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I used two 16 foot pods to move from MO to PA. Both containers were loaded by Moving Staffers which s one the PODS referrals for this type of job These referrals are familiar with PODS recommended packaging and loading techniques to secure everything inside in order to prevent shifting during normal transportation conditions. Then the two containers remained in a PODS warehouse for approximately 8 months until I purchased a new home in PA.

Everything was going great until the first container was delivered to my new home. This first container had a washer and dryer; the dryer was slightly dented but still functional. However, the washer was severely damaged, practically broken. Several other pieces of furniture were damaged/broken. The second container did not have any broken items. It seemed that somehow the first delivered container was not properly handled. Since I paid for the contents protection insurance, then I proceeded to file a claim immediately after.

Almost 30 days later I received a response to my claim. The response was that no physical damage was found on the rented container and that the damage on my property was consistent with "shifting on the contents inside the container". This is, apparently, not covered by the insurance. I replied that while I agreed that damage to the POD was not noted, I did not need a 30-day investigation to tell me that. If the investigation concluded that "shifting of the contents inside the container" (which to this day I do not know what method they used to conclude that) damaged my property then it must have been one heck of a shifting to cause dents and brake apart the appliance and furniture pieces. I would not consider that a typical shifting during normal transportation conditions since everything in that POD was nicely and tightly packed and secured with straps. Most likely poor handling techniques of the POD (eg. a rough lift or drop, excessive shaking, etc) caused these items to forced shift, bump, shake, and consequently break, not the way they were loaded or packed.

Then I was asked to present proof showing how the container was packed because the PODS locations have confirmed that there were no problems during the handling of the container and that items shifting into one another can cause damage.

I explained that I used one of their referrals and showed proof of the billing statement. I had no photos or videos showing how they did the job but I am very sure that everything was loaded as it was supposed to. It is fair to say that if PODS refers these companies it is because PODS understands that these companies are experienced with the PODS containers and they follow PODS recommended techniques. I would not recommend something or someone that does not perform as expected. With that being said, then why was I being questioned about how my items were packaged, loaded and secured inside the PODS to prevent shifting of the contents during normal transportation?

I was never contacted by PODS for follow up questions or anything at all prior to concluding their investigation. So it was clear to me that they had no interest in investigating anything but just to push back and put the blame on me or Moving Staffer. Basically PODS drivers/technicians can turn the container upside down and for as long as their container does not suffer any damages then they do not care about the contents inside. The thing is that PODS containers are built to last; to withstand a lot of weight. So they are not going to be easily damaged. It does not matter how well you pack your items, if PODS personnel are not careful enough while handling the container then your property can still be damaged.

This claim was going nowhere. I am frustrated about the poor handling of the container and subsequent lack of responsibility for the items stored in the PODS that I rented for almost a year. I definitely do not recommend using PODS nor I will use them again.


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    Ollie2 Nov 20, 2019

    100% with you. Water damage in one of my PODS- I believe because of how the driver placed it (at a slant) and the rain we were having. It was packed (appropriately) during non rainy times. Some pretty big rainstorms that came wiht pelting rain. Pods at an angle. Water in one corner. They will not provide documentation (without me having a lawyer and subpeona) of the type of test preformed, at what angle, and when. The say that the test by their "guys" showed there was no damage and that they used it in another move and no water damage reported. I'm out my china cabinet (packed in the leaky corner) a rug and a few boxes of books. How in heaven's name could I get water in the back corner of the POD to damage my own furniture. Ridiculous indeed, costly, and totally takes your money from the insurance you pay and then claims no responsibility. Shady, shady, shady. Upsell you on everything while providing "face" Do not use for moving and storing long distance - good chance things can get damaged and their investigations do not deal with all of the facts and require you to get legal representation.

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