United Van Lines Complaints & Reviews

United Van Lines / Hiring Deadbeat Dads

Oct 21, 2013

There is evidence that alleges United Van Lines located in Elmhurst, IL has been hiring people as "subcontractors" or otherwise, "paid under the table" to work as movers. Apparently, they have an individual who is significantly behind on child support. This debt is well over $60K and i...

United Van Lines - Schroeder / Damaged Goods

Oct 04, 2011

United Van Lines - Schroeder out of Wisconsin moved us from Missouri to Pennsylvania. The driver - Bob - damaged several items including my motorcycle. Bob and the movers dented the exhaust pipes and acknowledged that they were responsible. When I filed a claim, United denied the damage...

United Van Lines / Broke my furniture and blamed me

Jul 07, 2011

United Van Lines broke the legs off a buffet server during a long distance move. They alleged the legs were broken when they picked this up. This is a total lie. The legs were broken by the crew that picked up the piece and brought it into storage. The delivery crew told us when they...

United Van Lines/Yarnall / Long Distance Move

Jun 16, 2011

United Van Lines picked up furniture for a long distance move 5/21/11. Furniture was put into storage for a week. When it was delivered to our final destinationthe legs were broken off of an expensive buffet server. The delivery crew said when they picked up the furniture from the...

United Van Lines / unethical practice

Jun 05, 2011

Movers were rude & obnoxious, and had my wife in tears (I had already relocated several months earlier). No proof (stamp-dated receipt) was provided to verify the actual weight of my items, as they were combined into a multi-family move. All items were hastily & improperly packed, causing...

United Van Lines / Terrible Service

May 26, 2011

The company told us that our stuff will go directly to its destination, and we should expect it there in 7 business days. Two weeks later I was in a hotel in Boston (our destination) calling this company checking the status of our delivery. I was shocked to learn that our delivery had not...



We contracted with United Van Lines for our cross country move. We were sold by the sales guy who called us daily to follow up. We unfortunately bought into his promised. We repeated to him that we are on a tight schedule. We booked our plane tickets based on the time frame they quoted...

United Van Lines-Suddath Relocation Company &The Carolinas& / Terrible service


Wow...where to begin. I spent a good 2 months organzing my house and packing my belongings. I labeled each box and had everything in stacks, organized by which room and which floor they would be delivered to in the new house. I even colored coded the boxes and wrote fragile on those which...

United Van Lines / Poor customer service


This company has been the worst company I have ever dealt with. They promised me they would work with me in regards to my moving dates, but as soon as they recieved my 700 dollar deposit, they wouldn't return my phone calls despite multiple messages. Once I did get a hold of someone...

United Van Lines / United Van Lines - NIGHTMARE!


Our United Van Lines NIGHTMARE: United Van Lines Contract # 747 67 7 Total Amount paid: $5,510.45 Day of Packing—June 25 -Packers showed up at 10:00am when they said they would be there between 8-9am. They did not make it upstairs until 3:00pm. They left at 8:30pm after complaining...