Philippine Airlinescancellation of flight

A Nov 27, 2017

Our international flight sydney to manila 28th of Nov 2017 @ 0600am was cancelled yesterday. We received an email informing us our flight was cancelled 5:51pm already. No one tried to reach out and inform us regarding with the changes. In fact we are the one chasing up your customer service desk hotline number how many times and keep putting us on hold for more than half an hour. When we spoke to one of your agent, we tried to beg and make an arrangement if we could be facilitated and transfered to other airlines since we really need to be in davao not later than nov 30. We tried to went to the airport and check if there was someone or any pal crew who can help us with our concern. But when we arrived in the airport, no pal crew available and we ended up asking for assistance in the information desk. They told us even in their system was not updated regarding with the changes. We called again the customer service hotline and request if we they can help us with the available any airlines for 28th nov. agent ask me if is it ok for us to be re routed to other airport state, and i agreed to that even it is very inconvinient in our part. But unexpectedly pal staff told us that they will not shoulder the expenses from our transfer re route flights. And this is very unfair to us as your customer having this pressure and stress just because of your companys inconvinience. We tried to make an arrangement again to the airlines staff if we can do a certain flight itirenAry that was given to us by the flight center in the airport to assist us with our request of departure date 28th of Nov, but customer service department did not grant it again. They just told us we ca go to the airport and ask assistance to check in counters if they can help us but no assurance that we can get a flight. Instead they gave us new itirenary which is suited and convinient to them not for their customer. All the hussle and inconvinience cause by your company, give us really a bad experience. We dont deserve this service because it is not our fault why the flight was cancelled! We shouldnt suffered this consequences knowing that its not our choice. Even our domestic flight change of itirenary request was not even facilitated and given assistance. They always said to us that it needs to be refered to their consultants or to department who can do tje approval for the request! It is so degrading to a well know airlines with a great service. If not action within today we gave to lodge complaint in aviation complaints here in australia to improve companys service.

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