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I am Peugeot 408 owner, the car buy only 2 week the car cushion spoiled and call for replacement and saying spare part need to order from France but until 1.5 month no new at all. Make several comments asking for spare part no answer at all call also no reply keep transfer the line. I am totally lost patient and confident on Peugeot Malaysia.
Totally no after sales customer service

peugeot 408 turbo
peugeot 408 turbo


  • Zu
    Zulkafli Ghazali Nov 28, 2019

    I am Peugeot 408 (ETHP) owner. The car is just about 1 year. Recently, it has been diagnosed that the fan control switch (relay) which regulate the high speed fan is faulty. This resulted in air conditioning unit not working. However, I was told that the part is not available. It has now been almost 2 months that the car cannot driven due to worry that the engine may get overheated since the fan is not working. The local Peugeot earlier said that end of Nov., the part will arrive, and now I am being informed that it will only arrive Malaysia middle of December. So I am not too sure how long, it get fix. The car is still under warranty. For a small part, the authorized dealer not keeping a stock. In any case, I am sure it can easily deliver by air cargo.

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  • Ga
    gardyine973498573958 Dec 12, 2019

    @Zulkafli Ghazali If you really need to use the car, just change the relay from outside workshop. It would not be expensive.

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