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D Sep 10, 2018

I applied for an auto loan extension and was told I would be approved. It was denied because the rep didn't put a back to work date. The second rep put the date in and sent it back. I made several calls and kept being told they were backed up. No one would give me a supervisor. Today 9/10 I call and confirm that the extension was approved on 08/30/18. No letter generated causing it not to be applied to my account. Went into a branch to have the letter faxed. There is no letter according to collection department and c-cat dept. I should have not had to take the first hit on my credit because I initiated the process before I was 30 days late and the ball was dropped now 30 days later this is not resolved. I was transferred to a voicemail after repeatedly asking for a supervisor. Previous calls was also denied a supervisor.
I should not have to have my credit affected not once but twice because they did not do their job.

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