Pos Malaysia Berhaddelivery and collection


I had encountered this problem not twice but three time! Three [censor]ing times! The postman never succeed in delivering the parcel to my house! And the main thing is, I am always always home during daytime as I only work night shifts starting from 6pm. No one came to the door or rang the bell. But when I checked my parcel with the tracking number, it was said that the parcel aldy delivered to my house but no one is there to collect. What the [censor]?! I have to stopped by at the poslaju office lebuh victoria penang to collect myself! During one of the collection when I reached there, they said that my parcel is not in the branch. So I have to go back, check with the seller again and head back to the office again to confirm. During the second time they said that my parcel was still not there and I only managed to get it during the third time. When I got my parcel, it was really torn. I really need an explanation on what was going on with that parcel! Then another when I went to collect again, there was no customers in there and I was the only one. I shouted excuse me for a lot of times not even one single person came to layan. I heard the staff laughing and talking behind the back so I shouted louder. One of them came out and asked me too tunggu sekejap then went back in to chat with the others again. What the [censor] is wrong with all the staffs?! Excuse me! Is this the way to serve the customers?! And I was forced to wait for them for half and hour! When in the whole waiting area I was the only customer exists! I am so freaking fed up with poslaju seriously. Please do something about it.

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