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Tonight I spent approximately 45mins playing the slotomania game "Panda Chi" betting between 12-18million, and for a period of time was getting considerable wins however my credits didn't seem to reflect the wins I was recieving. Then after winning 890million credits I notice only 190 mil had been added to my credits. The following spin paid out 480mil but I only received 100million of that.
I won rounds in the bonus board game Snakes & Ladder which I won approx 300 million which were not added to my credits.

Now I am left to question how long has this been going on for?
How much money have I lost? and, how much more money would I hav3 continued to loss/ spend if I hadn't picked up on this scam tonight.

I have spent a great deal of money on slotomania coin packages, which always seem to disappear in the blink of an eye, now I understand why.

Now unless someone from Slotomania can tell me exactly how many coins I've lost in the past 12 months and credit it back to m6 slotomania account, I will be requesting a full refund of every dollars I have spent over the last 12 months, or I will seek legal advice.

Im sure there are many out there who have been scammed by slotomania which would make for a interesting case.


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    Jaysjules Jan 21, 2020

    same thing here I'll play and be betting and especially on the quests none of the percentages add up it 'll say say win 1 million coins and when you hit 500, 000 coins it'll say like 40 % instead of 50 and when you win on their " promotions " they come up with some excuse on why you didn't get your prize and they expect you to screen shot everything little thing to prove yourself and even with that they still screw you out of what you earned or bought I went to sleep last night had over 15 billion coins woke up this morning with 4 billion funny how could I have played in my sleep on a dead phone and customer service yeah their motto is the customer is always wrong and liars

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