Philippine Airlinescustomer service / help desk

P Nov 13, 2019

I spoke with a customer service agent over the phone to make a wheelchair request for my senior passenger and to select seats for other two passengers. The PAL customer service agent was rude, nasty and she doesnt sound friendly. I can sense it from the way she talk, she got annoyed when I was selecting a seat. She said in a snotty way, "do you understand what I'm saying"? Yeah, as if she's talking to a child! (I am a travel consultant in Canada and I know what Im talking about). Her tone of voice is like a vendor in the market. PAL help desk / customer service is getting worst now adays. These people don't know the meaning of good customer service. Im not asking for outstanding or excellent service but only good. Philippine Airlines company should send their staff specially help desk/customer service people to "Customer Service" courses or even re-train them on how to speak to customers over the phone. I'm now thinking of NOT selling PAL to my clients!

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