self image and own stomach but have no social responsibility. Malays who are full of ### is the main problem. When being criticized, they say sensitive issue of say profanity and dirty language. MELAYU MALU LAH SIKIT ! JANGAN BERLAGAK MACAM BAGUS KALAU BELAKANG, ORANG LAIN KUTUK DAN KETAWA. TAK ADA SIAPA HORMAT LAH. AKHIRNYA KENA PIJAK DAN KETINGGALAN DI DUNIA. Respect is earned and not demanded. and your stupid attitude will be the downfall of your race.

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  • Ca
    CalliewkL Sep 25, 2012

    My mom sent me a pair of baby shoes from New Zealand for my new born baby. The parcel was lost in the mail. Now i am waiting for my t-shirt from the US. One month has already past and the sender said the packet left them on the 24th August. I still have not received my t-shirt. What i can say it that the Pos Malaysia is completely unreliable and this is reflecting the failure of the public sector to provide essential services to the nation.

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  • Jo
    Johann Doerr Jan 10, 2013

    Why bother to complain about Pos Malaysia's services and the consistency of lost and late delivery of important mail and packages. They definitely do not read or care about any complaints submitted to their office or in this forum. The employees are a bunch of ignorant, lazy, high school failures and irresponsible Malays. What do you expect from ###s who embraces a culture and religion that emphasizes selfishness and materialistic importance. Whereas, the ability of executing modern and efficient procedures are a failure. A shame and disgrace to their propaganda and big words of vision and growth etc. The only thing you can do is scoff, scorn and not give them any respect.

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  • Ni
    Nichlas Kim Mar 27, 2013

    I had bad experience too with Pos Malaysia, My mum sent me a Samsung Note II from USA to Malaysia via registered mail. There were 6 items in it but when i received this parcel, there were only 2 items and the phone is not Note II !!! It is a different modal (Galaxy S3). The parcel looks fine and sealed completely before unwrap. =[

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  • No
    nothappywithposlaju Jul 27, 2013

    I have used them in the past and it was ok. This time i need an important document sent. They lost and dont have an y reasons for it. How can they not even try to help me find it!!! Useless i will not use them again!!!

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  • Ti
    Tired of slackness Sep 23, 2013

    read my review of their slack attitude

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  • Ca
    Callau Jan 19, 2014

    Help me, pleaae! I bought a set of Timmy Time DVD for my little boy because Astro's Timmy Time is now aired at 9.30pm, which is my boy's bed time. He loves Timmy so much that he woke up in the middle of the night and cried because he thought he missed the shows. it is estimated that i will receive the packet 10 days ago but, i have not. I have a feeling it is lost! This is i don't know how many times my packet from overseas gone missing in the mail! Can somebody tell me what i can do to get it back?

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  • Se
    seribahasa Jan 20, 2014

    yup..i agree...middle of last year i lost 2 parcels from US and 1 from Canada...but still lucks on my side, i got full refund from the senders...but its still worries me weather sellers from overseas will trust their partners from malaysia in the its reflects when so many sellers on ebay won't sell their things to malaysian buyers...what a shame to malaysian pos...

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  • Ca
    Callau Jan 20, 2014

    I called PosMalaysia's customer service line but, the line was busy all time. In fact to avoid loses, I often have my order sent to my cousins or friends in Sweden, Canada or Australia, depending on when they are coming to visit. I should have the DVDs sent to the friend in Canada who is coming this May. When the mooncake i sent to my Kiwi mom in New Zealand lost in the mail, the Queen's Mail sent a letter to apologize for the lost and offer my mom a handbag for compensation. They also informed her that she has the right to pursue the matter if she chooses to. It show a very high level of integrity the Queen's Mail has. PosMalaysia is really hopeless.

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  • Ca
    Callau Jan 20, 2014

    I often have my packets sent to Sweden, Australia or Canada depending on when my cousins or friends are coming to visit. I was hoping to get the Timmy Time Dvds faster for my boy so, I did not ask a friend in Canada who is coming this May.

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  • Le
    Lexus Tam Apr 18, 2014

    Dear Post Malaysia,

    I sending a parcel to a friend in United States with Malaysia Post Air Parcel and this is the tracking code: CP106093079MY and all the side of the box/parcel is stick with Fragile sticker.

    Today i received reply from my friend that the item in the parcel is totally damage and the box/parcel is totally damage/broken condition as you can see in these photos attachment in this email. The parcel seems like get someone step or kick on it.

    I would like Post Malaysia to reply to this with solid explanation as many of my email that sent to Post Malaysia also get missing and ignore. IF this the system practicing by Post Malaysia by Missing and Ignore?

    I wonder if shipping parcel with tracking code and fragile sticker also will get damage what about those parcel and normal mailing with with not register/tracking will be? IF this still safe for us to continue trust on Post Malaysia? And WHERE is the promise by post malaysia to increase shipping cost and increase the service and quality? If this opposite of just lie to public by increasing cost but reducing quality?

    I would like to receive reply from Post Malaysia on this as i will get updates to all related department up to date as emails list that i cc too.

    Thank You

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  • Os
    Oshiko Sep 12, 2014

    Dear Pos Malaysia,

    Recently I posted two small packet within Malaysia, both also missing. And many of my items from overseas also missing. I believed that this is not just a matter of ignorant but seems more towards of stealing those items by your staff.

    If I post normal mail also need to have a tracking number from PosLaju/Post Ekspres, then what is the role played by Pos Malaysia?

    Even I also know that, Pos Malaysia not even bother to the complants that we filed, because based on the common attitude by them are, "IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO SERVICE, DON'T USE IT, LOOK FOR OTHERS".

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  • Ha
    hatepeoplethatsteal Oct 17, 2014

    DO NOT SHIP TO MALAYSIA!! These people will STEAL your packages! I sent $3, 600 in jewelry from the US to a customer, US did it's job as always to get the package to this country. Surprise, surprise, the postal service of Malaysia has "no record of receipt" into the country. Once again, I send a $1600 package via Express mail 3 weeks ago...Passed US customs and shipped to Malaysia...Guess what? No record of receipt! That is because they get stolen as soon as they enter the country. This is a 3rd world country worse than Brazil. Workers are incredibly unethical. If your package has a high value, don't even think of sending it to this country. 9 times out of 10, it will be stolen right after it enters the country.

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  • Ca
    cayenne2008 Nov 12, 2014

    I have been waiting for a CD parcel from Canada since August 19th and no sign of it ever showing up. Perhaps the biggest error was by not paying for tracking number. I am sure some employee of Pos M'sia is now enjoy my CD disks. I wonder if that would actually help at all if I had paid for tracking number.

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  • Fa
    Faith Lim May 27, 2015

    27.5.15. More than a week that my online order iPHone 6 (RM3000) has not arrived me as promised. It was ordered under GROUPON (I Distribution M Sdn Bhd) with tracking number EF742798656MY. The stass of I Distribution M found out from the official in Pos Laju Malaysia that it has been lost. There is no way for them to trace back!!! and any lost item will all be born by the customer! WHAT IS THIS???? no justice! I shall look for a lawyer now. Be it however small an item is, there must be a party to responsible for it. POS LAJU LOST THE ITEM AND thats it?????? totally ashamed of their services. I hope Groupon or I Distribution M SDN BHD will replace or refund my money.

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  • An
    AngryAnon Jun 02, 2015

    Pos Malaysia/Laju is completely unreliable. Postage that are supposed to arrive WEEKS AGO, is, i believe, now lost with a pile of other important letters and packages. Pos Laju is very slow, and I find it very ironic how it is called "Laju" when it takes like 7 weeks to send a simple letter. The staff are completely IRRESPONSIBLE, lazy, playful and are there for just paychecks. I am truly, truly, disgusted on how the system works, as this is really horrifying, because many important mails have been lost and claimed by some of the wrong owners. I hope that this matter will be cleared and Pos Laju/Malaysia could finally be responsible for their jobs, and that we do not need to be victims of this heartbreaking matter anymore.

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  • Ma
    Marcus Chee Jun 03, 2015

    I've sent mails to Kuala Lumpur from the US and it seems the success rate is less than 50%, worst than flipping a coin. It's so unreliable that it's not worth using the service at all. It would make sense for me to use private courier services like FEDEX, DHL, UPS. No clue who works at postal services, might as well be a bunch of thugs.

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  • El
    elcen chong Jun 05, 2015

    pos laju kk kakitangan buat kerja sangat rampat...
    6-6-2015(seorang lelaki yang bertugas)
    hari ini saya jam 1.00ptg tunggu sampai jam 2.30ptg, barang saya pun belum dapat...waste my time only...
    kalau kerja begitu, macam mana pos malaysia dapat kasih manusia imej yang bagus...
    saya di sana dunggu 1jam setengah pun belum dapat barang saya...
    saya harap pihak pos malaysia boleh alamat perkara ini.

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  • Pu
    Pung Wei Soon Jun 10, 2015

    Is my mail box got any problem?why always drop out side? when raining, my all mail is wet!
    I have complain 1 time before, after that the pos man just thorw the mail on my floor! how can do this?
    Is this cannot complain? pls dun do this to me anymore

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  • Ed
    Edalyn Jun 29, 2015

    Stupid ! Pos Malaysia Flexi Pack !!

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  • Le
    Leop061 Jul 20, 2015

    I completely agreed. They are thief. Some of the Malaysia pos laju. postal workers are THIEF. DONT SENT thing to Malaysia

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  • Ra
    Ramya Devi Aug 24, 2015

    I'm A home maker live at Apartment Rosevilla, Kulai jaya, Johore.
    I wonder why those POS MALAYSIA workers hesitate to deliver our POS LAJU mails at our house doorstep?????
    Although my apartment have the lift Facilities!!! and There is someone in my house 24 hrs!!!
    I'm annoyed and really hate POSLAJU for theirs disgusting services!!!
    What they do is simply put a small note and ask us to collect from their branch personally..Why must the the sender paying for the parcel/letter ???just to leave a note in our mail box????
    This drama is happening not once or twice but many times...
    Hope Pos Laju take action on this matter and do their services properly!!!

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  • As
    ashleysz Oct 04, 2015

    I'm sorry to say that i have similar experiences of lost mail. The most recent experience was while i was waiting for my certificate from the malaysian medical council. MMC informed me that they sent it to my hse almost 2 weeks ago and gave me a tracking number. There was no notice left by the postman indicating he came by but no one was home. When i went to the post office, i gave them my tracking number and IC but they couldn't find my letter. On top of that, i was scolded by them. They said i should bring the notice left by the postman. But there wasn't any. All this happened at 188A, 188B, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Hope their service improves soon. Hope their staff Encik Din and friends would not be so rude to the next person that comes along.

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  • Le
    lemonadebeU Dec 09, 2015

    Just yesterday, my husband told me he was expecting his package of vinyl which the sender has confirmed they have sent and provide him the tracking number. However, my husband did not received any. He checked with Poslaju, they said it has been delivered. Someone has signed and received. My husband found out that was his office neighbor (ground floor), when checked with her, she said she did not received any package. No hints on where is the package. I guessed the postman lazy to go first floor, and just pass to anyone. This is not a first time. They have been left the packages on the staircase. So ridiculous! How can Poslaju staff so irresponsibility! Just to complete without complete properly. It's means if no one at home, they can just pass to any passer by to receive and claim package delivered. What kind of attitude! We consumer paid the fees, and they thought they deserve it. If they not happy with their salary, ask from their employer. Not making any sense. Can we report to Consumer department?

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  • Me
    meandragon Dec 16, 2015

    POS Malaysia is a joke. Avoid if possible. I bought online some 10 items from Aliexpress during their Nov 11 sale day. I received all the items sent by China Post, Sweden Post and Deutche Post but items sent via POS Malaysia is still outstanding after over a month!.

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  • Ke
    kellyannt Dec 28, 2016

    @meandragon I'm having this problem too! Same day. All of my other packages have arrived except for the Malaysia Post ones :( I don't know what to do.

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  • Re
    Reviewer15407 Jan 03, 2016

    I made a request to my school to issue a letter to me and post it to my home address. As informed by my school that they have posted it on Thursday, i have received the letter after more than one week. poor services

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  • Ev
    ♥Evelyn MY♥ Jan 12, 2016

    POS LAJU which I came to understand is also called as EMS is suppose to be deemed as reliable, fast and guaranteed service.
    Now, when it is said to be EMS means speed comes to priority. I would expect delivery between 3-5 days at Maximum. However, I realized there is some inconsistency when it comes to the EMS service. Rightfully EMS should not be affected by in transit delays, customs or public holidays etc because simply it is EMS! Otherwise why pay triple times more for EMS when you can just settle for normal shipping?
    Status of tracking do not provide detailed information on the status. Even if there is a delay, they could not care less to enlighten the customers and worse sometimes there is no status update for days! I recently shipped a parcel weighing about 1kg using Pos Laju EMS to Japan on 5th morning and today will be the 6th day and the parcel is not yet delivered and received. Question is, why is there a delay in transit for 3 days minimum? Worse is there is no detailed updates on what has happened. Obviously something is wrong or there is some issue with the process handling or carriers. The delay during in transit has brought delay to the entire delivery period promised for 3-5 days. I feel the in transit period could have been shorten up to maintain the promised delivery duration for EMS and in this case it is not. So it is very dissapointing for the fact that EMS service is still proven unreliable in Malaysia. What are our choices now besides EMS if even this service is a failure?

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  • Ia
    IainP Jun 08, 2016

    Sent a letter from KL to Dubai on Friday 4th June 2016, informed it would take 3 to4 working days, confirmed with Pos Malaysia staff that it would be in Dubai Tuesday 7th June or Wednesday 8th June, yes sir will be ther no later than Wednesday (8th June) Checked on Track & Trace system no record found, called Pos Malaysia Thursday 9th June, it is left Malaysia on Monday 6th June and is on the airplane. This is Thursday and its still on the airplane! Can you tell me which airplane, no we don't have any record of it. So how do you know its on the airplane? Went to Bangsar Post office where package was sent from and after a while the same thing.. Asked if they could call Pos Malaysia at KLIA as that was the last point recorded, sorry we cant call Pos Malaysia KLIA. Can you give me a number to call them, sorry Pos Malaysia KLIA does not have phones... Clearly Pos Malaysia believe we are all idiots I'm sorry but I'm an educated expat I've been involved in logistics and I know damn well from the information I have been able to get hold of that my package is still at KLIA.
    I'll hold my hand up for being a mug by believing that Pos Malaysia could deliver a simple letter. To make matters worse i walked past a DHL center about 5 doors down oh how i wished i had come that way last Friday.

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