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T Nov 21, 2018
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Been advised that the start of 2019 PetSmart will no longer give discounts to Veterans. I know that this is not a great amount of money we are talking about here, it is more about respect than cost.
I have been an active customer of grooming for many years and have generally been satisfied with PetSmart. I have had some issues with attitudes in customer service but tried to ignore and go about life. Have been advised over the years of certain "discount days" that vary by store or whomever you inquired with. Last grooming we were rudely advised it was the wrong day and that PetSmart was doing away with Veterans Discount the first of the year.
This is not really a monetary thing as it is a disrespectful issue. Not sure how many people work in corporate office that have been in military or understand the "disrespect issue" or question how the corporate issue can get passed on to other business's who also may follow suite.
Again this is not a monetary issue with VETS, throughout the years in the military you continually run into the lack of respect by consumers, business or the enemies you are against in protecting the country and the American people and values. I can't imagine this being a big MONENTARY ISSUE with PetSmart. This is the type of thing that starts companies and the people from remembering why they are free and recognizing WHY.
If you haven't been there you wouldn't understand the forgetfulness and lack of respect. PetSmart and all other companies in the United States worry about sexual, racial and other issues but can be quick to forget the VETS, again this is sort of an issue that you need to be there to understand.
I have been there and know a little more about serving and duty, but if these companies react like this then it need be time for VETERANS and their families to quit supporting these companies. Their are other companies to provide the same services and I for one will stop using PETSMART or other companies that have these attitudes. I would hope that all VETERANS and families would take issue with this and follow my lead to stop using these business's.

PETSMART has become Anti-Military and we should start using only supporting companies.!!!


  • Ic
    icemanfist Nov 21, 2018

    IF they are doing away with Discount days they are doing away with discount days. If you went the wrong day for grooming then they are going to tell you. Nothing rude about not giving you what you want. Grow up. Just because you did not get what you want does not make one rude. It seems like you only joined the military to get discounts and benefits. Not because you care about your country. You are true shame and embarrassment to those that served because they want to make a difference. You seem to have a big ego and think you are owed things.

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  • Dd
    dduality Nov 23, 2018
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    Are you honestly completely inept? All of the veterans I've met could give less of a [censored] about their discount if they went somewhere that didn't have it. Yes, it is a courteous thing to do, but in no way is it a mandated thing. It's their company, if you don't like it go elsewhere.

    As icemanfist stated, doesn't seem you care a lot about your country if you're [censored]ing over this.

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