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About a year ago a friend referred me to the Auto Gallery Porsche dealership in Woodland Hills, CA, to buy a new car. When I went there, they didnt have the one I wanted but said they could order one. While I waited for a new one to be delivered they wanted me to lease another car from them, which they said they would buy back when a new car came in. Since I had a car to drive, I told them I wasnt interested. After checking with the Sales Manager, the sales representative then said they could buy the leased car back at a set price that would cover all the lease payments since it would only be for three months. My friend had recently done a similar buy-back type of deal with them so I trusted them to keep their promise. Three months later they refused to buy the leased vehicle back for the prearranged amount and have offered $30, 000 less. They have subsequently fired the sales representative I was dealing with, saying he wasnt authorized to make the deal. If you DARE deal with this dealership, get EVERYTHING in writing and signed/approved by the owner, Harrison Gray, before agreeing to anything!


  • Rt
    RTT1960 Jun 19, 2010

    “I previously commented about a dispute I was having with The Auto Gallery and Porsche. Since that time, the situation has been resolved to my satisfaction. I now realize that my dispute with the dealership and Porsche was the result of an unfortunate mutual misunderstanding and miscommunication."

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  • My
    Myra Singer Oct 29, 2011

    Arlington Porsche in Virginia did a terrible thing to us. We have 2 Porsches.
    Our Cayenne S 2011 got clogged drains immediately after the 1 year service. Arlington Porsche said it is not their fault and charged us almost 9 times more than another Virginia dealer charges for cleaning the drains. The service department at ARLINGTON PORSCHE is AWFUL. The sales manager, who once worked in the service department, gave us a story that was quite inaccurate about clogged drains.
    We will NEVER go to ARLINGTON PORSCHE again.

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  • Ay
    Ayman M Nov 14, 2012

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if there's any effective channels for filing a complaint against Qatar Porsche dealer for a service-related issue?

    This is a dealer that has a history of apathy towards its customers, and the service center is littered with one complaint after the next for these guys. I suppose you could say that I'm a recent victim of their appalling "service".

    I've tried to source a specific department or contact details for Porsche of Middle East(or even the HQ in Germany) to file a complaint, but with no luck.

    The bottom line is that this dealership is casting a very, very bad image on the Porsche brand, and since I live in Doha Qatar(where there's only one Porsche dealer), this experience has actually tarnished my thoughts on owning my current car - let alone ever purchasing one from a dealer.

    And I refuse to be yet another pissed off customer that just goes "silently into the night".

    Any ideas? Contacts? Similar experiences?

    Your input would be most appreciated...

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  • Th
    The Yellow 911 Mar 22, 2013

    Porsche Dealership
    Durban South Africa ]

    I own a Porsche Caymen 2007, and planned on changing my Porsche upgrading to the 911 Carrera 2013 model, I researched teh internet and approched a salesman at the Umhlanga Porsche Dealership here in South Africa, Being the only one in my Province I delt directily with Porsche,
    I met on numerous occasions withb the Porsche teanm there that advised me of the vairous spec's I could oder top a point i went with the whole trip body kit etc Everything a dream 911 could wish to have.
    I met and specifically ordered the the Powerenhancement kit, downloaed the file handed it to my salesman in person paid the deposit and waited stressing that all i orderd would come thru as expalined.
    The day came 6 months later almost and my Porsche had arrived, I looked at the vehicle and saw that certain power options ordered by me in person in writing AND IN CONFIRMING MAILS were not there

    Porsche wants now to forfiet mty deposit and id forcing me to take as car that i have not ordered...

    The rproduct is great but lies told by the agents selling the vechiles make the you wanna choose a different product ...SAD

    We are now in court ion good faith fighting for my money

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  • Yu
    Yusry Dec 21, 2013

    I'm very upset with after sales service/maintenance provided by Porsche Qatar (Al Boraq). As an owner I need to share my 5 years experience dealing with Porsche Service Center in Doha Qatar. They are the sole dealer/agent in Qatar (monolopised the market) and no competitive in marketing/sales of Porsche cars and Service Center. Can anyone advise me contact person/email in Porsche Germany where I can filed all the complaints against them. Thanks

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  • Bu
    Buoissa Apr 22, 2014

    I had an issue with Porsche Qatar that I would like to share with all Porsche owner in Qatar
    I had my spare tire stolen during annual service at gharafah branch or when was transported to industrial area by alboraq service center
    This is totally unacceptable for prestige car dealer

    Please be aware for these things happening in workshop
    I have complained to consumer protection department and waiting for response
    Does anyone knows how to reach customer service in Germany

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  • Ec
    ecb5983 Apr 26, 2014

    there is defiantly a sense of arrogance with Porsche as a company, i had a dealer make a comment to me "Porsche doesn't lay down like BMW" when i disputed a service charge. I wrote a letter to Porsche and never even received a response.

    If you must have a Porsche, do yourself a favor and avoid Legend Porsche in Massapequa NY

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  • Tw
    twoshots May 28, 2014

    @Buoissa: I'd like to get in touch. I am continuing having some of the worst car experiences with Porsche in Doha - I have spent over 100k in repair cost - over three years and am still trying to persuade them that they have sold me a Lemon - and have not been able to fix it. Dubai got in touch but got quiet. I have other people with horrorstories.

    Right at the moment - I cannot think of ever owning a Porsche ever again. Its very poor brand management.

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  • Tr
    Tracy Tyler Jan 04, 2016

    Euroclassic Porscheis the worse dealership. I have a porshe boxer and a ceyanne. The ceyanne was in the shop with them twice and before I got it home it started acting up. When I got the car back to the dealership, my husband was at work and I asked for a ride home. I only lived 8 miles from hthe dealership. I was stuck their for there failure to fix the car. I had to call a car service to get home. He had the nerve to offer me a umbrella.
    How insulting! NEVER TO ANY OF MY CARS BACK.

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  • Jo
    John Strom Feb 07, 2016

    One way to get results, if you can spare the time is to picket the dealership.

    Make up a moderately sized sign. BIG LETTERS. "BEWARE" then list your complaint. Be SURE you're factual or you could be sued for libel/slander. Then picket the dealership when he's busiest - evenings and weekends. When people ask you what happened - you could be being taped and that could be used against you. OR you could hire some kids, fleet of foot, to pelt the cars with rotten eggs. Just be certain those kids ARE fleet of foot. You don't want one of them caught!

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