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Jun 02, 2019 / Polycom / PlantronicsI have been a loyal Polycom and Plantronics customer for twenty years, buying thousands of dollars' worth of products from them. I live outside the U.S. Due to electrical power differences, some of their telephone accessories, such as power supplies and wall modules, require local...

Plantronics 220 Bluetooth Headset / ordered two Plantronics 220 Bluetooth Headsets Customer : order #5971xxxx and 5971xxxx and they only lasted 60 days

Jun 07, 2011

ordered two Plantronics 220 Bluetooth Headsets customer : order #5971xxxx and 5971xxxx and they only lasted 60 days representative: Sorry to hear about that. representative: Sorry for the inconvenience but regarding this issue, it would be better to contact our returns dept at...

Polycom / useless customer support

Jun 07, 2011

I called Polycom customer support to ask about interop with other phones. Every other IP phone displays video immediately as soon as they receive it, but polycom phone have a delay of 3 seconds. The tech support did not have any knowledge about what I am talking about and kep giving me...

Plantronics Backbeat 903 / Defective Merchandise

Feb 01, 2011

I received my order of bluetooth headphones from this website and as soon as the device was plugged in for the 3 hours it takes to fully charge (stated in the manual) the device will not indicate fully charged, nor turn on. I emailed their customer service and they said the item needs to...

IP Phone Warehouse / PolyCom 335 IP / I'm trying to help these people improve their customer service and they give me the brick-wall run-aroun


After purchasing a PolyCom 335 IP phone and receiving it in an appropriate amount of time, I opened the box to discover that there is no power supply. This is somewhat frustrating, but I was sure that I overlooked some notice when ordering that the phone didn't have one and I needed to...

N1 Wireless / Plantronics 925 / N1wireless is not a legal distributor of Plantronics products


Just a follow-up to a previous complaint - On 6/11/09 2pm CST I spoke with tech support at Plantronics USA, and discussed N1Wireless specifically. Their statement concerning N1wireless was, "N1wireless is not a legal distributor of Plantronics products. The only products that they can...

N1 Wireless / Plantronics 925 / Do not become another victim of these crooks


I guess I'm another victim - I purchased a Plantronics Discovery headset, only to have it arrive DOA. I tried their "RMA" link - no response. I tried direct email - no response. I tried the phone - they never answer it, or return calls. And my guess is that it's a gray-market...