Planet Fitnessthey are terrible to deal with — money grab

W Sep 06, 2018

I went into the PLANET FITNESS in Irondequoit NY today to get my money refunded for the annual fee that they took from my account 2 days ago.
I stopped going to this gym because I moved it was no longer convenient. I stopped going like 6 mos ago. but was unable to get the fees to stop as I was told I had to go in when the manager was on duty to cancel.
I went in today and said- I am not asking for fees for the last 6 months- monthly fees I only want the annual fee you took without notifying me.
The 2 employees said - no you are not getting any money back for anything. Told me I could wait around for the manager - same story. All 3 were rude and could care less about good customer service and doing the right thing.
I plan to fight tooth and nail with this company to get my 39$ back. It is the principal of the thing. They are not going to take advantage of me - I will dispute it with my bank.

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