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Malaysia - 50670
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impolite staff

Date of incident : 29/06/2017
Time : 11.30am to 11.45am
Tracking number : EM776836716MY (Sending to Papparoti)

I'm the person who open the door to this posman. Unsatisfied with the attitude because of the incident descript below,
Asking this posman going to 3rd floor, he asking me why? I told him because the receiver is in 3rd floor. He direct rejected, he said do not want to go upstair, ask me to inform the receiver to receive the item at 1st floor. By the way, lift is available to use. First time happen.
(The receiver sitting at 3rd floor, all documents sending address written D-1-6)
- No manner, not respect others, brutal and very lazy

After few minutes, suddenly that was a door closing sound efferent loudly and I going down to have a look, the door was open instead of closing. By the way, the door is magnet door, should be close it lightly.
- Rudeness, ill temper

If the posman in rush time also, is this the service given to customer? Because of the attitude, this person will be destroy your own reputation and image. Or else, provide a better training of servicing or take action.

my parcel never get delivered to me and no one knows where it goes.

I expected my parcel to be arrive in JAN 2017. After walk in and check in Kota Kinabalu post office they told me my parcel has been transfer to Penampang post office. I went the the same day and check. And the staff told me they saw it in the system but they didn't see the parcel at their branch. They said they will call me but no call until now. This is the post office number they told me to call but no one ever pick up. [protected].

For your information, no one from post office ever call me and no deliver notes from post office too. Usually if my parcel delivery to my house the post office man will call me or leave a delivery slip in my mailbox. But this parcel totally lost in track.

Parcel from : Tracking no: LA007237885US
Mr. Tim Killduf
20830 NW Chiloquin CT, Portland Oregon, 97229 USA
T: +[protected]
Deliver Address:
Monica Chin
S-5-0, Ground Floor, Block S, Phase 2, Beverly Hills Apartment, Jalan Bundusan, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, SABAH.
T: [protected]

Its actually my first proposal gift. That is why it is very important to me. Really hope to hear from you soon and bring back my parcel. And I need to know where do this parcel goes.

Thank you very much.

my parcel never get delivered to me and no one knows where it goes.

Pos Malaysia Berhad

pos malaysia delivery

I seriously asking all merchants, please do not send your items to me using pos malaysia, use other courier service, or I will not buy from you anymore, giving me so much trouble!!!

Pos malaysia service quality is really bad, I just cannot stand it anymore. I always facing lost mails, got people at home but still get undelivery note and have to pick up from their office, calls in and have to waited for a very long long time, then phone sometimes break up and have to call and wait again.

customs staff behaviour


Dear Pos Laju,

Please provide us with a customer service number what actually works. I called the number provided on your website, and was put on hold for 20 minutes only for the line to automatically hang up. The second time I tried, I was attended to rather rudely by one of your staff. He did not seem to care about my problem and responded to my questions in a rude manner. I still have no updates regarding my parcel, or can I reach any of your customer representatives.

How disappointing. I believe that I speak for many others in the fact that your entire operations and service is rather appalling.

How are Malaysians supposed to trust the "national carrier" when nothing is done to improve the service.

unsuccessful delivery. please contact [protected] future delivery

i trying to contact the number above and some other number puchong/subang branch, and yeah, waited for 10 mins for each call and listen to some rubbish advertisements.

please contact me: [protected] (hon)

min 350 character, thats a awesome feature. so

  • Nu
    nursuhana yahya Jul 05, 2017

    How did you get your parcel?
    I've tried to call but no one is answering and now i am clueless how to get my parcel and which poslaju place i should be going.

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  • Ck
    ckhon Jul 06, 2017

    @nursuhana yahya I received the parcel after that. and few days later maybe a week. they call me regarding the complaint I post.
    you can try this :
    sebarang pertanyaan juga boleh dimajukan melalui emel di [email protected] atau menerusi http://www.efeedback.pos.com.my

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  • Yk
    y k chow Apr 25, 2018

    AWBILL NO.EN988084308MY
    aku telah mengambil parcel aku di postlaju 2 mingu lalu, staff di sana memberitahu barang tu di dalam tray di belakang dan susah untuk di cari, dan meminta aku tungu penghantaran postman.lepas 2 mingu barang tak sampai di alamat di berikan.aku kembali ke postlaju check lagi, dan kecewanya staff tersebut membertitahu yang barang aku telah di kembalikan ke shipper. tapi shipper sekarang tidak melayan pangilan aku.
    Alamat penghantaran seperti berikut :
    TEL: 016 838 1197 OR 017 8998550 ATTN: PRETYLIN OR CHOW YEW KONG
    Alamat di atas cukup jelas untuk penghantaran kenapa postman tak hantar & kembalikan barang tu ke shipper.

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  • Am
    Amyra Salsabila Dec 03, 2018

    saya mahu buat aduan tentang cek socso suami saya yang tak sampai kerumah, sepatutnya sampai surat cek socso sampai pada 25hb.11.2018 atau 26hb.11.2018, saya telah menelefon pihak socso mengapa lambat hantar, pihak socso JOHOR BAHRU tersebut bagitahu surat socso tu telah pon dihantar seminggu sebelum tarikh tersebut, sekarang ni surat cek tu belom sampai kerumah .


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poslaju malaysia

I would like to submit a complaint about the time taken for my parcel to arrive from West Malaysia to East Malaysia. Today is the third day after the parcel was posted and I still have not receive my parcel. What is taking so long? Usually I would have received my parcel by today, LATEST. Why is it taking so long for my parcel to arrive? I choose poslaju because I am in a hurry to use the items posted in the parcel. The parcel contains a pair of spectacles bought by my friend and he is very eager to receive it and has been annoying me since the day I purchased it for him, asking me when will his spectacles arrive. To add on to the matter, your company does not do delivery on Sundays. Even if by tomorrow the spectacles arrived here in East Malaysia, I will still have to wait until Monday before I could receive it. I am hereby absolutely dissapointed with your posting services. I have NEVER have had my parcel take more than three days to arrive. I want a good explanation to this matter and please make sure to DO SOMETHING about your services.

poslaju malaysia

Pos Malaysia Berhad

staff pos mini nenasi, ekan, ahang

Dear All,
Hereby i want to make a complaint To ur Staff at Pos mini Nenasi pekan Pahang. on 15/06/2017 the poslaju courier service is going to delivered the item need posted from Astro ( Smart Card) unfortunetly the Driver did't not find the adress... So the Parcell have been return to Pos Mini Nenasi, Pekan, Pahang... I have ask myfriend to collect the parcel at Posmini nenasi but unfortunetly the staff there said she cant give the parcel its required The unsuccessfull letter from poslaju... The Question is HOW MY FRIEND WANTS TO BRING THE LETTER IF THE POSLAJU DRIVE DID'T FIND THE ADRESS EARLIER...Later on 16/06/2017 i have call the Posmini Nenasi, pekan asking and explainning about this...But Her said can understand what im saying i was explaining to her in BAHASA MELAYU ..and the worst part is she suddenly drop the phone while im still talking to her...

Please take note on this matter..Please advise ur staff to Release my parcel ASAP.If not i will go there and shout at her. Tq

hantar barang pada jam 9 pm malam

Saya tak faham dengan pos sekarang ni. Dah tahu ni alamat office. Kenapa perlu datang pada jam 9pm malam?...

Pos Malaysia Berhad


I was used prepaid poslaju box to courier my parcel. I submit to them in an excellant condition but Pos Malaysia Berhad return my parcel in a damage condition. They damaged the parcel box along the way they deliver to destination then return back the parcel to me. Why should sender bear the cost indeed Pos Malaysia Berhad should be responsible for such lost as they damage my parcel. Will them accept if I send my parcel in such condition? No, right? In such condition, I have to repurchased the prepaid box and pay the delivery fee again. These cases happen few times on me. So this is the way they do business and earn money from customer? Besides, I also have few parcel in where the products were damaged by them. The boxes had been labelled fragile but what is the point to label the fragile when they were not handle carefully even they know there are fragile products inside? I can understand if it only happen sometimes but the problem is it happen so frequently. Now, again another case. The recent parcel I want send to Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur and they deliver to Kuantan? Then damage the parcel again and now return to me? Whose responsibility when you deliver to the wrong destination and damage the goods?


Pos Malaysia Berhad

letter is opened

I stay in Taman Bidara, Batu Caves, Selangor.

I receive a letter from my bank today, 13th June 2017 but the envelope with the statement was ripped open. This is a confidential letter and as such, our privacy has been infringed upon. This is really unacceptable. I do not know if this is the first incident in our area but hope you will look into this immediately and not allow this to be repeated.

letter is opened

Pos Malaysia Berhad

servis penghantaran yang buruk

Saya menggunakan perkhidmatan pos laju iaitu hantar barang dr JB ke Sandakan, bkn shj memakan masa lebih dari masa yg ditetapkan oleh pihak pos laju, malah apabila dijanjikan akan buat penghantaran hari ini tapi tiba2 sms ditangguhkan ke esok, ini dokumen penting, sila rujuk EP389323714MY... betul2 menghampakan, tdk angkat panggilan sepanjang masa.

barang belom sampai

Barang yang dikirim belum sampai last tracking barang berada di pejabat pos balakong pada 13.5.2017 sampai sekarang barang tidak sampai tracking number em769941435my dan saya telah membuat pada 30.5.2017 report number report [protected] namun sampai hari ini 11.6.2017 tiada sebarang maklum balas dari pihak pos laju malaysia.Pihak pos laju berjanji akan menghubungi saya dalam masa 6 hari bekerja tapi sampai saat ini saya tiada mendapat sebarang panggilan daripada pihak pos laju.Saya sungguh kecewa dengan pihak pos laju.

parcel salah serah kpd bukan penerima sebenar oleh staff poslaju

Pada pkul 4:30 ptg sy semak tracking no. en833664150my melalui online tracking telah sampai di poslaju nilai...

Pos Malaysia Berhad


Saya ke pos laju sandakan utk menuntut barang saya EH256761900MY
EN382694239MY .. saya sudah call pos laju simpan di kaunter utk self pickup .. kemudian saya berada d pos laju sandakan pd jm11.34 .. saya tengah dlm Q bila turn saya pekerja tersebut mengatalan bahawa barang saya kena ambil pada isnin (12hb6) d sebabkan brg saya smpai pd mlm (9hb6) so sudah d simpan dlm tempat yg lain .. padahal sebelum tu ada customer jg yg sma mcm saya tp customer tu dpt brg dia .. pekerja tersebut rupanya malas utk mencari barang saya .. sangat pemalas .. saya ni customer and i already call pos laju about my item .. then how my item can be collect at 12 hb 6 2017 .. why i cant get my item today .. so i hope this situation never happen again ..


Today I went to post office ayer keroh, one of the staff there was very rude. The customer only stick the label wrong place then the staff scold the customer badly.

I believed that it was the first time for the customer posting the parcel through post registered, the staff show the rude face to the customer since the customer unknown anything.

Is this call a good service?

lazy postman

On 08 June 2017(WED), time 1430, place Taiping Perak, motorcycle plate no. VQ 3455. I received a parcel from this postman but I was busy on my job. He refuse to walk in to give me the parcel & keep horn and asked me to go out. Not the 1st time he make this, everytime he sent letter or parcel he just drove his motorcycle(refuse to leave his motorcycle even 1cm) up infront of my shop & leave letter on the door handle.

penghantaran pos laju ke universiti tun hussien onn, parit raja, batu pahat

Terdapat ribuan item pos tak dihantar (pada bulan jun ini) secara direct ke penerima. Penerima dimanta datang...

late delivery for tax notice

I'm Nelyza Mohd Paiz. Recently I received a notice from Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat on 6 June 2017. To my surprise, the notice date is on 1 March 2017 . I even checked with the Majlis Daerah, and they said it must be your postman sending it late. By right I shall received at least a week after. But this is too much, I only received after 3 months. I totally could not accept this as it is regarding tax assessment. I am dissapointed with your service. For your information, I stayed somewhere in Taman Bentara, Teluk Panglima Garang for about a year already. There is no such things your postman could not find my address. As a desirable resolution, I would like you to pay the outstanding tax to MDKL. And also i need your further explanation with a concrete reason why this could happened.

Thanks but no thanks.

late delivery for tax notice

Pos Malaysia Berhad

unsuccessful delivery


Redelivery by today (urgent)

Saya menunggu parcel yang bernombor ep395609659my saya yang sepatutnya sampai hari ini tetapi apabila saya track nombor parcel dalam website menunujukkan parcel saya gagal dihantar. saya sudah menghubungi pusat khidmat pelanggan pos laju tetapi tiada tindakan susulan. pusat khidmat pelanggan menyuruh saya menelepon dimana parcel saya berada tapi panggilan tidak dijawab. staff pos laju tidak meninggalkan apa-apa nota tentang kedatangan atau ketiadaan penerima di alamat tersebut. saya tidak berpuas hati dengan servis yang diberikan. saya memerlukan barangan tersebut seberapa segera pada hari ini. saya berharap ini tidak berlaku kepada orang lain.


Assalamualaikum saya; norhaslinda bt kamiso beralamat di 57, jln 10, taman putra 68000 ampang selangor hp...

Pos Malaysia Berhad

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