Philippine Airlinesbad communication

I am traveling to Philippines for a vacation and I am planning to take my dog. I processed his vaccination, microchip and got a health certificate from the ministry of agriculture. After I processed the papers I go to Philippine Airlines outlet and informed them that I am travelling with my dog. They checked the papers and sent an email to the airlines that a dog is travelling on Saturday so that they can open the ventilation in advance. I go to the airport but when I got there the put me on hold for almost 2 hours telling me that they will check with the airlines first. They kept on telling me to wait and after waiting for several hours they informed me that there is no ventilation and the dog cannot travel. I asked them if I can just check and my workmates will come to get the dog. They told me that I cannot check in that I have to wait for my colleague to get the dog. I already informed them that my colleagues os at work and will finished at 10pm and my flight is at 6:50pm. They should have informed me about the problem earlier since I arrived early at the airport. I could have travelled and bring my dog home and come back again. Worst aircraft ever!

Sep 28, 2019

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