/ Think Computer CorporationAaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extortion hard working Americans with

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Aaron Greenspan has been blackmailing and extorting people and companies all across the United States by first uploading highly sensitive legal and personal information and then demanding monetary payment for the removal of this data on

Aaron Greenspan takes money or cryptocurrency for the removal of personal information and legal documents (that he received for free) from and he does not report any of this under the table income to the IRS.

Aaron Greenspan was put in as CEO of Think Computer Corporation in 1998 and Think Computer Foundation a fraudulent 501 (c) (3) in 2000, by his father Neil Greenspan and mother Judith Keene Greenspan are both directly and indirectly involved in all of these financial schemes. These people harass their neighbors in Shaker Heights, Ohio and now they have unleashed Aaron Greenspan on the rest of the United States.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extortion hard working Americans with
Aaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extortion hard working Americans with
Aaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extortion hard working Americans with
Aaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extortion hard working Americans with
Aaron Jacob Greenspan blackmailing and extortion hard working Americans with


  • Vi
    Victims of Aaron Greenspan Jan 29, 2021

    Apparently the modus operandi of Aaron J Greenspan since a young age is his sick need to collect lots of data on the public to be a cyberstalker, serial harasser and uses this large amount of data on people and companies, as sort of his private investigator database, so that he can try to blackmail, extort and harass his victims in to submission.

    Law enforcement needs to shut down this entire criminal enterprise, as this is not some harmless legal document website. is a weapon being used primarily to make money off of the public's legal documents, then used for cyberstalking, serial harassing, blackmailing,
    extorting, and doing lots of online doxing, especially towards anyone who lets the public know about his sick crimes towards the public.

    Aaron Greenspan has been at this with cyberstalking, serial harassing and lots of doxing for a long time now. Most likely since he was a teenager and now has progressed in to a serious online criminal cyberstalker, serial harasser and he enjoys doxing and online shaming his victims in to submission.

    All of this data in the hands of this mentally deranged Aaron Greenspan is dangerous for the public and society can have no rest until all websites that
    Aaron Greenspan created as his weaponized cyberstalking and harassment weapons need to be all shut down. Only then will the public have some peace and not worry about Aaron Greenspan trying to ruin their careers and reputations with his weapon

    Aaron Greenspan tries to coerce, harass, lie, threaten, blackmail and extort people to try and get his way.

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  • Us
    user2153312 Jul 21, 2020

    Ezra Stanley a victim of blackmail and extortion by Aaron Greenspan using his extortion website will testify against Aaron Greenspan in a court of law about the thousands of dollars that were paid to Aaron Greenspan to remove legal documents from

    There are hundreds of other blackmail and extortion victims of Aaron Greenspan and most are more than willing to testify and bare witness for blackmail, extortion and lots of threats by Aaron Greenspan.

    There should be a judicial order executed by a Judge to have Aaron Greenspan be interviewed by a Psychiatrist and after seeing that he is insane to have Aaron Greenspan placed permanently in a mental health facility and he needs to be stopped judicially by a Judge to order this nut job from filing anything else in any courts. Aaron Greenspan is causing people to waste lots of time and money with his paranoid insane nonsense.

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  • Fr
    Freedom to remove data Jul 25, 2020


    File complaints to Attorney General in California.

    Calfifornia Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General XAVIER BECERRA

    Registrant Details
    Entity type: Corporate Class as registered with the Secretary of State or based on founding & registration documents.
    Organization Name: THINK COMPUTER FOUNDATION IRS FEIN: [protected]
    Entity Type: Foreign Corporation SOS/FTB Corporate/Organization Number: 4324250
    Registry Status: Current Renewal Due/Exp. Date: 5/15/2021
    RCT Registration Number: CT0267109 Issue Date: 1/16/2020
    Record Type: Charity Registration Effective Date: 1/16/2020
    Date This Status: 1/16/2020 Date of Last Renewal: 4/17/2020
    Mailing Address
    Street: 20560 SHELBURNE RD
    Street Line 2:
    City, State Zip: SHAKER HEIGHTS OH 44122
    Filings & Correspondence
    Founding Documents Bylaws
    Founding Documents Click on Document Type at the left to open PDF
    IRS Form 990 or Form CT-TR-1 2019
    Explanations For Yes Answers 2019
    Online Renewal Submission 2019
    Founding Documents Click on Document Type at the left to open PDF
    CT-470 Confirmation of Registration Click on Document Type at the left to open PDF
    Annual Renewal Data
    Status of Filing: E-Accepted
    Accounting Period Begin Date: 1/1/2019
    Accounting Period End Date: 12/31/2019
    Gross Annual Revenue: $8, 761.00
    Noncash Contributions: $7, 749.00
    Total Assets: $28, 144.00
    Program Expenses: $14, 420.00
    Total Expenses: $14, 782.00
    Filing Received Date: 4/16/2020
    Complete CT-TR-1/IRS Form 990 Received (Y/N): Y
    Online Submission (Y/N): Y
    Related Registrations & Event Reports
    The related records shown below depend on the record type being viewed:
    Charity Registrations relate to Professional Fundraising Events which relate to Professional Fundraiser Registrations.
    Raffle Registrations relate to Raffle Reports.
    Click on the RCT Registration No to navigate to the related record.
    No Related Records

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  • Us
    user2151331 Jul 08, 2020 under fraudulent 501 (c)(3)Think Computer Foundation owned by mentally deranged sociopath Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan that is being used to data mine personal information in an obsessive manner and then used to blackmail, extort, cyber stalk, cyber bully, serial harass, do lots of doxxing and lots of online shaming.

    Neil Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan co-owners of this blackmail and extortion racket, where they all hide their ill-gotten gains from blackmail and extorting money to remove legal documents from Attached is the evidence and proof that Aaron Greenspan asks for a minimum of $2, 500 per legal document or URL removal from None of this off the books money is being disclosed to the IRS. Aaron Greenspan is receiving cash and cryptocurrency, usually in the form of Bitcoin, in order to remove legal documents from

    The IRS is unaware of the fact that Aaron Greenspan is receiving lots of money from people to remove their legal documents from, so that their careers and reputations are not completely ruined by Aaron Greenspan.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan only declares a partial amount of what he really makes with, then tries to write all those earnings off with fake expenses and he tries to stay under the radar with his true earnings. The true earnings of Aaron Greenspan where he makes the most money is the money that is paid to him off the books of course, in order to remove legal documents from Aaron Greenspan lies to the IRS about how, where and from who all of this money is really coming from, as he is not disclosing any of these facts to the IRS, see attachments.

    Aaron Greenspan has malicious coding inside of his and all of his other gripe sites. What his many websites contain are malware and spyware, that once someone clicks on to or any of his many gripe sites that Aaron Greenspan runs, then he is able to harvest your IP Addresses, break in to your computers and steal your personal information, such as passwords for emails, financial accounts and much more.

    Aaron Greenspan is solely responsible for creating pornographic and vile content that he has created on himself and his family to set up his targeted victims. When someone clicks on one of these vile gripe sites that was created only by Aaron Greenspan, then he immediately obtains all of your personal information, location information, such as IP Addresses and at any given time when he has it out for someone, he then blames his targeted victims for uploading pornographic and vile content on him and his family, when the fact is that the only one who is responsible for all of this is Aaron Greenspan, by having placed all of this malware, spyware and other malicious coding in all of these websites created and uploaded by Aaron Greenspan.

    It is so important that nobody ever click on, or any other website with any vile content on Aaron Greenspan, or his family, as it was all created and uploaded by Aaron Greenspan and designed for people to click on these websites, then he infiltrates your computers and captures all of your personal information, which can lead to this mentally deranged lunatic to setting anyone up with vile content that only Aaron Greenspan is responsible for. Aaron Greenspan is so mentally sick that he even has created vile content on his family and has exposed them to ridicule and shame, just so he can try at any cost to set any person up that he targets.

    We have all the evidence of all the coding and malicious malware and spyware from and all of his other gripe sites that have similar malware coding in the background.

    If Aaron Greenspan had your social media shut down or he set you up with fake police reports and other fraudulent nonsense, then you need to inform law enforcement that and many other gripe sites online that were all created by Aaron Greenspan have some heavy duty coding in them with some serious malware and spyware that Aaron Greenspan uses to gain access to your personal information and then set you up, by lying and stating that the person accused who is actually the victim did this or that, when the only person who did these criminal acts was and still is Aaron Greenspan.

    Have no doubt that this cyber stalker, cyber bully and serial harasser Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan are committing serious tax evasion and fraud against the United States and the States that they live in. These individuals just haven't been caught yet.

    The following is the modus operandi of this mentally deranged sociopath stalker and harasser Aaron Greenspan:

    1. Information is power. Knowledge gives power and authority of decision making over others, because of the information one has decisions can be made on how to use this information.
    Unfortunately for society we have a sociopath, cyber bully, stalker, serial harasser, who enjoys doing lots of doxxing on his targeted victims and being a control freak who suffers from paranoia and obsessive compulsive disorders and Narcissistic Personality Disorder who is very jealous and envious of anyone successful and rich, all of this personal information that is gathered in large quantities on people and companies is then used at any given time in nefarious ways by Aaron Greenspan to destroy a person's life, or simply have some sick control over a person or company. There is nothing innocent about the website, it is used to blackmail and extort money from people, in order to remove legal documents for money or cryptocurrency off the books of course. Aaron Greenspan uses his for profit website plainsite.or as a cover to pretend he is just some harmless website owner, just trying to help people find legal documents. That's all a lie. It's all about Aaron Greenspan making money any way he can off of, even if it means blackmailing and extorting money from hard working men and women.

    2. All of the personal information that Aaron Greenspan collects by legal and illegal means is then just waiting there in his computers and at any given time that he wants to attack a person or a company, he then goes on a public shaming mission and exposes the most negative and degrading personal information, in order to submit his victims to public humiliation, so that Aaron Greenspan can try and get his victims to submit to his will and desires. Aaron Greenspan wants to run the show and narrative. Aaron Greenspan being a sociopath has no empathy and he wants and tries to tell people what to do and how he wants his victims to behave, otherwise he goes off the deep end and retaliates in nefarious ways. If a victim of Aaron Greenspan decides to resist, fight back or contact law enforcement, he then goes to his next retaliatory plans to get his victims to submit to his deranged psychotic desires. Aaron Greenspan needs to have a court order placed against him to be permanently kept away from the Internet and any and all personal information on anything or anyone.

    3. Next retaliatory plans by Aaron Greenspan:: If Aaron Greenspan does not succeed in his initial stalking, shaming and harassing of his victims in to submission by threatening them with doing nefarious things like complaints, or exposing personal information, he then goes to the next level.

    4. Next level of Aaron Greenspan:: Aaron Greenspan will then go to the next level of trying to totally submitting his victims to his whims. Aaron Greenspan not only has but many gripe sites, where he himself has created and uploaded pornographic material on himself and his family. Wh, ever clicks on or any of the many gripe sites that Aaron Greenspan has himself created will by a victim of malware and spyware by Aaron Greenspan where he will gain internal access to your computers, emails and any and all of your personal information and of course your IP Addresses. So, if Aaron Greenspan does not succeed in humiliating his victims initially, he then will go back and look at his malware and spyware and find out the locations of his victims IP Addresses and personal information on and his many gripe sites, and here is where Aaron Greenspan starts his plan to totally set up his victims, by falsely accusing them of doing the vile content on these gripe sites, when in fact the only person who did all of this is Aaron Greenspan and nobody else.

    5. Once Aaron Greenspan has identified his victim, he lays down the groundwork to set them up:: Aaron Greenspan after collecting every piece of personal information that he can on his victims and then checking his websites and his gripe sites to see if his victims have clicked on anything that he runs, he will then start setting his victims up in a big way.

    Before Aaron Greenspan files any court documents, he will first lay down the groundwork to fully humiliate and set his victims up. Aaron Greenspan will first from behind the scenes start making incessant phone calls to the courts and police, in order to play the victim. Then without his victims knowledge, Aaron Greenspan starts sending negative legal and personal documents that he has collected on his targeted victim/s, in order to try and make himself look good and set his victims up to make them look bad in the eyes of a court or police.

    Aaron Greenspan then continues to with his from behind the scenes humiliation campaign, by trying to control the narrative and having gullible people believe the pathological lies of Aaron Greenspan. If a person working in the court or law enforcement is not that bright then the victim of Aaron Greenspan will most likely be negatively influenced by Aaron Greenspan.

    Aaron Greenspan will continue this behind the scenes set up of his victims, as he will bombard the courts, police and and anyone who he thinks will bear a negative outcome for his victims. Then after Aaron Greenspan goes around trying to influence people who are unfortunately not that intelligent to believe what this pathological liar Aaron Greenspan says, he then goes in for the full attack, with false police reports, court complaints, lawsuits and all kinds of other false complaints, after Aaron Greenspan thinks that he has completed the entire groundwork to have gullible and dumb people believe all of his lies.

    So, to sum it up. What Aaron Greenspan does is first hack in to your computers, by using and his gripe sites, in order to gain access to more of your personal information. Then he obsessively collects all of your personal information to use against you in the most nefarious ways, by distributing your legal documents and personal information to anyone he thinks he can negative influence against you, so that he can try and get his way.
    Unfortunately if people do not have a high level of insight and intelligence, they may fall for these scams and lies by Aaron Greenspan.
    Once Aaron Greenspan thinks that he has distributed enough of the most negative information that he can find on you, that is when he goes in for the full attack and files all kinds of fraudulent police complaints and court complaints.
    From behind the scenes pathological liar Aaron Greenspan runs his mouth and tells lots of tales and lies to anyone who will listen over the phone, or by email. Once Aaron Greenspan is in front of his victims that all changes, because from behind a computer or phone Aaron Greenspan is bullly and knows how to lie so well. Though, in person is where Aaron Greenspan shows that he is mentally deranged and of weak and unethical character who does nothing but lie.
    It is always best to want to confront Aaron Greenspan in court in person and never allow his harassment and vile threats make you worried or scared to be face to face with this mentally deranged individual, for it is Aaron Greenspan who is the one truly scared of going face to face in court but he tries to intimidate his victims to not moving forward, as he tries to harass, intimidate and harass his victims from afar with his computer and phone.

    Any victim of Aaron Greenspan needs to fight back in court and lay the groundwork with that court to show all the harassment, stalking and doxxing that Aaron Greenspan has done over a long time. This way Aaron Greenspan will always loose in court and he will be sued for defamation and libel and ordered to pay his victims millions of dollars.

    People need to stand up for their rights and not let themselves be intimated by Aaron Greenspan for he is the only one who is the cyber bully, cyber stalker, serial harasser, pathological liar, does lots of doxxing and online shaming.


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  • Je
    Jen Santa Barbara Jun 08, 2020

    The data mining monetized website among many other online data mining websites is owned by Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan and Judith Greenspan under a fraudulent 501(c)(3) called Think Computer Foundation. Aaron Greenspan collects as much personal and legal information that he can and then at any given time will use all of this information to blackmail, extort, harass, stalk, threaten and do lots of doxing towards his targeted victims.

    There are many victims of Aaron Greenspan who have lost their jobs, reputations, money, relationships and lives because Aaron Greenspan who suffers from various mental health issues wants to see everyone miserable and ruined like he is. Aaron Greenspan is an emotionally ruined person who cannot get on with his life and do real work such as working in a restaurant or cleaning houses for a lliving in which he uses his hands to do work, instead of sitting behind a computer and just cyberbullying, cyberstalking and harassing people and companies non-stop.
    The parents both Neil Greenspan and Judith Greenspan are both fully aware and directly involved in what their autistic son is doing but instead of putting a stop to these crazy behaviors towards the public they actually are enablers of all this harassment and stalking.


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  • Aaron Greenspan blackmailer, extortionist, cyberstalker/bully, serial harasser using data mining on, Think Computer Foundation fraudulent 501(c)(3) used to commit crimes and extort money

    Aaron Greenspan dedicates his time to data mining people's personal information and then upload this information on With this highly sensitive legal and personal information Aaron Greenspan then uses various techniques to make money. One is to offer to remove the legal documents on for money, as Aaron Greenspan himself has written several times on his Twitter accounts @AaronGreenspan and @PlainSite. One example is from May 12, 2016, Aaron Greenspan literally writes, "We suppress at


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  • Fr
    Freedom to remove data Jul 25, 2020

    @Out Blackmailers and Extortionists File complaint to AG of California. The charity registration is California and Ohio.

    XAVIER BECERRA Attorney General State of California DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE CT-470 Confirmation of Registration 1300 I Street P. O. Box 903447 Sacramento, CA [protected]-6400 Ext. 4 Fax: [protected] [email protected] January 16, 2020 THINK COMPUTER FOUNDATION 20560 SHELBURNE RD SHAKER HEIGHTS OH 44122 State Charity Registration Number: CT0267109 RE: CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S REGISTRY OF CHARITABLE TRUSTS The captioned entity has been assigned the State Charity Registration (“CT”) Number set forth above, however, the entity has not yet submitted all of the information required by California Code of Regulations, title 11, section 300, subdivision (b). To complete the initial registration file, please submit the following, together with a copy of this letter: 1. A copy of the Application for Recognition of Exemption (IRS Form 1023, 1023-EZ, or 1024), if submitted to the IRS. If you do not have a copy in your files, a copy can be requested from the IRS at [protected] or 2. An executed copy of the most current bylaws. Please note that the Annual Registration Renewal Fee (Form RRF-1) Report must be filed annually four months and 15 days after the end of the organization’s accounting period. If an extension was requested from IRS, please file Form RRF-1 with the completed IRS informational return together with a copy of all extension requests. The organization’s address of record is used for any necessary contact. You are responsible for notifying the Registry in writing of any change of address. If the captioned organization contracts with a commercial fundraiser for charitable purposes or fundraising counsel, that entity must also register and file annual reports with the Registry. All forms and instructions are available on our website at Directors of nonprofit corporations are required to adhere to the provisions of the California Nonprofit Corporation Law (Corporations Code section 5000, et seq.). Trustees for charitable purposes are required to adhere to the provisions of California Probate Code (commencing with section 15000). Please respond within thirty (30) days from the date of this letter. Thank you for your attention to this correspondence

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