PetSmartfish department

K Oct 31, 2018

I have been into aquatics for many years and every time I go to Petsmart It's never a good experience but I always give them another try, until this experience I will never go to the fish department again! VERY SAD! Every tank is sad! No decorations to help fish hide when they are stressed, every tank had a dead fish or one that was very close to being dead, one tank I specifically went there for all the fins where nipped off because of the stress! Bare bottom nothing to hide under! Very sad, the girl that was working the department was very rude when I told her about all the dead fish and didn't seem to be concerned at all! Took my biusness to Petco where I will from now on, where they have beautifully set up tanks to individualy meet the fishes needs to be happy and healthy, all fish where healthy and vibrant! Better selection of fish, plants and everything else's!

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