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Pc Link Computers reviews & complaints

Pc Link Computers complaints 31

Pc Link Computers - Order placed - not received - no refund

I placed an order (Order number 25848) with P C Linkshop and paid R839 for the order (delivery included) on 8 October 2021.
To date, no communication whatsoever has been received from them only that it might take long seeing that this is an overseas order.
I sent e-mail where I requested a refund - only to receive an automated reply that my request was received.
I have been reading a lot of negative reviews about this Company and worry that I might lose my money now.
Your help or assistance will be appreciated

Desired outcome: Refund full amount paid

Pc Link Computers - Order not received, no refund, little to none communication

Order Placed on 15 October 2021
After 21 working days, I still did not receive my order.
Sent them an email, they take over a week to respond
The response was pathetic with no reassurance my order will arrive.
Eventually, they said the shipment was detained by customs and may not arrive.
I requested a refund on the 7 Dec 2021
Every two weeks I follow up with a status on my Refund, I get the same answer after a week from sending the email, I will follow up with the accounts department.
It is now the 13 Jan 2022, the last communication from them was on the 23 Dec 2021, I don't get any more responses regarding my refund.

Do not buy anything from these guys, they claim to have a physical address, these guys should be shut down and arrested.

Desired outcome: Shut down the website so no other victims are scammed from their money.

Pc Link Computers - Order not filled and no refund given.

Order summary: On 30th August 2021, I placed an order online for a grounding sheet from PC Link Computer shop, and paid the amount of R1, 272 for the item and the delivery fee. The order wa...

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Pc Link Computers - Online order paid for and not received

My complaint is against Pc Link Computers
An online order, paid for on 05 November 2021, has not been received.
Details are on the attached photographs.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but is it a scam by someone using Pc Link as a front?

If not a scam, then I request a refund and an explanation why the order has not been fulfilled.

My full name is Patricia Anne Tallant
My contact email is:

Thank you and regards - Patricia


Pc Link Computers - Amazon Batteries Refund

I ordered Amazon Batteries on PC link website it was September they promised to delivery them before end of October. November i asked them they told me the batteries are with the Customs they will process my refund i have been sending emails asking for my refund almost every week nothing its been done. PC Link are scammers never ever order from them.

Desired outcome: I want my Refund

Pc Link Computers - Order: 26110 communion cup fillet

I ordered and payed for a set of press releases communion cup fillers on 20 October 2021 and hand now sent 32 emails with no reply accept one that I got in November 24 saying that I will receive my order beginning of December 2021. Till to date I have not recieved the order in spite of all emails I have sent, there are no answered or any correspondence from PC Link. I tend to think that I have been scamed

Desired outcome: I request a full refund of my payment


Pc Link Computers - Worst Service and Delivery, no updates

i ordered a ddr4 ram ship on 14th Dec
Site says if ordered before 12 midday Ships in 2 days (Don't believe this)
it is now 22nd and order still says processing.
Tried to call no luck
Sent emails and just get standard response.
Kindly note your order was place with our warehouse
Will follow up and revert regarding status of delivery
They have no sense of customer service and support and obviously think they are doing you a favor selling to you
This will be last time i use this company, prices might be reasonable but service and shipping sux.

Desired outcome: get my ram or refund

Pc Link Computers - Poor Service

On 16th November 2021 I ordered an item through Pc Link Computers - no delivery date was given. (Order number 27267)
Through email I eventually was given a delivery date of 16th December 2021 - still nothing.
Have tried phoning but only voice mail message received ?
Searched the internet and only very poor reviews have been seen.
I suspect that this company is NOT legitimate ?

Desired outcome: A full refund - and also the public should be notified not to deal with this company.

On 16th November 2021 I ordered an item through Pc Link Computers - no delivery date was given. (Order number 27267)

Through email I eventually was given a delivery date of 16th December 2021 - still nothing.

Have tried phoning but only voice mail message received ?

Searched the internet and only very poor reviews have been seen.

I suspect that this company is NOT legitimate ?

Desired outcome: A full refund - and also the public should be notified not to deal with this company.

Pc Link Computers - Racing F-GT simulator

I ordered and paid for the product on 19th October 2021, I received a confirmation email that I will get the product within 20 days. when the 20 days passed I followed up on the 22nd November 2021, only to be told that the supplier hasn't responded on the particular product.

I then requested a refund for which I was given 7-10 working days, to date I still haven't received it. my emails are not responded to as well.

I just need my money back.

Desired outcome: I need my money back


Pc Link Computers - Defective items. No collection, no refund

I bought an inverter from them 3 weeks ago.
Only started using it a week ago, but it turned out to be extremely noisy.
After ignoring my email for 2 days, I was told to deliver the item to Midrand. This order was derived to me at my address. Now they refuse to refund me until their suppliers has assessed the product. I bought from pclink. Now they will not even tell me how long until they get a result.
This is unacceptable
I paid Pclink. Not their supplier. I should not be punished for their poor products.

Desired outcome: Refund

Pc Link Computers - No product, no refund, no customer service

On the 23 October 2021 I have place an order from PCLink Group and was enquiring the status after 2 weeks gone past due to no change on tracking. I then requested feedback again after a couple of days and only get automated replies. I eventually asked to cancel my order and refund my money to my CC, which actually did happen (so they do read your emails). After a couple of days I emailed again via [protected]@pclinkshop.co.za and [protected]@pclinkshop.co.za to ask the status of the refund, but only get automated replies. When you try and phone them, you get an automated voice directing you to mail your enquiry. This seems like it is turning out to be automated Fraud. It is now the 26 November 2021 and no product or refund.

Desired outcome: Still waiting on ANY feedback regarding refund

Nov 27, 2021

Yes. They are very dishonest

Pc Link Computers - No service and communication

Ordered a product in August 2021. Payment made and received mail acknowledging the purchase and will be with me within 20 working days.
Sent the numerous mails enquiring on the ETA of the product and only receive the automated mail back and then nothing. Now I have requested a refund and no response on that either. Their contact number does not work?
By reading all the reviews and complaints now against this company it proves that they are scamming 80% of the clients. I will send one more mail and if no response will open a police case against them.

Desired outcome: My goods I ordered or my money back


Pc Link Computers - Service delivery/ Comunication

I have used pc link for just under a year now, spent about R50K in the last 4 months with them, my first incident was when a item I ordered was out of stock, I had no way to call them no replies on my emails upon email eventually a month later I received my package.
A second recent and still ongoing issues, I ordered 2 cctv cameras of which also arived late, my client did not want them no longer and the one was faulty. After numerous fights, reps telling me they wont send a courier I have to pay for a courier but I was still in my return time won that fight they collected the cameras. Had another fight to get them to do a return and a refund which they refused as well until I asked to be in touch with a manager. Now nearly a month after it was collected, no refund process, no return process no communication. I've sent about 6 email no reply at all.
Something has to give, this company has no communication, there is no number you can call to actually speak to someone and emailing them is about a inch next to useless.

Desired outcome: I would like my refund for the 2 cameras that has been collected.

Pc Link Computers - Order number #23561

I have ordered my product on the 2nd of August 2021 - paid the same day and have not received anything. I have followed up by email numerous times - without any answer. You can also not contact the...

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Pc Link Computers - No delivery instructions or tracking no

I have not recieved any confirmation when my delivery will be here, they mention 10 days. its been almost a month now and ABSOLUTELY NO WORD OR MENTION about the progress, tracking number, courier used nothing.

you cannot call them everything is an automated response system.

I am extremely concerned about my Order!

They should give as much contact numbers possible of their company and not allow it to be an answering service there is no direct contact with this company

Desired outcome: They must respong or give contact information regarding orders

Pc Link Computers - No product delivered an no refund received

I ordered some products on 28 July and paid for it the same day. 23 August I had to follow up on delivery after not receiving feedback. I was informed that there is problem with the supplier and I will be refunded. 30 September and still no refund, with a constant lie that the accounts department will action it. This company is a waste of time. No feedback or contact unless I harass them.

Desired outcome: Refund my money.

Pc Link Computers - No Item no Refund

What else can I say, these guys just sole my money. They do not deliver your items nor do they refund...its a scam. After more than a month of waiting for the item Garth asked if I would like a refund as they were having problems with their suppliers. I agreed and since then my follow up emails have fallen on deaf ears. The last email 2 emails I receive which was more than 2 weeks ago is that they will follow up with accounts since then I have sent 3 more mails with no response. I consider this blatant theft. this company should not be allowed to be trading online.

Desired outcome: refund

Pc Link Computers - Sigma Lens Tripod Collar

Ordered an Ishoot Tripod collar for the Sigma 100-400mm OS Lense on the 09 March 2021. The was paid in full via PayPal. A month Later I had still not received confirmation of the order or the payment. Numerous calls the bussiness went unanswered and had do lots of digging to finally obtain an email address that replied to my queries. Dustin replied to me by copying Dehan in to which Dehan said the stock was expected to arrive in the 3rd week of May. Since then I have not heard anything back from them and Emails go unanswered.

Desired outcome: Product or refund


Pc Link Computers - Non Delivery

I placed an order for a LOGITECH M720 TRIATHLON WIRELESS
MOUSE with PC Link Computers on 15/08/2021, 17:49, I am yet to receive a single confirmation of my order being processed or attended to whatsoever. There is no way of contacting them telephonically because the telephone number simply goes to some recorded message. No response from the E-Mail addresses other than:

Support Agent (Pc Link Computers)
Aug 18, 2021, 11:06 GMT+2

Good Day

Kindly note that this is a local order
Unfortunately, we can not assist with local orders
Please send a new email to [protected]@pclinkshop.co.za

I do apologize for the inconvenience caused in this matter

Kind Regards.

Support Agent

Tel [protected]
Fax [protected]
Pc Link Computers Reg No. 2011/099929/23 Vat No. [protected]

Reading all the reviews I fear this will also end up in a half year battle to get my money back.

Please assist.

Desired outcome: Receive Goods paid for or refund.

Pc Link Computers - Order not delivered

I ordered LK-3WBN Label Tape, LaBold 5 Pack Compatible Epson LabelWorks Label Maker Tape Refill Cartridge Cassette LC-3WBN9 15 May. After the initital 20 days delivery time I inquired as to the status of my order and was told by a Dehan that they are processing the stock and will let me know once it is dispatched. Since then I have been following up as stock was not sent and just get the standard reply from Dehan that they will follow up and revert back to me but never do and I have to keep following up. The last email was not even replied to when I have been asking for a refund as they can obviously not deliver the product.

Desired outcome: I want a refund as they can't deliver the product

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