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Only a word : SCAMMERS

Every time you log in the game, it open 5 windows to pay.

Day gifts are ridiculous. Unnecessary to play.

Playtika only need our money, with very expensive packages.

The support game [protected]@playtika.com is non-existent. You will never get an answer.

All studied to create dependency.

This is my thought after 5 years i am playing

unethical behaviour; unauthorized credit card charges not receiving paid for goods.

On January 4, 2019, I made two purchases from Slotmania. The first purchase was $9.99 for a double lotto spin option to increase the amount of tokens (coins) paid out, and; a second purchase for $17.99 for addition playing tokens (coins) as Slotomania provides at a purchase price. I did not receive either item and was issued a message that the site was busy and there would be a delay in processing the purchase.
Both purchases were made by a debit card, and, I received a payment receipt for each purchase...just no goods for the purchase.
This is stealing money from a credit card purchase.
This company needs to honor customers purchases or issue credits or refunds for goods not received immediately.
Thank you!
Peter J. Hatas

not receiving credits for plunder bay with ticket not addressed

Debbie Thomsen: Print screens attached. I am trying to go this route because I have sent many messages via messenger/Bingo Blitz Complaints to complain about 3500 credits not received in the Facebook app bingo blitz. I have attached a print screen below of the ticket number that was issued. I have been waiting since October 23, 2018 with no response. Since initially doing this I have sent many print screens that are in the Bingo Blitz complaints/messenger but to no avail. I have since won of the last item needed in Plunder Bay which is the woman pirate with the pirate flag but I still didn't receive the 3500 credits. This is a lot of credits to not receive it I wouldn't continue sending message after message after message. I am trying a different way to get somebody's attention. Please get somebody to help. Thank you for your time.

Debbie Thomsen

not receiving credits for plunder bay with ticket not addressed
not receiving credits for plunder bay with ticket not addressed
not receiving credits for plunder bay with ticket not addressed


not received goods

I purchased a package of chips D01-[protected] for the value of £72.31 on 25/12/18 then I purchased another package on 26/12/18 for the sum of £23.86, D01-[protected]. I purchased the second package so that i could move to the next level is from good to platinum, unfortunately i have not received any chips nor have i been moved to the next level.
I've spoken to Amazon and they have told me that the goods have been delivered and the money has been taken from my account.
I've bought goods before and have had no issues but I'm disappointed that the goods have not been delivered/received.
Could you kindly look into this matter so that i can receive my goods is not just the goods but also moving up to the next level of platinum.
Kind regards
Zaroof Fazal


When you purchase coins they are charging me twice. I've contacted them and they put a lotto spin on there. This game is a joke. Im done. When you look at your bank statement they are charging you more then you purchased. I'm filling a dispute with the bank. Ive purchased many coins and nothing. Im done getting scammed and half the time the game doesn't load and it takes all your coins.

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I have encountered in the last week a headache from Playtika so called support and help! I was supposed to be rewarded for closing not 1 or 2 but now 3 set of the summer album but no matter how many times I have tried to contact them via email they are impossible! I have sent them screenshot that prove everything I am saying and I received one email on the 16 the day after I closed two of my sets and they never spoke of that subject one! Then today I closed another set and still nothing! Everyone around me is all excited they are getting theirs and I by now am just so angry so that is why I am coming here in hopes that you can do something to help! 😥. Thank you Rachel Crate. [protected]@gmail.com




Why did no one question $1400 worth of in app.purchases, where is the safety and security? every cent I had to pay to move into my new home tomorrow is gone so myself and my 3 yr old daughter look like we will still be living in our tent at Christmas time. I'm so incredibally upset, how do I tell her someone stole from mummy and Santa cant bring her a new home

  • Updated by Amanda Louise · Dec 18, 2018

    Someone paid $1400 in purchasesl ive been a loyal player for years and make purchases myself, but the amounts made that were made? how do i tell my 3yro santa isnt bringing her bedroom instead we will be in the tent weve been living in please is any way you could help me to get this money back so i dont lose this house tomorrow i would be grateful


Hi guys. I wish to advise and to find out why I was not awarded my Wild card from the promotion of filling up the stamp card. I went and bought coins to fill this stmp promotion which guaranteed a wildcard, yet on the16 th I only recieved my dash wild card. Why haven't I received this card. You are quite happy to take our money but not prepared to honor your side. Please can I have this fixed.
Simon hinneberg


  • Ra
    Rachel Crate Dec 19, 2018

    I wasn't either and after today a lot more than that!! But all our complaining here as they sit in Israel they don't care how Americans feel they just want Americans money!

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the support is neg, there isn't any, I can't even get in. to slotomania. I finally got in to ace game. few minutes and then it won't open again.

I have been reporting all the stuff for over a week but no one is there. Nothing . I was able to work up to 2, 000, 000, 000, 000.And, everything went wacky. Couldn't into any I wanted. things just stopped and that was it. over over and over, just took the money and coins. And, out it goes. I think you will be closed down soon. You took so much money but then nothing worked. went out spinning black. a white big card in the middle. with the exclamation mark in the middle, I swear this game is abusive. And, you have too many lines and too many ads for money.No wonder!!

bingo blitz play store purchase

There are 4 purchases on my Google play account that I did NOT authorize on December 17th 2018. They were charged to my debot card ending in 3525.I'm thinking my niece got ahold of my info.
2 Purchases for 299.99
2 Purchases for 14.99
Please refund immediately.
Ohara Powell

4 order(s) not refunded for a total of USD629.96

Advanced Power-Up Pack 2 (Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games),  USD14.99,  GPA.[protected],  Dec 16, 2018Legendary Bundle 3 (Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games),  USD299.99,  GPA.[protected],  Dec 16, 2018Legendary Bundle 3 (Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games),  USD299.99,  GPA.[protected],  Dec 16, 2018Advanced Power-Up Pack 2 (Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games),  USD14.99,  GPA.[protected],  Dec 16, 2018

bingo blitz play store purchase



I am finished with this game. Have so misrepresented the current end of year specials.
First thing they had said if you got thru all 4 blasts you would get your choice of a five star sloto card. I bought extra picks i think 8 times because I thot I could pick the lotto bonus card to fill up the slot fiesta album and get 23 billion coins. I went thru all 4 boards once and picked the slotoclubber card. So i went to do all 4 candy blasts. Did that today and instead of letting me pick a card they picked one. Of course I had the one they picked. I think I should get my card and 23 billion or get my money refunded.

Then they also said if i filled a stamp it card i would also get to choose my card. So instead they let me pick a album and they picked cards. Of course every one they picked i already had.

Then today it seemed like if you finished dash 1 you would get to choose 3 star card dash 2 a 4 star card and final dash a 5 star card. instead youo got to choose a album and they picked cards. Think I got 42 cards and had every one of them. Guess it is all stacked so you don't finish albums.

I am finished. I did enjoy playing but im done spending money and time here.

A very frustrated angry customer.

Michael POTTER

  • Ir
    Iris Brewer Dec 16, 2018

    My account was reset I was level 10033 had all my albums closed except for 1 ace card in the autumn album had over70 billion coins 330 trivia gems and over300 extra stars for the wheel but my account was reset all the way to the beginning and I lost everything. I have sent over13 message since Wednesday Dec 12 and have yet to get a response from the customer support

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Ok tech's for slotomania i'm complaining once again about how slow the game loads and the stupid blue circle that keeps going around and around no matter what I try to do! Also alot of of the games are black and I can't see what they are! This has been an on going thing for over a month! Nothing has been fixed no matter how many times I have contacted you - sure I could play other games but I love to play slotomania - one more thing is the current candy game goes all the way to the top but doesn't go anywhere after that - please please fix all of this asap - I miss playing my game!


They have dashes you need to complete I did they didn't give me the reward. They know they had a problem with this yet they did not make it right to all their customers. I have sent email s for 13 straight days and have not received emails back or my reward. What I have received back are forms emails not addressing my concerns or promises to look into it comments. They also say if not satisfied email them back and they will take care of it. All have been unanswered. Today again on a differnt topic they did not activate something I paid for. When they responded again said they know of the problem but did not fix or offer a refund instead provided a useless perk. This company has terrible customer service and leaves you stranded because they don't have the decency to respond back

bingo blitz

I was having problems with my Facebook account, I needed to change my password. They were so difficult to deal with and really hard to change my password so I opened a new account under the same name without my middle name. I had to resend friend request and change all my friends over to my new account. I continued to play Bingo Blitz. I was at level 195 and had over 4000 credits. I have played on that account since 2014. Today it changed as if I was starting over at the beginning. I have worked really hard over the last 4 years to move up. If you don'T restore my original account, I will never play it again! I will tell everyone I know what a crappy game it is and how I have been treated. There are plenty of games to play. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
Aileen Lee


What is going on? When I try to play Slotomania I can't get into the daily dash, my sloto cards or snakes and ladders game - Also I was gifted with alot of coins due to "lost coins " and never received one stinking coin - My friend sent me coins and the mystery gift and it won't let me get those either - In addition most of the games are black so I can't see what games they are! One last thing is the site is slower then a snail - That dang blue circle keeps going around and around only to have nothing happen when it's done! Please fix this as being disabled this is one of my main enjoyments!

  • Updated by Laurie Talatzko · Dec 08, 2018

    Why Why Slotomania? I'm ready to uninstall you forever - I have won a 20 million jackpot along with smaller ones in the new game Sinbad and didn't receive one coin from them - The game is so slow it takes 20 minutes to get into a game while that stupid blue circle keeps going around and around - Fix this now please and give me all the coins won - This is not fair play!


I bought a coin package an did not receive slotocards. I also played the card spin wheel. It stopped on 240, 000, 000 something with a card. An no coins or slotocards.
The ladder game is not showing spins being given. Today daily dash first says bet 2, 346, 000, 000B such I've done an show no progress. So I'm spinning losing coins to no avail. Can someone please help resolve this issue. I spend too much money and time on slotomania for this to constant happen. I want fair winning and rewards. Slotomania makes more than enough from the huge spinners.



house of fun

Good morning I am writing to let you know I have sent many messages to house of fun with no response so I will tell you the problem I am having and I am truly hoping you can resolve this for me.I have not been able to play for over two weeks on House of Fun do to an error when opening game saying to refresh and try again.I cannot refresh or anything it locks my computer on the site and I always need to reboot and not open House of Fun.I love the game and have been missing a lot of points and challenges.I love most of the Playtica games and would like to continue playing.Thank you in advance for hopefully resolving this for me.

  • Updated by Debbiegrigg · Dec 05, 2018

    Sorry my email is not working u can contact me on facebook.


Ok this is the only way I can get in touch with the slotomania support team because the game is freezing when I close the purchase page that opens when I open the game so I can't get to support team just letting you know that there is a problem I have Uninstaller and reinstalled the game and still does the same thing just freezes up acting like it is downloading another add this is the second day in a row and I am supposed to be a gold member for the day or something but it isn't working

bingo blitz

I have been overcharged on purchases in the game and I have also purchased bundles and was never given the credits I have sent in all 3 receipts and yet they still have done nothing ready to report to the BBB. I am very disappointed in this company I will be letting everyone who will listen just how shady this company is. I have been purchasing for years makes me wonder what shade I haven't caught

poker heat

Every 3 days you end one league and start a new League. This is the third time I entered a so called new league and players already had excessive points when we are all supposed to start at zero. I submitted complaints to support and my "Rep" Leah Berry without any corrections. When I entered my last league the clock showed that is was an hour old, however players already had millions and billions of points. I've received no response from support and all Leah Berry had to say is contact support. Ridiculous. No fairness. In addition they increased their rake to 46% which is unheard of. Also the points you accumulate for your league points are on 65% of the pot you won (which already includes your ante and any bets you made). This company is ripping you off from both ends with absolutely no customer service.

poker heat
poker heat
poker heat


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